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The Neighbor Girls 2

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Astrid got up I have to go to swimming practice. Ariana says not today for me, I’m staying here with Luke grabbing his cock and squeezing it hard. Wow not so hard Ariana goes down and kissing the large head and stretching her mouth taking the massive head in her mouth popping it in and out.
Luke got up let’s shower Ariana jumped up grabbing his dick and headed up to the shower. The master shower was huge two over head rain shower and a body shower heads on opposite sides.

Luke grabbed her she jumped up wrapping her long legs around him. They were kissing passionately there tongues intertwine sucking each others deeply. His massive cock began swelling his large balls filling with excitement. Her pussy lips riding his long thick shaft. She began sucking and kissing his neck. The steam from the shower was in the air. He stepped in with her wrapped around him. He is only an inch taller than her. She slid down his body to her knees. The water so warm almost hot coming from every direction. She took his massive cock stroking it with both hands kissing the head so passionately.

She stretched her mouth around the head easing it down her mouth and slowly into her throat. Ariana had never sucked a cock before but somehow knew to tongue her bottom teeth with her tongue. Luke was thinking how beautiful she was her body so fit her mound not a hair. His hands went behind her head and slowly began fucking her mouth. She gagged a little grabbing his balls began massaging them so gentle. He let out a moan his hips began moving fucking her mouth slowly and long. Her hands came up on his ass cheeks she massaged them and pushed him to go faster. Her pussy was climaxing dripping with her sweet juices. She grabbed the cheeks of his ass spreading them. Carefully she began rimming his tight ass button with her finger. She was moaning she slipped a finger to the first knuckle he screeched a bit. Never had his ass penetrated before. He began fucking her mouth faster. She gagged moaned taking his cock all the way down her throat. Faster they both went her finger going deep in his ass stroking his prostrate. He began to buckle the intense of the stroking made his cock get even harder and then…he held her head against his groin she had taken the full ten inches in her mouth and throat. He yelled baby I’m cumming then a strong stream of cum shot down her throat. She tried to pull her head back gagging. He held her there then another massive stream shot he let her head go cum was shooting from the sides of her mouth. He let her pull out and then another massive stream of cum shot out covering her face! Both of their bodies were trembling they both sat on the shower floor.

Hugging and kissing each other he then had her get on all fours. He spread her ass cheeks and began licking her crack rimming her tight ass button then working his thumb in her ass. Moving beside her his middle finger went into her ever so tight pussy and his thumb in her tight ass began finger fucking. Her hips were humping his finger and thumb so fast she was screeching fuck me Luke I want your monster in my pussy. He grabbed her from behind his cock touching her pussy entrance. Easily he popped the head in and out to stretch her hole. She was backing up the water coming down on them. He popped the head in and slowly began pushing the shaft. Her pussy lips were tighting down then he hit the membrane. What she still had her hymen intact. I thought you had been fucked before. I did but he only fingered my pussy I didn’t want him to fuck me. I wanted you to be my first. Baby this is going to hurt. He pushed the mighty cock through her head snapped back a screech you want me to stop? No Astrid says it will stop hurting.

Then the pleasure went through out her firm beautiful body. He slowly began began fucking her. She pushed hard against him. He began fucking her hard and fast grabbing her hips pumping her hard. She moaned her hands tightened up in a fist her head swinging from side to side. Her eyes closed she was having her first massive orgasm. He couldn’t believe it he was on the verge of cumming again. He held her tight against him her pussy squeezed his cock harder. She felt the warm cum shooting deep in her cavity. String after stream shot deep inside her. She fell flat on the shower floor he was on top his cock still deep in her. She relaxed her vagina and he slid out laying beside her. Oh gawd that was so amazing I’ve wanted your cock for a long time.

Every since the first time we saw you coming out of the shower. I use to finger myself thinking of you. They embraced kissing with passion. He helped the fine young one off the shower floor. They continued washing each other. Stepping out of the shower finally.
The door bell rang they looked up at the monitor her mouth dropped.
It was her mom what was she doing here then she saw her mom push the keys to the lock and came in…Luke smiled don’t worry babe your mom and I have been fucking for over a year.

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    You should get both girls and their mom in bed and fuck each other