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Little Rumana 2

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Rumana had a little friend come over to play you might say.

I watched mum do this to you last night. Rumana began popping the head of my cock in and out of her mouth. Giggling looking up at me with those big brown eyes. She moved between my legs taking my large ball sack in one hand gently rubbing them and sucking my large mushroom cock head. Precum seeping out the slit she spread’s the slit licking it at the same time. Damn I was so sensitive driving me wild. With that she took both her little hands on the shaft jerking me off furiously. Soon a stream of cum shot up and she continued jerking me shooting cum all over her small little breast buds and face.

We got up showered and got ready for the day. Rumana came out of her room wearing a Betty Boop mid riff tank top, wearing her cute nylon Betty Boop red short shorts. This little slut wasn’t wearing any panties! Wow you look so sexy might have to chase you around a bit. Maybe but my friend I met at the party is coming over today, is that okay. Sure, you need someone to play with. About 30 minutes later I heard a truck pull up in the drive. It was Sam and his daughter he waved, and Lisa came running up to the door. My gawd she had the same outfit on that Rumana was wearing. Rumana ran out to greet her.

Sam waved and pulled out of the drive. Rumana and Lisa went into the house. Lisa sat on the couch across from Rumana and me. They were talking so fast and giggling I wasn’t paying any attention just watching a bit of the sports channel. I was wearing a t-shirt and my gray sweat shorts. I was going commando today giving my willy a bit of freedom. I felt Rumana’s hand on my shorts pulling the leg up a bit. She uncovered the head of my cock and Lisa quit talking and her eyes affixed to my crotch. I whispered to Rumana what are you doing? She giggled they both got up and ran out of the room.

About 5 minutes later they came running into the living room both stark naked. Lisa was about a year younger than Rumana. She had long blonde hair a tan, so skinny you could count every rib, and flat as a bean pole. Her little nipples and bare little pussy made my willy begin semi hard. Uncle Dee we want to play! You must get naked too. Without any hesitation I stood up dropping my shorts and pulling off my t-shirt. My semi hard cock was hanging down between my legs.

Lisa goes wow Mr. Dee yours a lot bigger and longer than daddy’s his is hairy, I like yours better, no hair! Your daddy’s I questioned. Yep, daddy lets me play with his willy all the time. He hasn’t put it in me and I want one in me. Both young ones came running and jumping into my arms. I had two young nymphos one in each arm.

Hugging, kissing, and sucking on my neck a sensation I have never had before. They were rubbing their hairless pussy up and down my sides. My cock was harder than it has ever been. The vein on top bulging the mushroom head pulsating and dripping a bit of morning dew from the slit. Lisa bit softly on my throat. Then harder sucking it at the same time. Damn this little girl knew her stuff. Rumana bit into the back of my neck sucking it hard that was it!

Rumana slid down my body grabbing my cock with her little hand. Lisa started to slide down I go no you don’t girl. I grabbed her under her arm pits lifting her up and we began to kiss passionately. Sucking tongues, I picked her up a bit higher and kissing her little nipples. Her breasts haven’t even started to bud. She was going crazy. Holding my head tight in her arms. Rumana kissing my cock bobbing the head in and out of her mouth.

I picked up Lisa she hung her legs over my shoulders I began licking her bare little mound. My tongue gliding into her slit. Almost instantly she was humping my face screeching. Rumana took my cock deeper into her mouth then pulling it out. I made it to the bedroom flopping Lisa on the bed. I laid on my back grabbing Lisa lifting her up and sitting her on my face. She began to instantly grind my face.

Rumana straddled my groin reaching behind her grabbing my cock and easing her tight wet cunt down on the shaft. Grabbing Lisa by her hips my tongue finding her oh so tight hole. I began tongue fucking her she let out a screech. Rumana slowly began to slide up and down my shaft. Then fucking me faster. I lifted Lisa off my face sitting her on my chest. My hands massaging her nipples she leaned forward. Her ass in the air. To my surprise Rumana fucking my cock bent at the waist and started licking Lisa’s crack.

Lisa and I were kissing passionately Rumana licking Lisa’s crack and fucking my cock at the same time. I lifted Lisa and laid her by my side. Then lifted Rumana off my cock telling her to lick Lisa’s pussy. Rumana dove right in Lisa was going wild. I grabbed Rumana by the hips raising her ass in the air. I drove my cock into her pussy ramming it home fucking her hard. Lisa spread her legs wider holding onto Rumana’s head. Lisa was screeching Rumana tonguing her little pussy. I was going crazy watching these two little nymphos put on a show like never before.

My balls were tightening my cock head swelling then almost in a second I shot a stream of hot cum deep into Rumana holding her by the hips. Then another stream shot in her. I pulled out turning Rumana over grabbing my cock shooting a stream on her stomach then shooting a load on Lisa’s stomach. Rumana crawled up on Lisa and began licking cum off her stomach her little hand finger banging Lisa. I began kissing Lisa with passion then sucking her so hard nipple. Her head tilted back eyes closed shut. She was screaming. My cock went instantly hard again I pulled Lisa to the edge of the bed.

Rumana crawled up beside Lisa’s head they looked into each other’s eyes and began kissing with passion. I got off the bed standing between Lisa’s legs raising them onto my chest. Grabbing my rock-hard cock guiding it to her bare little mound. She reached down between her legs spreading her lips I pushed my cock head into the tightest hole I have ever felt even tighter than Rumana’s. Lisa’s head was going side to side. Rumana was sucking her little nipples now. Slowly I pushed my long cock deeper into her. The resistance of her hymen caused me to stop. I pulled back and forth then on the third time I pushed through. She started to whimper Rumana immediately began kissing her Lisa grabbed her head they were kissing with passion.

Grabbing Lisa by her hips I began ramming my long hard cock in her with rhythm. I pulled her by her arms lifting her up on my chest. She hugged me around the neck almost chocking me. We were kissing tonguing each other as she bounced up and down on my cock. Rumana kneeled between my legs sucking my large ball sack. Before long I shot a long stream of cum deep inside her. I decided she was going to take all my cum. She was going crazy bouncing up and down faster and faster. Another load shot inside her then another. I was so tender I had to pull her off.

Throwing her on the bed she was exhausted and laughing I pulled Rumana to the floor had her get on all fours. My cock was still hard as a rock. (thanks to the little blue pill). My cock was dripping wet I reached down and spread Rumana’s ass cheeks. Guiding my cock into her tight little ass. I spanked her a bit laughing. Uncle going to get your little ass girl. What you think, she had already pushed back on my cock wanting it. Slowly I pushed into here. Taking the head in and out to stretch her each time. Her head was tilted back screaming it hurts! I was about to pull out and she pushed back against my groin.

Finally, my long thick cock was totally inside her nice little tight ass. I began Ramming her ass my balls bouncing off her tender little thighs. Faster and faster. Lisa began rubbing her back kissing her rubbing her ass cheeks. I was getting more fucking hot watching this little girl get into what was happening. Rumana let out a scream falling to the floor. Then rolling on her back Lisa and I began sucking her small developing breasts.

Soon after we all crawled back on the bed resting. We all are laughing, and the girls snuggled up beside me. Both with a hand on my now deflating cock. Me being a bit of a perv now told the girls I want to watch them make out and fuck each other….another story.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    This is a great story . I hope you get Lisa’s dad involved and fucking both girls side by side . I have cum 4 times reading both parts with a picture in my mind of my cock spreading their young pussies wide open

  • Reply Philip ID:4o717tkqm

    Fucking great story