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The Neighbor Girls

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I had watched my neighbors twin girls grow up over the years. Their dad a 6’5″ white man and their mother a beautiful Asian woman. I had watched them when the parents were out of town many a time. They loved the pool and just to hang out in my “man cave”.

They just turned 17 and were going to graduate this year. Both studious type of students and members of the local swim team. You know the slender V shape of a female swimmer. The girls breasts weren’t the biggest but nice 32 or 34 and long slender legs. Dark black long hair. Their Asian skin was so beautiful and firm. They were about 5’9″ and wearing those Speedo type suits made them out of this world. I had taken them to their swimming classes for years. Watched them grow into lovely young ladies. Have to admit my old cock would get aroused and thoughts in my head were about them.

They never really had time or interest in boys. Until recently they would come over and started asking me questions. Yes they new about sex from classes and what their parents had told them. They even told me they had seen their parents have sex a couple of times hiding in the closet. Once when they were a few years younger had sex with their boyfriends but really didn’t enjoy it just seemed so yucky.

Their mom had taken them to the doctor and put them on birth control since they were 16. They have a shot every 3 months. I go wow a little too much information. They laughed then told me when they would spend over nights with me when their parents were out of town they saw my penis a few times. When I said when? Well we would hide under your bed and watch you come out of the shower your face would be covered by a towel and your penis was hanging down between your legs. Astrid goes it was so long and fat. Both girls started giggling. They headed out to the pool.

I decided to go swimming as well I put on my swim trunks and got in the pool with them. As soon as I jumped in they both headed towards me laughing and whispering to each other. Astrid jumped on my back hugging my neck. Ariana went under water and pulled down my trunks then grabbed my cock. Coming up out of the water with a big smile on her face and her hand clinched around my cock. Astrid jumped off my back standing beside me started kissing my neck running her hands down my chest and grabbing my cock as well. I picked them up and threw them in the water. My 10″ cock was raging and hard as a rock. I threw my swim trunks out of the water and went chasing them they got out of the pool and ran inside.

I came in they went running into the “man Cave” teasing me to their fullest. Both of them wrapped there arms and legs around me. Kissing me and stroking my cock. We fell onto the floor. Astrid got on top of me and Ariana took her suit off. The most beautiful breasts hairless pussy wet body I had ever seen. She dropped beside me kissing our tongues intertwin sucking passionately. Astrid took her suit off then began sucking my nipple kissing my chest stroking my cock. Both girls kissed me down my chest then both began licking my shaft.

I had Ariana lift her legs over my face bringing her hot pussy down. She was wet my tongue licked her clit all the way to her button hole. She screeched never having this done before. She squirmed her hips harder down on my face. Sucking her clit and slipping a finger began rubbing her pussy. I slipped a finger in and it took her to another level. Her hips began humping my face and finger fast.

Astrid took the head of my cock and began licking the precum then she sucked the very tip her tongue parting the slit. Then it happened she opened her mouth wide and took the head and began bobbing up and down. She positioned her body toward my side I reached over rubbing her pussy with my opened had wildly.

Ariana lifted up on her knees and started grinding my face harder. She was having a massive orgasm screeching my tongue fucking her sweet pussy faster and faster. Astrid straddled my groin and guided my cock into her like virgin hole. Her pussy was soaking wet precum oozing from my cock. The head touched her tight hole she screamed and kept working her hips down on the long thick shaft. She worked it and slowly she had taken the head screeching and slowly taking more of the shaft inside her wet tight hole.

Ariana grabbed her arms around her sister they began kissing passionately Astrid taking her sister’s tit in her hand began rubbing her nipple. Astrid took more of my cock inside her then stopped. Settling down she began hopping up and down her head went back she was moaning and screaming. Ole’ Luke she screamed fuck me I love this.

Ariana went beside Astrid and began sucking her nipple and reaching down playing with Astrid’s clit. She felt my cock expand then a string of cum shot deep into her cavity. Stream after stream shot she was grinding my cock. Ariana got between my legs and sucked my balls I was going crazy the girls soon became exhausted Astrid falling on my chest my cock still inside her. She looked at me Luke I’ve been wanting you for a long time. Ariana got up on her knees looking down in my face. We aren’t finished Luke.

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