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My boss blackmailed my wife for sex – But we got even

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One day I came home and found Vicki, my twenty-eight-year-old wife of five years, on the couch, crying her eyes out, dressed only in her panties. I hurried over to her and held her in my arms. “What’s wrong, Honey?”

I could hardly understand her, because she was crying and trying to talk at the same time. “I have to tell you what has been happening, but I’m afraid that you will hate me.”

“Nothing can be that bad. Tell me what it is.”

“For you to understand, I need to start a long time ago.” Then she uncontrollable cried for another thirty seconds while I held her. “My birth name was Elizabeth Victoria Wilson. When I was fifteen, a friend came by with his girlfriend. They picked me up and we went for a ride. The police stopped us. It turned out that he had stolen the car to go for a joyride. He got a year in jail and his girlfriend, and I spent ninety days in juvie. When I was eighteen and moved out of home, I changed my name. I dropped my first name and became Victoria Wilson. People called me Vicki. I met you and fell in love with you, but I never told you.”

“What does that have to do with now?”

“Three months ago, Mr. Haroldson called me and told me to come to his office at two. I said that we would be there, but he said that it needed to be just me.”

Mr. Haroldson is the married fifty-year-old, overweight, balding CEO of the company I work for. His first mane is Ralph.

“I got there, and he told me to sit down. Then he said that they were thinking about giving you a big promotion, so he was doing some research on your background and mine. He showed me an old newspaper clip of me being convicted of car theft. I explained what had happened, but he said that if it got out, my and your reputation would be really damaged, and you would be fired. He said that, so far he was the only one that knew about what he had found and that he could keep it quiet if I co-operated. I asked him what he wanted me to do, and he told me to first come around his desk and suck his cock. I got pissed and started to walk out and tell you what he was doing. Before I got out of the office, he asked me how I would face everyone when they found out about my past. I stopped and thought about our future. After a minute, I turned around and walked to his desk. As I went around it, I saw that he already had his cock in his hand, stroking it. I did it. I sucked him till he came down my throat. He said that if he found out that I told you, you would be fired and blackballed. He told me to come back the next day so he could give me a good fucking.”

“Oh my God. Why didn’t you tell me. We could have found some way to take care of it.”

“I didn’t dare. I was scared. I couldn’t take the chance of what he might do. I went to him the next day. I cried and begged him not to rape me, but he bent me over his desk and fucked me hard, till he came deep in me. Then he had me suck him clean. At lease I am on the pill, because he didn’t use a condom. Then he said that now he had a second reason why I should do just as he says, because now he has a video of me cheating on you.”

“Did you see him again?”

“Yes. I’ve been with him a couple times a week from then till now. Sometimes it is at a motel or in his office or even here at our home. The first couple of times, I cried and begged him not to do it. The next couple of times, I just laid there and didn’t react as he did what he wanted. The fifth time was the first time he came here. That time he brought me to an orgasm, a good one, even though I tried not to come. I hate to admit it but I started enjoying it and looking forward to our time together. His cock is not as long as yours, but it is thicker, and he is really good using it. I’m sorry, Honey.”

I was upset, but I could feel myself getting hard. I told her to tell me more. Vicki cried some more.

“Today it was something different. The doorbell rang, and I opened the door. I was dressed in my pink teddy, like he had told me to be. It wasn’t Ralph. It was some man that I had never seen before. He stepped in and pushed the door shut. He said that Mr. Haroldson told him to come see me as a bonus for signing a very large contract with the company. He said that you will make me very happy. Then he grabbed me. Before I could do anything, he had pulled off my teddy and gotten out of his clothes. I didn’t dare fight him, because of the things Ralph had, about me. He was here for two hours, and he fucked all of my holes and came in all of them. He came in my pussy twice. He only finished and left a few minutes ago. I don’t want to be the company whore. I want it to stop. Help me, Don.”

It was not that I didn’t believe Vicki, but I slipped my hand inside her panties and, yes, she was covered with slimy cum that was dripping out of her cunt and asshole.

“I’m not sure what to do, but I’ll come up with something. We’ll get out of this. I hate to say it, but in the meantime, I think you have to keep seeing him. We can’t let him find out that anything has gone bad with his plan.”

“You mean I should keep letting him fuck me? What if he sends more strangers over to fuck me.?”

“I don’t see any option. Do you? I was sure I saw just a little smile on her face. I took her hand and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

“We haven’t even had supper yet.”

“I don’t care. I want us to go to bed.”

“At least let me go to the bathroom and clean up.”

