Lan and Huan my Chinese Neighbors

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My neighbor Lan was a sweet small Chinese woman about 35 years old. She was no taller than 4’10”, maybe 95lbs soaking wet, small breasts, hotty

I am Sam single never married, 45 years old, 5’9”, about 175lbs, got the farmers tan, about an 8” quite fat cock, salt & pepper hair well groomed, and always horny. I was lucky and basically, I am retired and just enjoying life. I had made some very good investments early on and they paid off very well. I enjoy travel, fishing, cruising, working out, and reading.

My neighbor Lan was a sweet small Chinese woman about 35 years old. She was no taller than 4’10”, maybe 95lbs soaking wet, small breasts, long black beautiful hair, the most brown and beautiful eyes. She has a daughter Huan 10yoa cute as a button, flirts with me as much as her mom, she is a hotty. I must admit I get a rise looking at either one of them. Her husband was a player and gambler. Didn’t pay much attention to either one of them.

She worked every morning in her flower garden and yard. Something would need repair so I would go over and see if it was in my zone to repair. Her husband didn’t do much just go to work didn’t know much about fixing things. She would give me a hug and kiss on the cheek thanking me when I was finished.

Lan would come over to my house every morning and have coffee with me in the sun room. She always made the coffee. We had bonded very well and enjoyed each other’s company. She would just come right on into the house never knock and start the coffee. Sometimes she would just be in her nighty and robe that how comfortable she was with our relationship.

Today she was an hour earlier than usual wearing her bath robe. She started the coffee went to the sun room turned the music on and sat down. I hadn’t came in the room after a few minutes. So she got curious. Getting up she searched the house then went into the master suite. Opened the door to the master bedroom and there I was coming out of the shower. I was drying my hair and the towel draped over my eyes. She stood there staring at my limp cock. I pulled the towel from my face and instantly my cock was rising. She turned her head but did not leave. She said so sorry Sam I was looking for you. I grabbed the towel and covered my stiff cock. I told her it was okay. She turned around and asked if she could dry my back. I stood there not knowing what to say.

She walked over to me grabbed the towel and started drying my chest. She reached down and gripped my cock with her little hands. She looked into my eyes and I saw a very distinct pleasure in her eyes. I pulled her against me hugging her and kissing her passionately. I removed her robe and dropped it to the floor. She was in a black sheer short nighty with no panties. She had an almost smooth pussy very little black hair and small but very firm breasts. Her body was tight and out of this world. She wouldn’t let go of my cock, saying something in Chinese and looking at the mushroom head pulsating. Grinning from ear to ear.

She dropped to her knees and looked up at me still gripping my cock. Sam he so big so wide I want to suck him and stroke him. At that she didn’t wait for a response she stroked him slowly taking the large mushroom head into her mouth. I hadn’t had a fuck in a while. She was sucking it hard kept on getting more in her mouth. Soon it was in her throat. Taking her small hand rolling my sack and balls pulling them tight until it almost hurt. Underneath my sack she began rubbing hard and fast, sucking harder it was fantastic.

I lifted on tippy toes, my hand on the back of her head helping her. I was mouth fucking her hard. She was gagging moaning then my cock swelled and shot it’s load down her throat. There was so much it dripped out the side of her mouth. After cumming she licked my cock clean. She stood up and I picked her up and carried her to the bed. She hugged my neck kissing my neck and cheeks all the way to the bed. I lifted her nighty over her head. She crawled to the middle of the bed opened her legs up wide and knees in the air. She took her fingers and pulled her outer pussy lips open. I saw the most precious pussy I had ever see.

I began fingering her pussy hole and sucking her clit with my tongue licking the tip. She was going wild her hips pushing up to meet my finger. I dropped down and with the width of my tongue lapped up and her pussy fast. She was moaning and my tongue went inside her. With her juices flowing down the crack of her ass. She yelled fuck me Sam then in Chinese she yelled something else.

