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How me and my bestfriend had sex with her father

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This took place last year when my bestfriend ayesha invited me to her home and well…both of us got own and dirty for her dad while her mom was away

It was saturday when it all happened.My bestfriend ayesha invited me to her house for a school project which was due tomorrow.She was 17 years old and have a beautiful curved body.She was my bestfriend of 5years and I was really close with her family.Her family was a religious Muslim family just like mine and anyways back to the story……

When I reached her house,her mom was the first one to open the door and greeted me inside.She told me that she had and urgent work outside and would be gone for two days straight and then she left.
The only one left now was me,ayesha and her dad.

Like always we were focusing on our work as it was important for the final exam as we were in 12th.
We had snack that her mom left for us in the kitchen.Her dad was sitting in sofa tapping away on her phone.
It was 4:00pm when our work got completed.Her dad insisted that I eat something before going home as both my mom and dad had gone to my mom’s cousin.He was kind enough to serve me food even though i insisted.After the food her dad called her as she had something important to talk to her.She told me to wait for her as she told me to watch something on the TV.
It took an hour for her to talk to her dad.I eventually got bored and decided to go to her room to call her.

When I got close,I started hearing some strange noises coming from her room.I cautiously walked toward her room when the noises started getting louder.I slowly opened the door and the scene infront of me shocked me
Ayesha was down on her knees while her dad used her throat to fuck his dick.She had her eyes rolled to the back of her head as spit and cum dripped down her swollen lips.I took a moment to process what was happening inside the room and the more I watched the more I stated to get horny.I was still a virgin and was depraved most of the time.I slowly pulled my skirt up as I started to finger my self while watch what was going on.Her dad kept on dirt talking calling her a slut and a whole as she moaned while staring up at him with hazy eyes.I was close to orgasming when her pushed her face all the way down to the base as he came deep inside her throat,she smiled at him sweetly after that and she turned her towards me still smiling.She got up opened the door widely and invited me inside. She told me that she knew that I was watching her the entire time and she wanted me to have sex with her dad.

I was still a virgin back then and didn’t know much about sex itself but I was willing to have sex with her dad.Her dad came towards both of us took our hand and us to his room.He told ayesha to prepare me while he went somewhere.Ayesha undressed me and started prepping my virgin cunt by shoving three fingers inside of me.It hurted at first but it felt good after.After her dad came back ,she spread my legs for him as he watched me,slowly pumping his cock.He was thick and precum oozed out of the tip.He crawled on top of me,using a my arousal as lube and just liked that he slowly pushed it in.

It hurted like a bitch and I knew my hymn tore as I saw blood leaking down a bit,without any warning he started to thrust inside my pussy trying to shove his entire cock inside as I kept crying from pain and pleasure.He never stopped.He kept on going over and over again.The slap of his skin against mine created a lewd noise which filled the room and I kept begging him to slow down.I looked to the side to watch ayesha fucking herself with a dildo as she watched her own dad plung his cock inside my sore pussy.She got up slowly behind her dad pushing him form the back as she told him to fuck me even harder and that’s what he did.He lifted both my legs over my shoulders and started to fuck me even harder.My legs started to shake so hard and body completely powerless from folded in half .I couldn’t think straight anymore as I came with a cry on his cock but he kept fucking even though I told him to stop.After three powerfully orgasms later he came deep in my swollen pussy.I couldn’t get up from the whiplash of what happened and just laid there
I watched as pushed ayesha on the bed folding her in half the same way he did to me as her entered her raw.He kept fucking her as she kept on calling him over and over again.The entire sight of it turned me on again as is slowly started to finger myself as more of his cum oozed out of me.He kept on fucking her till he cam inside her and when I thought he was done walked toward me and lowered him self on the bed and he took me again……

I had passed out after my 4th round and when I woke up he still was going on.When I check the Time it was already late.I slowly got up from his bed without him knowing as he was still fucking ayesha. I quickly put on my cloths and the last I saw was ayesha’s passed out body as her dad continued to ram inside her like an animal he is.I left after that.

When I got home I quickly removed my self and examined my pussy infront of the full body mirror.Cum and piss dripped out of my pussy in fat droplets,plopping down on the tile beneath me.I was full of his hot cum,it fell so warm as it swished inside of me .sticking my fingers inside it came out slimy and white and I loved every second of it.
Maybe…just Maybe I decided go back to her home
Whenever I was craving for her dad’s cock

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    Post more of your hijab wearing friends

  • Reply JimJam ID:21cbnnot0i

    Have someone for whom English is a first language, read and correct your grammar ans spelling!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifib

    I am so sorry you decided to be a Muslim . Our ex president is a sick Muslim lover that sold out our country and should put in front of a firing squad. Believing in any religions is a joke at best used to control the masses as was money 6,000 years ago during the Sumerian time. SOOOO fucking stupid.

    Aside from that, your story Lili was pretty darn good more so then most foreign posters which were a complete flop from the language barrier.
    I was slightly excited but then again you could of added more description in the sexual acts to draw the reader into the story more. Please read 4.5 to 5 star and above and you will see what i mean. I do like your story and hope you post more slutty times of your life adventures. I am looking forward to more with your newly found techniques and applying it to part 2 or other stories.
    Please keep those orgasms flowing as does your pen and paper. We need more slutty writers here on Sex stories.