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My 11 year old daughter

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Dad and 10 year daughter…family orgy, pissing, shitting and cumming.

My daughter Morgan is very cute…blonr hair snd blue eyes. She walked in on me jerking my cock in the shower.. .she didn’t knick but hrard my grunts. She asked to touch my throbbing cock and I let her. She instinctively started rubbing it with both hands around my 8 inch, well veined thick meat.
She said she’d seen me stick it in Mommy’s asshole and peehole while Mommy moaned and peed all over it. This made me shoot 6 ropes of thick cum, one after the other in my chin stomach and her face. Morgan asked if she could clean me up like Mommy does. I said yes baby and she started lapping up the cum greedily. She then asked if it was OK if I made her moan and pee like Mommy. I instantly became hard as a rick again.

After we went into my bedroom, sge stripped and layed in the bed, spread eagle. I pushed her legs over her head and stuck my tongue all the way in her sweet tasting asshole and wriggled it up near her sphincter. After a minute, she started rubbing her tiny virgin pussy and giggled and moaned, automatically pumping her asshole against my hungry tongue. The first anal orgasm if a 10 year girl is amazing…she started pumping and grunting and shaking as she spurted a stream of piss all over her pussy and my face! I immediately starting tongue fucking and gently finger fucking her. She begged Daddy to put more fingers in. As I did her rock hard little clit became erect, very big for a little girl. Her Mom walked in and didn’t say a word; she just stripped and squatted on Morgan’s face, rubbing her dripping pussy on our daughters mouth, then just let out a beautifully control, long piss raining down on Morgans face. Morgan loved it and asked if Daddy could stick his penis inside her pee hole. Mommy said yes! My thick, cut cockhead was already at the opening! Kathy, my wife was clit licking her from the top and pulling Morgan’s virgin pussy open for cock. As the slid in, she started whimpering in pain. I slowly went all the way in a rested while she cried. Then she started pumping her little hips, encouraging me to pump too. She said, “Daddy, make me pee and grunt like you do with Mommy. I started pumping slowly, coaxing her popped cherry to stick on my cock, and once she bles her cherry out I started fucking my 10 year daughter so hard, my huge balls were slapping loudly off her tiny ass and greedy little asshole. She began moaning and convulsing, and suddenly started pissing like a flood of yellow river water. I immediately blew 4 thick, hot ropes of cum on her wet and pulsing little pussing. She moaned and began gushing more urine on my cock and the bed. Kathy squatted on Morgan’s face and Morgan’s tongue immediately went in her asshole. Kathy’s moaning brought our 12 year son into the bedroom, he’d been watching it all and jerking his thick, 6 inch cock but obviously hadn’t come yet. I invited him to stick it in my mouth and he eagerly obeyed.
Eddy started humping my face and moaning…then he blew 7 ropes into my throat. Sweet tasting youth cum! My son’s cum! Kathy immediately commanded Eddy to stick his ass in her face and started reeming him to his extreme delight. She started finger his ass, begging him to shit…he started pumping and grunting in synch with Kathy’s grinding on Morgans face while she moaned like a whore. Morgan asked Mommy to shit too…with loud moans, Kathy shit on Morgan’s tiny tits and Eddy shit on the bed as pre cum again dripped from his 12 year old cock….
to be continued….

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