The Apron Chapter 3

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Sex is getting better with Koko even toys are used the delivery guy gets a surprise

Wait, Dennis, William is calling on video chat. I’ll go get a robe on and take it in the bedroom. William was glad to see her they were chatting a while. Then he goes why don’t you have Dennis come over and stay while we are gone. I’d feel much better if he would. Aire and I talked about that, so she is fine with it as well. Only problem is trying to get a hold of him. You know he has that old man mentality doesn’t like technology. Koko laughed I’ll just leave a message on their home phone. Laughing thinking I’ll get of hold of him for sure. They blew kisses at each other and hung up. Well Dennis I guess William wants you to stay here while he is gone. I go okay I guess really got things to do today. Maybe eat your pussy and ass a bit here on the couch.

Koko not yet I want my present. She dropped her robe and sat next to me on the couch. Her hand slowly stroking my cock as we sat there. I gave her the present she began opening it. So carefully not to rip the paper. I go will you just open the box! She laughed and continued to unwrap. She pulled the paper out of the box. Reaching inside she pulled out a red and black thong. She blushed Dennis, you are such a nasty boy. I’ve never worn a thong before. Then she pulled out a red football jersey my favorite team log on the front. I go for the game Sunday; I want you to wear this okay. I forgot to tell you they won’t be home till Tuesday, so we got a lot more time.

Then she reached back in pulled out a rectangle box about 12” long. She looked at me then opened it slowly. Tacking the packing paper off revealing a 12” glass dildo. Again, she blushed oh my gawd I have never seen anything like this. So smooth ribbed all the way down. She hugged me by the neck kissing me repeatedly. There’s more girl, look in the box. She pulled out a shorter rectangle box this time about 8” long. She pulled the lid off and another life like dildo. I told her turn the knob, she turned it and it began vibrating. Her eyes were wide open wrapping her arms around my neck kissing me all over the face again. Again, she looked in the box another rectangle box about 6” long. She hurriedly opens the box and pulled out a 4-inch thin vibrating silver bullet. She looked puzzled it was small and thin. I go I’ll surprise with this one laughing. She looked at all her gifts and loved each one.

She dropped her panties and went into the bedroom. Coming out she came in front of me turned around modeling her thong. Gawd my cock went from zero to full erection. She giggled and bent over I squeezed her firm ass. She stood up and went to get her apron. She ordered some Thai food for lunch.

Her living room is massive two very large window going from the floor to the 10-foot ceiling in the back of the house. Over 5 foot wide each. The view over their back yard was breath taking. It is over an acre big. The only house in view is the one to the North. Koko’s back of the house facing Northeast at an angle. So, no problem having sex here in the living room I was thinking.

Soon the delivery guy was coming up the walkway. He was and older man we were watching on the monitor. I get a robe to go to the door. She grabs my arm goes wait. You go in the bedroom I want to answer the door. I’m getting so excited for some reason. She stood up adjusting her apron and stood in front of me to inspect. You can see half her thong from the front and then her very firm ass sticking out the back. I swear her ass is that of a 20-year-old. I went into the bedroom when the doorbell rang.

She went to the door and invited the gentleman in he stood in the doorway she closed the door behind him. His eyes immediately to her crotch brining a smile on his face. Oh, let me get your tip taking the bag from him. She turned and swagged her ass him as she walked to the kitchen bar. Her purse was in the middle she jumped up on the bar pretending she had to stretch to get her purse. She spread her legs wide giving the older delivery gentleman a full view of crotch. She held the position longer than necessary. You could see he was aroused.

She went back over to him handing him the twenty. She goes thank you then he says no thank you really, he says. She gave him a peck on the cheek whispering in his ear you can touch her if you want. He immediately reached between her legs and slipped his finger in and out of her wet pussy. At the same time, she squeezed his hard cock through his trousers. Smiling from ear to ear he opened the door and left with a mile on his face and a very hard cock. I had been watching all this time from the bedroom out of site. My cock was raging all 7 inches bulging, the vein on top pulsating, and the head throbbing, precum seeping out the slit. I was gently stroking the monster.

Koko came running into the bedroom hopped up on the edge of the bed. Her legs in the air and spread wide. I need you now Dennis fuck me like never before. I so horny I can’t wait. I got between her legs her legs on my chest. I moved the thong to the side of her pussy. Popping the head of my cock in here in and out to stretch her out. She screams ram him in me. I reached and grabbing her hips bringing her closer and began fucking her hard and in rhythm. The thong strap was riding the side of my bulging cock giving me even more sensation. Ugh, ugh, ugh, was coming from her mouth. Her head going back and forth so wildly. Her eyes closing a bit. She looked to the side of her head the dildo shaped like a man’s cock was beside her.

She grabbed the dildo began licking it mmm she was going. Then she popped the head in and out of her mouth. I was fucking her harder my hand went up her apron squeezing her small tit the rubbing her nipple hard between my thumb and finger. She popped the dildo out of her mouth speaking in a shaky shrill type of voice. Get me boys fuck your cream pie sucking on the dildo again. Her hips began to rise off the bed she dropped the dildo her head tilted back; I squeezed her nipple harder. She screamed I’m cumming! I removed my hand stretching a bit found the smooth silver bullet. She began to squirt juices flowing down the crack of her ass. My cock was swelling my balls getting tight. I shot a load of warm cum deep in her. At the same time, I found her tight ass bud and began easing the silver bullet in her.

Her hips went higher in the air her knuckles were turning white as she grabbed the covers holding on tight. I was fucking her ass deep with the silver bullet she screamed another load of cum shot from my cock deep in her. Our juices seeping out down her crack. I pulled the bullet out and my cock at the same time. Rolling her over I shot a load of cum on her crack. Then sticking the silver bullet in her ass again fucked her faster and faster. She came up to her knees. I got up beside still fucking her ass. Her back hunched in the air another orgasm. Then she went limp on the bed. I crawled up beside her and we kissed with passion. Oh, Dennis I was imaging having two guys on me. I am so naughty OMG I’m becoming like you. With that her hand went behind my head kissing me deeply.

We cleaned up and were chatting a bit again she was talking about two guys how wonderful it would feel. We went to the living room ate our lunch looking out the large windows. Koko, I go we’re going to fuck right here next my cream pie. She laughed your crazy people might see. Okay fine with me…chapter 4 coming..

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