“No. I want you just the way you are.” I led her to our bed and almost threw her on it. I could see that there was a wet spot in the middle of the bed. I quickly got undressed and got between her legs. It was amazing, how easily I slipped into her cum filled cunt. It was a strange feeling. I had never fucked an already used pussy before. I pounded her hard and fast and came very quickly. Vicki spun around and sucked me clean. Then she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself. Finally, we went and had supper. We both remained naked and fucked again at bedtime.

It took me two weeks to come up with a plan and find someone who could make it happen. What I wanted was illegal, so I had to be very careful talking about it.

I finally found a rough looking guy who said he could arrange anything except murder, for a price. He told me just to call him A, for the arranger. I told him what I wanted, and he said he could arrange it. I told A that I wanted him to get three or four Blacks to break into someone’s home and rape his wife in front of him. I wanted the whole thing to be recorded.

The price was going to be three thousand dollars. I thought about it. Ralph would probably fuck Vicki more times till my plan happened. I decided that it was worth the price and letting my boss fuck my wife more times.

The next day, I met him again. I had a photo on my phone of Ralph and Sally, that I showed him. She was a tall, slim twenty-four-year-old who was a former beauty queen. Sally was his third wife, and his trophy wife. He was in a black suit, and she was in a fancy silver dinner dress. Her beautician cared for brown hair hung over her shoulders and down onto her breasts, further framing her much exposed cleavage. With her heels, she was about four inches taller than Ralph. He had met her when he was judging the contest she was in, and she gave him a blowjob to be sure he voted for her. They had been married two years. After they were married and she now had money and status, she became very stuck up and self-important.

I gave him the address. The house was forty-three hundred square feet with a gym and an indoor pool. It was on two wooded acres in an up-scale neighborhood on the outskirts of Atlanta.

“My boys are really going to enjoy this job. I’ll set it up for next Saturday evening and let you know when it is done.” I gave him half and agreed to give him the other half when the job was done. I’ll set it up for next Saturday evening and let you know when it is done.”

That was almost a week away. I knew that Vicki was going to get at least one more fucking from Ralph before then, but it was worth it to get this scum bag.

He came to our house on Tuesday, while I was working. Saturday, at about ten in the morning, Ralph called and told Vicki to come to his office at one. When she got home, a couple hours later, she told me that he and two other men his age had fucked her and had her suck them off. She was in a pretty happy mood. She took me to our bed and rode me like a cowgirl on a galloping horse. She had a strong orgasm. When we finished, my pubic hair was just soaked with cum from having been fucked by four men. Vicki licked my cock and pubic hair till there was none left. I was getting worried that she might be enjoying her ordeal, too much.

At ten on Saturday night, Ralph and Sally were watching television when suddenly the kitchen door was opened by having a hole cut in the glass. Then a hand was able to reach in and unlock the door without setting off the alarm. Before Ralph could call 911, four men dressed in black and wearing black ski masks rushed in and grabbed them. You could tell from their hands, and thru the holes in their masks that they were all black men.

Quickly, both Ralph and Sally were forcefully stripped. Sally’s $500 blouse was ripped beyond repair. She struggled and screamed. “Ralph, help me. Get these niggers off of me.” As soon as she said that, her face was slapped hard and she was told that if she ever used that word again, she would be picking her teeth up off the floor. With a shocked look on her face and a bright red cheek, from the slap, she stood there quietly.

Ralph, naked, was sat on a dining room chair with his hands and feet duck taped. One man held Sally with her arms behind her, causing her tits to stick nicely out. As the three undressed, they took turns grabbing her breasts and rubbing her pussy. One bent down and bit her nipple till she cried out from the pain. They laughed. One of the ones who was naked, took the place of the one holding her so he could also undress. Finally, they were all naked except for the masks.

Now all four intruders were naked. They were all large, well-built black men. They all had big cocks, not the foot long monsters that you see in porn movies, but big. They were all considerably bigger than Ralph’s average sized equipment.

Sally was pushed to her knees in front of one of the men, and she was told to suck his cock. When she didn’t open her mouth, he put his thumb and one finger on either side of her jaw and squeezed till her mouth opened. He pushed forward. Her mouth was pried wide to get him in. “If you bite me, I’ll knock you unconscious.”

Ralph started to complain, but he was slapped like Sally had been. “Keep your fucking mouth shut, or I will find a baseball bat and shove it up your ass till you think it is going to come out your mouth.” Ralph was quiet.

He held her head and thrust his prick into her throat. Sally had never had a cock in her throat. She gagged but nothing could come up because her throat was plugged by his cock. He pulled back and then thrust again. He fucked her throat like it was a cunt. After gagging several more times, her throat accepted the fucking without further reaction and her stomach settled.

