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Daddy’s Fuck Princess Gets Her Wish

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It had been a great day and night staying naked sucking and fucking. They laid down for a good night’s rest. Arian and Daddy woke up ready for another

It had been a great day and night staying naked sucking and fucking. They laid down for a good night’s rest. Arian and Daddy woke up ready for another day. She immediately grabbed his cock and gave him a good morning head job. She stroked his cock rapidly licking the slit and popping the head in and out of her mouth. His hand went on the back of her head pushing it down. Gagging a bit, she took the long shaft down her throat. Being a good girl, she had it deep then took it all the way to the base. Baby daddy’s cumming his eyes closed she could feel the head enlarge, a warm sting of cum shot down her throat, she pulled his cock out then the next string shot over her face, she placed the slit directly on her erect nipple and a hard string of cum shot covering her small firm breast. Her dad fully relaxed back on the bed arms spread. Baby you are so damn nasty.

She crawled up next to him kissing him on the lips their tongues intertwined tasting his cum. She rolled over I’m going to take a shower. We get to stay naked all day she asked. He smiled why not. So you going to let Luke come over and we can have a good fucking today? He hesitated then seeing her little pout then ok see if he comes over. This little 13 year old could get anything out of him. Oh, daddy you are the best. They both showered having breakfast together.

Ariana had called Luke to come over this morning. She wanted to give him a surprise like he never had before. Before long there was a ring at the door. She saw Luke on the monitor and ran for the door. She opened the door stark naked Luke astounded and smiled so big. This is a surprise! Come in and take your clothes off this is a naked day here. She grabbed his shorts while he pulled over his tank top. His cock was only semi hard hanging down between his legs. Daddy come here; Luke tried to grab his shorts, his cock went limp hanging down.

Todd, what’s going on? Todd smiled it’s ok, the little princess here wants to fuck us both. She is spoiled you know. Gawd your dick is fucking huge. About that time Ariana dropped to her knees grabbing Luke’s dick reaching for her dad’s dick grabbing it in the other hand. She pulled them closer rubbing the heads on her cheeks and taking turns kissing them.

Shit I’m in heaven two fat long cocks and I’m going to suck and fuck each one all day long! She popped the head of Luke’s cock in her mouth stroking the shaft, then with the other stroking her dad’s. Her smile was big then stretching her mouth more taking about half of Luke’s cock then popped it out of her mouth. Turning looking at Todd’s cock talking baby talk said don’t be jealous now princess is going to take care of you. She popped the head in and out her hand stroking Luke’s cock fast and furious.

Her pussy was dripping wet her hips pumping the air she was having an orgasm! About that time Luke’s cock shot a heavy load on the side of her cheek, Todd began shooting a load down her throat. Luke turned grabbing his cock shot two more loads down her firm beautiful breast. Ariana grabbed with both hands Todd’s shaft pumping fast taking all his cum down her throat! Pulling his cock out she was a little weak. Luke lifted her up under her arm pits. Her dad wrapped his arms around her waist. Soon she was standing sandwiched between them. Thinking what I got myself into.

Luke picked her up and cradled her in his arms. Todd went ahead to the master shower and got it nice and warm. Luke set her in the shower then Todd and he entered the shower. The rain shower running down on them she felt four hands all over her washing her luscious body. Luke standing behind her with a lathered hand began washing her crack then finding that tight ass star began and began rimming. Todd moving down her chest took gripping her breast massaging then took her whole breast in his mouth sucking then tonguing her erect nipple. His other hand went down her smooth young body a finger on top of her enlarged clit her legs spread her hips pushing signaling she wanted more. His teeth clapped on her nipple his tongue licking the tip. His finger now massing her urethra driving her wild. Faster and faster his finger slipped to her pussy hole. It went in then two fingers.

Luck entered her tight ass star to his first knuckle wiggling it further in. Fuck me fuck my ass and pussy Luke’s finger went in deep her muscles relaxed he went to the side of her. His other hand grabbed her tit massing it then kissing her neck at the same time. Todd slipped three fingers in the already crowed pussy. Her hips were going faster in rhythm with the finger fucking in her ass and pussy. Her head swung back uncontrollably she began squirting again she was going limp.

Both men backed off. Her smile was from cheek to cheek. You guys are so nasty and bad I want more. I tell you now your ass is mine better watch out. Finishing their shower did not towel off. Todd picked her up cradling her to the bedroom.

He threw her up in the air her legs and arms were spread wide. Laughing as she hit the middle of the bed. Immediately Todd and Luke grabbed an ankle each dragging her to the edge of the bed. Luke straddled her face his long cock dangling above her mouth. She reached up moving him down her mouth wide open to take the massive cock head in her mouth. Luke was on all fours facing the opposite wall. He lowered his hips further and further Ariana grabbing his shaft taking it deeper in her throat. Soon he was in slow rhythm fucking her mouth. Taking long and deep strokes. Her hand massaging his balls stretching his sack the sensation was driving him wild.

Todd went to his knees her legs spread wide. His tongue entered her so young so precious pussy he began tongue fucking her. His finger found her wonderful ass star and began poking his finger in and out. She was gaging squirming thinking her pussy getting sucked, a finger in her ass, and big cock in her throat what more can a girl need.

Her dad slipped on down and began tonguing her ass with his finger in her. With her finger she ran it up the crack of Luke. Rimming his ass, she poked her finger in. His head popped up and screeched. She pulled his cock out laughing gaging a bit I’m going to ass fuck you. Her finger went in began massaging his prostate. Fuck me nasty bitch fuck me! Grabbing his balls with her other hand pulled them down and squeezing them. Luke fucked her mouth faster she let go his balls bouncing against her chin. Slurping sucking harder.

Todd stands up between her legs grabbing his cock then poking the massive head in her soaked pussy. He popped it in and out stretching her a bit each time. Then ramming his cock in her hard. Her legs up on his shoulders he grabbed her hips all scooting to the edge of the bed. Todd fucking her hard and fast. Luke fucking her mouth faster and faster.

She felt his cock swell in her mouth he held down on her. His cock began shooting a warm long stream of cum down her throat. She gagged her pussy was on fire, she began buckling at her hips. She was having a massive orgasm then Todd ram his cock deep in her shooting a big wad of cum deep inside of her. Her eyes were closed Luke pulled out of her mouth, over her grabbing his cock shot a string of cum over her face. Her teeth gritted a hand grabbed the cover making a fist. Her knuckles turned white.

Another string of cum from Todd shot deep inside her. He pulled out grabbing his cock shot a load hitting her stomach and excited tits. Gawd she collapsed going limp. Luke grabbed her pulling her to the center of the bed. Then Todd moved laying on her side and Luke on the other. A smile on her face all laughing the princess had cum on her from head to toe.

Soon after her phone buzzed. Todd reached on the nightstand and gave it to her. Her friend Aimee texted I fucked Ted last night! It was oaky but I don’t know I think I want more. You know like when we watched those porn movies a couple weeks ago. Ariana texted back why don’t you come over in about an hour? I

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