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Camping with my little sister 2

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I continue to fuck my 14 yr old sister during and after our camping trip

Although I was forced to bring my little sister on a camping trip with my girlfriend and her family, it all worked out in the end. I didn’t have a chance to fuck my girlfriend. But, I fucked my sister’s 14 year old pussy twice in the tent we shared last night. No one heard us and, the next day, everyone was normal. Except for me. All I could think of was fucking her again.

I had to hide my cock from everyone all day. Watching my little sister inhale a hotdog at lunch made me hard as a rock. The only thing on my mind as I watched her mouth open wide was making her swallow me whole. I was hypnotized by the way my sister’s cheeks hollowed out as she greedily sucked on a juice box.

As it started to get dark, my sister said she was scared to go and pee by herself. I took the opportunity to go with her and ‘keep her safe’. As soon as we were far enough away I pushed her back against a tree. I pushed her down to a squatting position and pulled my cock out. “Suck it,” I ordered. My sister slowly put her tiny tongue to my tip and started to lick it like it gently. I had no time to be amused at her inexperience. I needed to cum quick and get us back to the campsite.

I started to give instructions. “Twirl your tongue around the tip,” and “lick up and down the sides.” Afterwards, my cock was nice and wet. “Put as much of it as you can in your mouth,” I said. I grew impatient and finally pinched her nose to push all of myself into her tiny throat. It felt incredible. I pulled up my shirt so I could watch my fat cock disappear in her mouth. She looked up at me with such innocent, watery eyes. The back of her head was pushed against the tree with each thrust. I ignored the gagging noises and fucked her mouth hard and fast. We walked back to the tents with my sister still swallowing the last of my cum.

That night, back in the tent, I lay there quietly just listening to ensure everyone else was asleep. “Are you awake?” I turned to see my sister on all fours looking down at me. I could see all the way down her shirt to her hard nipples through her loose neckline. I knew she was ready for me to fuck her.

I pulled off our clothes. I didn’t want my mom to find all her clothes covered in cum. I knew I was taking a big risk with us both being fully naked but I was too horny to care. When I sat up, my sister jumped into my arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and her legs around my waist. Her stiff nipples grazed my chest.

I held her tightly to me with one arm and started rubbing her clit with my other hand to get her wet. After a couple of minutes, I quickly slipped a finger in her ass and then another. She jerked her hips in surprise, and started grinding her wet pussy against my cock. It felt great. This little girl was a real ass slut. Her little body just shook uncontrollably against me. When we get home, I’m going to fuck her ass the first chance I get.

I spread her ass cheeks and brought her pussy down on my cock. She was so lightweight, I just kept on lifting her ass and dropping her down on me. I fucked her like that until I came. I didn’t try to pull out. She felt too good. We lay in our shared sleeping bag with me curled up behind her with my hands slowly caressing her tits and stomach. I whispered in her ear all the things I would do to her at home. I also asked her to invite her little friend who lives next door for a sleepover.

When we arrived home, my parents didn’t notice anything different between me and my sister. They never saw me slap her ass, or tweak her little tits. I spent most of my time with my girlfriend. But at night, I went to my sister’s room with lube in hand.

The first time, my parents were not home. I went into her room and pulled her panties down. She smiled and spread her legs for me. I just flipped her on her ass and lubed her up. She arched her back off of the bed and tried to reach back to stop me. I continued to slide my fingers in and out.

She cried and screamed when I first pushed inside her. I was amazed at the sight of my cock pushing into her small little ass. I went deeper with each thrust, her ass clenched and relaxed as I pulled away. It still felt as if she was pulling me back into her. The way she squirmed underneath me, the warmth and tightness of her ass, it almost made my eyes roll back in my head.

I came so hard. I laid on top of her as my cock throbbed inside her ass. As I pulled off, I could see the huge load dripping out, sliding over her pussy, onto her pink and blue sheets. My chest was heaving. My sister just lay there twitching.

My little sister was now my little toy. Whatever my girlfriend wouldn’t do, she did. I never told anyone. She told her best friend but I fucked her too.

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  • Reply Straight8 ID:3wct81fia

    Oh how I wish I had had a sister. I was such a horny young fucker she would have got my cum every night.

  • Reply Bro ID:duxviuxib

    took my sister while camping, it was a boy scout/girl guide week long camp, mom insisted we share a tent, it didn’t go down well with the leaders, but we couldn’t change things when we got to camp. we had our own sleeping bags, but there wasn’t a lot of space between us, in the night Chloe gave me nudge saying she was cold, we zipped our bags together and cuddled, holding her close i soon go hrd, she knew what was what and we went to slep after a nice fuck.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7hl

    Nice going, I would of loved to plow my older sisters beach ball ass..

  • Reply A. ID:1dvgz9nkj2gk

    Did you breed them