After some time, he pulled her tight to him, so her nose was buried in his pubic hair and his balls were pressed against her chin. She felt his ball sack tighten and his cock swell with each shot of his cum that shot straight down her throat. He held her there for so long that Sally thought she was going to suffocate. She pushed on his hips and pounded on his thighs. Finally, he pulled out. Sally collapsed to the floor, gasping for air.

Before she could even partly recover, the next guy turned her on her back, got between her legs and rammed himself full depth into Sally’s cunt. It was like nothing she had ever felt because of its length and thickness. Even her favorite dildo was not that big. She let out a loud gasp. He lasted a long time. Before he came, she had a second cock in her mouth. Finally, the cock in her cunt came. He growled and slammed deep in Sally. She felt her inside being filled with warm, wet, black man’s cock juice. She was happy that she was on the pill. Seconds later the cock in her mouth reached its point of no return. It was pulled out and cum was spewed all over her face and in her hair. He took his fingers and pushed much of it into her mouth.

She didn’t get any rest. Her cunt was quickly filled by the next guy. The first one was brought to her face to be sucked clean. Sally was not co-operating, but she had quit fighting. After maybe five minutes, she felt the feeling that she did not want to feel. She knew she was building to an orgasm. She fought the feeling, but her body over-controlled her mind and she screamed as she came harder than she had ever come. “YESSS, Oh fuck yes. I’m fuckin’ cumming. Fuck me !!!” She almost passed out from the intense feeling. He came in her at the same time.

They let her rest for just a couple minutes. She was put on her hands and knees, facing her husband. “Look, he’s hard as a rock. He loves watching us fuck you with our black cocks. Go over there and suck his cock, but do not make him come.” Sally was pushed forward. She opened her mouth and took Ralph in. She bobbed her head up and down on him and he thrust up into her mouth. Then she was pulled away from him.

“No, don’t stop. I was almost there.” His pleading only made the men laugh.

One man laid on his back and Sally was made to sit down on his cock. Then she was pulled down, so her tits were on his chest and a second cock was brought to her mouth. She willingly opened her mouth. Then a third cock pressed against her asshole. He pressed hard and opened her up enough to get his cockhead past her anal ring. Then he shoved himself full depth into her rectum. Sally screamed from the pain, but as she did, her throat was again filled with cock. All three men started fucking her holes. After a minute, the pain went away, but she felt like she had to shit out the world’s biggest turd. Soon pain was replaced with pleasure. She was making moaning sounds that were obviously pleasurable as all three of her holes were being deeply fucked. Sally had another orgasm. It was the third or fourth one so far. They kept at it till all three cocks were drained. All the time, a cell phone was kept recording by whoever was not actively fucking Sally.

“OK Slut, we have one more thing before we leave, and it is something you are really going to enjoy.” Ralph was untied and put on the floor, on his back. His erection was pointing straight at the ceiling and pre-cum was dripping from it. Sally was put on her knees, with her cum filled, and covered, cunt and asshole above his face. “Eat her out till there’s not a drop of our black cum left and she has another orgasm. If you don’t do it right, I’m going to kick you in the balls like I was going to make a fifty-yard field-goal.”

Sally grabbed Ralph by the hair, lowered herself firmly onto his face and started rubbing her cunt and asshole back and forth. Ralph feared getting kicked in the balls, so he licked and sucked and swallowed large amounts of the intruders cum. The men had dressed and were waiting by the door till Sally screamed out with one more orgasm. The camera was put away and the men left. Sally kept rubbing herself on her husband’s face for another minute as she calmed down. Then she turned around and took pity on Ralph. She bent down and sucked his cock till he got his relief. It only took about thirty seconds.

A little after midnight, the phone rang. “This is A. Your job is completed. Meet me at the same place tomorrow at two. Give me the rest of the money and I will give you the video.”

I did.

After Vicki and I watched the video, I forwarded a copy of it to Ralph along with a message telling him that if he ever forced himself on another woman, it would be made public.

Two things happened a couple weeks later. Someone told me that Sally had started going out at night and going to black bars in the bad parts of Atlanta. The other was that Vicki, sweetly asked me if I would enjoy inviting a couple other guys over to spend a pleasurable evening with us. I had long hoped that I could get her into swinging, so I quickly agreed to do it.

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    The second picture and the last two just brought back two different memories that I went through a few years back ! The second one reminds me when I was at my private yoga class and the young male instructor banged me over the large exercise ball ! we had an affair for three months until his young wife found out and the last two was when I was at a house party with two of my girlfriends and the three of us got spit roasted and double penetrated , ever since that night I was hooked on BBC !! Britney (The Queen Of Spades)

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      Britney, The few times I have had a chance to be part of a spitroasting, I really enjoyed it, both being the front or the back person.

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