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Laurie and Uncle

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A nice incest story between Laurie and Uncle Dee

Hi! My name is Laurie I am 18 yoa, 5’3”, medium length brunette hair, small but firm breasts, dark areolas, a nice mouth full and really nice nipples, wear a 32A bra, weigh around 104 lbs., slim okay skinny, like to tan, keep my waxed smooth, wear sexy clothing, was sexually active since 16, been with one guy and we broke up. I am off to community college this year. It is about 100 miles from where I live. You know to get away from the parents. Uncle Dee (nick name), single lives there. He said I could come and stay until I got settled in the dorm.

Now Uncle Dee is 32, no hot athletic guy, he is fit, maybe 5’8”, probably 160 lbs., slender, short light brown hair, just the average looking guy. Never been married, always said he had no time for that nonsense. Now he has had a few girlfriends but never serious. He wears cowboy boots and hat. He is great to be around funny and a big flirt. His place a small ranch it is probably about 600 acres or so raises 150 to 200 head of cattle. Still lives in the old house, he keeps the place looking like a painting.

When my grandparents unexpectedly passed, the place was divided between him, Aunt Karen, and my mom, Dixie. He was given the biggest share because he loved ranch life. Mom and Aunt Dixie were given 120 acres each. Before the dust settled not even giving Uncle Dee a chance to make an offer. Aunt Karen sold her share. Mom had sold his share to him. Aunt Karen was 10 years older than Uncle and 2 years older than mom. He and mom were really upset what she had done. Uncle Dee worked that ranch ever since he could walk mom said.

I drove up to the large two-story house. I got out of the car and soon Uncle Dee came running up from the barn. A smile on his face grabbing me by the waist. Then swinging me around in circles just like he would do me when I was little. A tingle went through my body giving me a special sensation in my pussy what a sensation. Then wrapping my arms around his neck out of instinct or something gave him a full-blown tongue twisting kiss on his lips. His tongue automatically intertwined with mine for a moment. I was on fire my panties instantly became wet. He let me down on my feet. We looked at each other smiling wondering what had just happened. Wow, I like that greeting little one. I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that but, no problem you made my day he interrupted. Let’s get your bags and I’ll show you your room.

I walked into the house and it looked the same except it had been totally remodeled. He told me later he had gutted the house all new plumbing wiring the works. Then all the woodwork including the kitchen cabinets refinished and new counter tops. And added a large island. He wanted to keep it the same as when he was growing up. Now the upstairs a different story. There were 4 bedrooms now only 3. He had walls knocked down made a master bedroom suite with an on suite bigger than my bedroom. French doors leading out to a balcony with hot tub.

Here’s your room. Your mom’s old room with your own bath now. Her old bed just a new mattress. Don’t tell her but I caught her and her boyfriend screwing in here once. She threw her table lamp at me. So, you better watch it if you bring someone up here. I might just have to spank you I was turning to go out the door and he grabbed my ass. I was wearing short running type shorts verily covering my ass cheeks. Uh, I was startled a bit but truly welcomed the attention. I turned quickly wrapping my arms around him and kissing him on the lips. His arms went around me then squeezing me tightly.

I could feel his erection oh gawd what am I doing I thought. We both began passionately kissing there in the doorway. Our tongues intertwining, he then began massaging my ass cheeks with both hands. I spread my legs inviting him to explore my forbidden fruit. I felt a hand explore between my thighs. A finger went in between my thigh and panties, oooh I moaned. Soon his finger was working my slit. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter as he rubbed. I pushed him back looking into his eyes. Uncle Dee your nasty uncle you trying to get in my panties? I jumped into his arms wrapping my legs around his waist.

We moved over to the bed then sat me on the edge. Grabbing the bottom of my tank top and pulling it over my head dropped it to the floor. No bra today he marveled at my small firm breast my nipples totally erect. One hand went grabbing massaging her gawd my body was melting. He took the other totally in his mouth sucking it hard tonguing the nipple. I grabbed him by the back of his head pushing him closer to my hot body. Gawd I felt an orgasm cumming! My hips were going wild I pushed his head downward, eat my pussy Uncle eat your niece’s young pussy! He licked down my stomach a hand still massaging my breast.

He grabbed my shorts pulling them off and on to the floor. I sat there in my soaked red panties. He looked into my baby blue eyes; your pussy is mine. I spread my legs wide and knees up, reaching down my hands on my ass cheeks spreading my crack wide so he could have the best view of this young pussy and ass.

His head buried in my crotch sucking my pussy through my wet panties a finger went under the panties then two playing with my hot pussy. I felt his finger in my hole then the next fingerfucking me and sucking her hard at the same time. My juices shot out like never in my life. He stood up pulling his boots off unbuckling his pants they dropped to the floor. Pulling his undershorts down his cock sprung free. The mushroom head was dripping precum. I reached between his legs taking it in my hand. Stroking it slowly feeling the hardness yet softness of the skin. His cock was about 7in and I could verily get my fingers around the shaft. He smiled at me grabbed me by the waist pulled me to the edge of the bed.

He says, Uncle Dee is going to panty fuck you little one. Uncle fuck me hard I wanted you for so long fuck your little niece! I pulled my panties aside he guided his cock poking at my tight virgin like hole. Popping the large mushroom head in and out making me moan more and more. Then he pushed it in eased to my cervix. Moaning my hips grinding then in quick rhythm he began fucking me faster and faster. His balls bouncing off my ass. Juices dripping down my thighs.

I wrapped my legs around his waist bringing him closer. I wanted all that big cock it was mine. My head flew back my eyes clinched shut, I was screeching my hands clinching a fist with the covers, my knuckles were turning whit. I screamed get me Uncle fuck me hard, I’m mm, cumming. He grabbed me by the hips tightly holding me against his groin. I felt his cock expand my muscles tightened on his cock. He shot a string of cum deep inside me then another oh the warmth the feeling. Then another and another strings of cum. Our juices mixed dripping from my cunt. I had never had so much cum in me before.

He fell forward on my body. I was sweaty his shirt drenched I wrapped my arms around him kissing all over his face. His cock began to go limp I squeezed it with my pussy muscles. We looked into each other’s eyes and new this was right. We knew this was only the beginning…

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    Oh how I would love to be your uncle , or even your granpa . I bet you would love a hard 65 yr old cock pounding your pussy and filling you with hot breeding cum .

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    i want to be ur uncle
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    Love your story sweetie I love to be ur uncle mm?. I love little slim petite women and nice A cup tits with nice nipples are the most sexy of all and 104 lb omg just my size
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