I grabbed her by her hips I was on my knees pulling her up my thighs. I began circling her pussy hole with the head of my thick cock then started poking her hole. I pushed the head in she started to sit up. Ohhh…. more give me more. I slowly pushed another 3” inches into that wonderful pussy. Finally. I was in and slowly started to fuck her. Faster fuck me faster. I went back my hips moving and grabbing her by her hips into my groin harder, I began ramming her hard fucking her fast. She began to scream her back was arching she grabbed the sheets and her knuckles turned white. Her head tilted back she was having an orgasm soon my cock exploded she yelled yes, yes, yes. Give me all you juice Sam all you juice. My cock exploded and I kept pushing hard against her cervix. She was screeching in Chinese I kept ramming my cock in her back and forth. She went totally limp I pulled out our mixed juices were running out of her pussy. She cupped herself and ran to the bathroom. Then she took a quick shower. She tells me you wash now wash now. So, I ran into the bathroom and began showering. Coming out and back to the bedroom my eyes popped. She was bent over two pillows her ass high in the air and her hands pulling the cheeks of her ass open. Fuck me here bad boy come get my ass!

My cock went instant hard crawling up on the bed. I got between her legs and took the width of my tongue and lick down her crack to her t’aint. I got a lot of saliva on my tongue licking her sweet star, hand fucking her pussy with my opened hand. Her pussy was wet I slipped my finger in her and began finger banging her intensely, my tongue was entering her sweet star wiggling it around. She was moaning her hips humping my finger. I got on my knees and put my middle finger in her ass to the first knuckle wiggling and making a circular motion to then taking it deeper. It hurt Sam; I’ll pull out she yells no I want you in me.

I reached over in my nightstand, there was a bottle of KY. I oiled my fingers down and continued. Her ass was pushing back to my finger. I began running it in and out then inserted another one. She was moaning, moving around, I oiled my cock down grabbing it at the base then easing the head outside her ass. Poking her ass slowly she screeched and moved her body back more the head was inside her. I slowly inserted the rest of my hard cock then slowly went in and out with it, she said I’m ready fuck my ass hard. I grabbed her hips bringing them back and forth in rhythm with mine. Faster I went my balls were bouncing off her. She screamed in joy sweating She goes I’m cumming Oh, oh, oh…My cock swelled up and shot his load inside of her ass. Her hips went further up in the air, I stood up bring her waist with me still fucking. I brought her down and she laid on her stomach. I laid next to her rubbing her back. She put her hand behind my head pulling me over and we kissed.

She says Sam I’ve been wanting you for a long time. Now I hope I have you as my bad boy. Just to let you know Huan likes you a lot. Better watch out now laughing.

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  • Reply Big blue ID:fx7itaqrd

    I have a neighbor who is very nice and one day when she knocked on my door and she asked me if I could help her with a tire on her car well when
    I opened the door right after she knocked I was only wearing underwear and a shirt so after she asked me to help her even if I didn’t understand I told her to give me a minute to get ready about 30 seconds later she opened the bedroom door and said she was sorry when I got to the hallway she told me it was ok and she had not seen a man naked in a while I was just embarrassed for her and then she asked me if she could have another look I got up and took off my shirt and when I looked over at her she was started to take off her little robe and when she got down to her panties and slid them off her pussy was so nice she asked me if I wanted to taste her she was so sexy and at 70 years old she was just so sexy I just asked her if she wanted me to lick her and when she told me she hasn’t had her pussy licked really good in her whole life I actually asked her to just lay back on the couch and when she moved the pillow away from her and spread her legs open I got nice and close to her legs and when I got close to her belly button and moved my hand down her legs I slid my finger in her wet lips and when she started to spread open all the way I put my pinky finger in her sweet little ass I was just about to move down a little bit when she told me to finger her so she could cum

  • Reply yellowfeverbeliever ID:2v2yccfyhk

    You sly dog! chinese women are absolutely fantastic in bed, absolute freaks, invite that tight lil’ asian tart around every morning for some “coffee and cream”, start flirting back with their daughter, they’re both hot for it.

  • Reply rh2398 ID:30rzwleu8j

    Nice, I love milfs and small tits