The Apron Chapter 2

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Cheating with my lovely Asian sister-in-law.

She crawled up to the middle of the king size bed. I crawled up and laid beside her. She immediately grasped my raging thick had cock and began caressing it lightly then stroking it up and down the skin covering the head each time. Dennis, she states I’ve never ever even kissed William’s cock or any other
mans. I spread my legs my large ball sack totally exposes to her now. Her eyes widen with her other hand began massaging them lightly. Now I can give you a hand job like you never have before.

I lifted up on my elbows smiling at her, Koko my sex nymph kiss him lick him like a lollipop. Her head went do with her tongue out she licked the head umm I like the taste. With that she took two fingers then splitting the slit open and tonguing it fast then all the sudden her mouth opened taking the head in her mouth. Holding my raging cock and squeezing then stroking at the same time. She began to suck the head and stoking my cock faster.

My hips were responding to her stroking leaning on one arm I took my other hand and placed it on the back of her head. I began to push she knew what I wanted her to do. Slowly she took the thick head then inch by inch she pushed down. She began gagging pulling her head up and off my cock. Smiling and swallowing the precum she had sucked. Then right back down only this time taking it like a pro. She engulfed my total balls easing it into her throat. Oh, gawd Koko you are a pro honey. I laid back hard on the pillow. My hand grabbing her hair, she pulled her head off again, Denny, pull my hair hard. Back down she went like a crazy lady. Her head bobbing up and down. Slurping gagging a bit squeezing my balls then I felt her long fingernails in my sack. Oh, what a sensation pain yet excitement. Koko swing your ass around get on my chest. I want to eat your hot pussy. Her legs beside my head I grabbed her hips bringing that hot wet pussy down. The aroma like fresh roses gawd so hot.

My tongue licked her slit wildly she was grinding my face now. Sucking my cock harder and harder. My balls were getting massaged sending goosebumps all over my body. I reached up while sucking her clit spreading the cheeks of her firm ass. Finding her tight ass button, I began rimming it with my finger. I pulled her ass down further spreading her ass cheeks a bit more. My tongue began rimming her ass. Poking it in wiggling my tongue in her. She came off my cock quickly. Den, I never oh, more she went down back on my cock. Faster sucking harder, my tongue went deeper in her. I pulled my tongue out slipping a finger in to the first knuckle.

She began to buck she was having a wild orgasm then I felt my cock getting ready to blow a load. It shot a heavy load she gags but kept sucking taking the cum down her throat. She thought that was it and pulled out then another heavy load shot in her face. This girl was squirting again never had this happen twice! I pulled down to her pussy sucking it my tongue working it my finger going deeper in her ass. She pulled off my face my cock in her hand then another load shot all over her stomach. She straddles my stomach facing my feet shooting cum all over her. Finally, we started calming down she collapsed beside me putting an arm over my chest.

Dennis, I love William, but he can’t give me what I want in sex. So maybe we can become sex friends. I laughed Koko you got to talk dirty with me girl. We’re becoming fuck buddies. I began laughing looking at her She had cum dripping from her head on her tits and stomach. Koko you’re my cream pie queen. Go look in the mirror. She screeched and began giggling. I love this, we better hurry and get to my house now. Just clean up a bit. She looked at me Dennis I’ve been wanting this and you for a long time. Now I got you my “fuck buddy” she started giggling. We were cleaning up started walking out she looked at the comforter on the bed it was soaked. Grab that and we’ll drop it off at the cleaners I don’t want sis to know.

We started heading to the door then I had forgotten a gift I had bought Koko. Hey, I got to run back in I’ll be right back. I came out with a present for her wrapped up nicely even a ribbon bow on top. I got in the back of her SUV. We headed to the cleaners then her place. I ducked down on the floorboard as she drove into her driveway. From her phone she shut off the garage camera. I got out carrying my bag with my clothes and her present. She came up to me giving me a quick peck on the cheek. Let’s go take a shower and I want my present. After we shower cream pie.

She was taking her clothes off before we even entered the house. I followed in suit chasing her to the master suite. This was the first time I had been in there since they had the house built. She ran into the shower turning on the water to get warm. It was huge I thought our shower was big. Two rain shower heads body shower heads even a small bench. She was standing there her body soaked so sexy water running down her luscious body. For being in her early 50’s her body was so firm so beautiful. She’s 5’7” and I swear maybe weighs 110 pounds. She works to keep her body nice very nice. Now me in my early sixties only 5’9” but I keep in shape. No 6 pack but a firm stomach. Got now that white hair going the curse of the family, I guess.

I stood there admiring her beauty that short black hair her beautiful eye and the sexiest body. My cock was growing instantly wanting to fuck her in every hole. She comes out grabs my cock and leads me into the shower. It is huge no door. She drops to her knees instantly rubbing my cock on her face in her hair. For a professional executive classy lady, she was going wild! I love your penis I want it all over my body, it’s a cock Koko I said. Call him Mr. Willy. Okay I want Mr. Willy all over my body and in me. With that she popped Mr. Willy in her mouth wrapped her arms around me digging her fingernails in my ass cheeks. I had awoken a sex machine for sure. My hand on her head pushing my hips towards her fucking her mouth hard and fast.

After a few moments I lifted her up brining her close to me we were kissing passionately sucking our tongues feeling the excitement go through our bodies. I had her bend over and hands on the bench the warm water running from all sides. I stood beside her she spread her legs further and I began rubbing her slit with my open hand fast and furious. Her head went back she was screaming her hips bucking. I then went down to my knees spreading her ass cheeks. Licking her crack tonguing her tight ass bud and fingering her pussy with two fingers. Faster and faster, she was orgasming I’ve never felt like this before.

Dennis you are so nasty. More, faster finger my ass deeper. After a few minutes finger fucking her ass and pussy I stood up. She started to stand I told her to keep bend over. Mr. Willy was going is going fuck her. Dennis my pussy is yours! I guided the head into her tight wet hole. She pressed back against it the large head stretched her she screeched it’s so big! Slowly I penetrated her inch by inch. Then slowly back and forth then faster. Grabbing her hips, I began ramming her my large ball sack bouncing off her thighs. She screams harder bad boy fuck you sister-in-law. Soon I couldn’t hold back my balls tighten a load shot deep inside her then another. She says cream pie me baby shoot me with your semen. I pull out grabbing my cock shooting a load in the crack of her ass then a load on her back. She turned went to her knees and sucked me until I went limp.

We finished showering drying each other. Laughing having a great time. We went into the master suite and started to dress a bit. I pulled out my undershorts. She looked over hey those are the ones I bought you those last Christmas still in the bag. She took the undershorts and opened the bag. I want to see you in the read ones. I always wanted to see you in those. I put on a t-shirt that was my dress for the day. I picked out a pair of black bikini panties for her and she wore the apron I had bought her. We hugged and kissed passionately. Breaking off she goes you hungry. You want me to make sandwiches or what. I go nope let’s order in. …chapter 3 coming soon

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