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The Neighbors Wife Shu-chen

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Tina my wife had left for work I was up had my morning shower grabbed a robe sipping my coffee at the kitchen table.

Tina my wife had left for work I was up had my morning shower grabbed a robe sipping my coffee at the kitchen table. Now that school had started, I was going to miss fucking the neighbor’s daughter Annya every morning. I’ll just have to wait until the afternoon after she gets out of class. My little Taiwanese, pussy, or as she calls it sui gei. My cock was getting to a vibe just thinking.

There was a knock I looked up and saw Shu-chen, Annya’s mom. She was standing at the patio door in her robe. I got up and invited her in. She looked up speaking morning Mr. Dee in broken English. We smiled and I invited her in sitting at the kitchen table. Annya is a good girl, she likes you very much. How you sex her in a lot of ways. Annya told me that you lick her sui gei (pussy). She was turning red talking in very broken English. Usually, she is very fluent. My cock was getting harder as she talked. Where was she going with this?

I stood up turned around to get the coffee pot. Turning back to fill her cup she had opened her robe. She was wearing a see-through sheer nighty. Her breasts were small like Annya’s, but her areola was larger, and her nipples erect ready for someone to suck. Smiling excessively big then went a little sad. Yu-Chen says that licking her pussy there not clean and never touch a woman’s ass. You lick Annya sui gei and even her ass you like that? She was getting bolder and bolder. My cock was rock hard now. I told her very much I like pleasing a woman. As I turned back around to put the coffee pot back my robe opened a bit my rock-hard cock stuck out.

She giggled in amazement. Oh, my you so big Annya says you are! I do not believe her now, I see. No, I am not that big Shu-chen, really. My husband very-small penis. I grabbed my robe to close it up quickly. Please Mr. Dee I am ashamed to ask I want you to lick me like you do Annya, she says it is so wonderful. You may have sex with my butt. Miss Tina will not know I never tell her; we be like you and Annya. Please we keep secret from Yu-Chen he does not need to know. She giggled.

She got up and went over to me opening my robe. My cock was harder standing straight out. The vein on top bulging, the large head almost running purple, pulsating a little pre cum dripping from the tip. Her eyes were big grabbing it is squeezing slowly stroking. She says this be my pet jībā (cock) Lóng (dragon)! She raised it up inspecting my large ball sack looking up at me, no hair so smooth I suck you now. Our first contact you might say. Like I have never had a woman suck my balls as she did now. She began taking one in and out of her mouth sucking then licking them. Going between my legs sucking my “gooch” then her tongue rimming my arse hole. I was going wild my pelvis began to buck a bit. My hand reached down on the top of her head.

Oh! Mr. Dee, I have always wanted to do this to a man! Bend over the table. I bent over she is on her knees spreading my ass cheeks she began licking rimming my ass star. Her tongue goes in wiggling. I felt a sensation I had never felt before. She then moves to my sack sucking it with great force. She tapped on my leg turn I want to suck your Lóng.

Turning she grabbed my cock her little hand verily going around the shaft. She engulfed the head in one move it was down her throat. Her head was bobbing back and forth my hand on her head. She wrapped her arms around my waist grabbing my ass digging her nails in my cheeks. Faster and faster bobbing my cock. My balls bouncing off her chin. We were both moaning a wild slurping sound coming from her mouth. I was going to shoot a stream of cum down her throat. About that time, she pulled off grabbing the base of my cock stopping me from cumming. Looking at the head licking it oh, no, no Mr. Dragon you no cum yet. She looked up at me grinning at the same time massaging the base of my shaft.

I reached down my hands under her arm pits lifting her up. You are so strong she giggled and squirmed playfully. I sat her on the table her legs opening scooting back a bit her knees bent then grabbing her knees as she laid back. Bending her stomach, I began sucking her small but so firm tit with her erect nipple through her nighty. Her nipples were so long the longest I had ever seen. She was screeching moaning wanting more. I scooted up her nighty exposing her little mound. Thinking to myself this little pussy has never had a tongue licking her.

Her mound covered sparsely with dark black hair. Virgin to the tongue and sucking. Pulling a chair up I sat down taking my thumbs opening her lips kissing it over and over. Her legs clamped on my head I then licked her. Gawd, she screamed don’t stop! She let her legs open I licked the hood of her clit then taking it in my mouth sucking it easy, then sucking it tonguing the hood. Her pelvis was bucking faster and faster. She screeched I gāocháo (cumming). Then I moved my tongue down to her urethra licking it fast and hard. Sucking it licking and blowing it as well. Her knees squeezed my head she raised up from the table. Her hands pushing my head into her crotch. Then it happened she squirted I began to suck her harder slipping a finger in her pussy. She was going wild.

My face soaked she was dripping wet I began licking her then my tongue finds her soaked pussy hole. Tonguing inside her then slipping a finger in her. Her ass was coming off the table bucking wild. Oh, cào, cào, (fuck) me please Mr. Dee. I stood up grabbing my cock sliding it in her every soaked pussy. I rammed it home grabbing her by the hips ramming her hard and fast.

Oh, gāocháo, her head tilted back, she grabbed her tits squeezing them, then I shot a load of cum deep in her, then another, and another filling her up our juices squirting from her pussy lips dripping down her ass cheeks. She held her arms up to me I raised her up off the table. Her arms around me kissing me all over my face. Then we kissed passionately. She leaned back your dragon your tongue drives me insane. I looked at her there is more, Shu-chen. My hands moved down holding her by her ass. I spread her cheeks then poked at her arse hole it was soaked from all our juices dripping. She wiggled her ass down on my finger smiling at me at the same time. Moaning a bit her face cringing. Mr. Dee you can have that too. It will be only yours. She began moving up and down on my finger slowly.

She moved from my arms and went to her knees. Gripping my shaft, it was going limp. She slowly began to stroke. She looked up at me, I want to taste my juices on your dragon. I was puzzled don’t you suck Yu-Chen’s dick. Yes, but not after he has fucked me. Told me not clean. I go baby take the dragon, lick our juices suck him bring him back.

Mmm, it’s so good. Soon she had taken it all the way down her throat. Massaging my large balls with the other hand. Soon my cock was back throbbing as hard again. She got up abruptly, then turning around bending over the table. Fuck my hòutíng (ass hole),

Her ass was totally wet I guided the head in popping it in and out. Her head and shoulders tilted back towards me. She screeched a bit I felt her push back against me wanting it.
I eased him in each time she was moaning. Then eased back a forth a few times. I grabbed her arms pulling her up and began fucking her faster and faster. My balls bouncing, she screamed again she was squirting screaming! Mr. Dee my houting is yours all yours! A few minutes pounding her ass my first string of cum shot deep in her. Spewing out the sides running down her thighs and mine.

More cum shot, I pulled out aimed my cock on her ass and shot a heavy stream of cum on her cheeks. I turned her around shooting the last load on her stomach and nighty. I stood her up embracing each other. We stood back from each other and began to laugh. Too much cum all over me your dragon so big so much cum.

I got to go home and clean up and you must clean the kitchen. I wet all over. Maybe I come to see you occasionally. I smiled any time smacking her on her butt. She turned on the way out maybe tomorrow, laughing.

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    Great story, I enjoyed it

  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    Yes, if you neglect your woman, she will find a lover somewhere.
    Just like this woman did.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would love to read about you fucking young Anya

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hi

    Man that sure brings back so many memories. spent years over seas and miss it dearly. I simply love short small petite woman and they all fit the bill over there. my best is I simply love Japanese woman. they ride their bicycles everywhere and have amazingly tight legs and pussies.
    Thanks for the memory lane.