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Foster Father Having Fun With Kids

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I am 37M and I have 14 foster kids of various ages, genders, and ethnicities. People in my community often praise me for being so caring and giving these kids a new home under excellent circumstances: I am fairly wealthy, would consider myself quite attractive, and homeschool my children. The only thing that people frequently criticize about me is that I am still not married. I usually tell them I haven’t met the right one yet or don’t intend to get married really but that’s not the real reason.

The real reason is that I don’t like women. Or at least not adult women. Same goes for men: although I am bisexual and would gladly fuck anything that has got a hole, I just can’t get hard to grown men either. The only thing that gets me horny are kids under the age of 18. The younger, the better.

Having foster kids is kinda ideal for that. Nobody cares about foster kids. As long as you keep them under your roof until they are 18 and they stay alive, people will praise you even if you throw them out right after they reach adulthood. It’s not like adoption where you are tied to them forever. Once they’re 18, nobody even checks if they’re still living with you or if you have already sold off the expired goods to some old sleezers who enjoy used pussy and ass. I will frequently take new kids into my home and nobody suspects a thing.

There are various rules I have for my kids:
1) No clothes in the home.
2) Pussy and asshole need to be filled with a sex toy at all times so they’re ready to go and fully stretched out when I wanna dig in. Boys also need to wear a cock ring or insert a rod into their urethra.
3) No leaving the basement while I’m not home. I will lock them in there before I leave and when I’m back, I expect them to not have tried to escape, which they haven’t so far.
4) No eating food or drinking beverages that I have not cum on/in before.
5) They need to be available and ready for sex at all times and are not allowed to refuse. I am allowed to do whatever I want to them, even if they hate it or are in pain.
6) No condoms or abortions allowed.

Additionally, I will give them a small dose of drugs every day. This is to keep them complacent but also so that if they somehow escape, people won’t believe them because they’re on drugs. I always make sure to properly clean them up after using them too so that no evidence of the rape is left.

But my tiny sex slaves are just too cute. I love doing all kinds of things to them and seeing how they will find pleasure in it although they are crying and screaming in pain. They’re all secretly huge cocksluts and I love it.

The first thing I teach every kid is regular sex: vaginal and anal for the girls, only anal for the boys. Then, I will teach them how to give blowjobs until they can deepthroat my cock with ease. I will then train them until they’re so sensitive that they can cum from me only playing with their nipples and sucking them. Once they have reached that level of sensitivity, I will pierce their nipples as a reward.

I will cum inside them each time without fail. I hate how condoms feel and I just think kids should be inseminated as young as possible. If they get pregnant, I have lots of pedo doctor friends who will help me deliver the babies in the basement in exchange for a small fee of getting a taste of some of the children there. This way, I have secretly expanded my family over the years and created new incest fuckholes. These kids live in my basement undocumented and aside from my current 13 foster kids, I also have 7 biological ones now.

But I like to make my kids do a variety of stuff. I will take them on trips to local farms, which I will completely rent out, and let them have fun with the animals. I love watching their tiny hands wrap around huge horse cocks or hearing the screams they let out when they get fucked by a pig the first time. We have 5 dogs at home that they get to play with every day but those other animals are a true treat to them. I love to see them get knotted by dogs and fucked relentlessly by them as well though.

I am extremely into scat and piss as well. I love giving them cum enemas until they shit all over the floor, themselves, and each other and then make them eat the feces from their cute underdeveloped bodies. If they’ve been naughty, I will also gag and bind them and give them electroshocks until they piss all over and make the others gather around to catch the piss with their mouths and drink it.

One of my foster kids also once gave birth to a pair of twins and when they reached a breedable age, I made the male twin fuck his sister nonstop until she got pregnant. There’s a level of sexiness that can only be achieved through twincest and I am currently waiting for their kid to be born, there’s only two weeks left now.

Something that I like to do with the boys especially is take them on walks. I will put a leash around their neck, make them wear dog ears, and put a dog tail butt plug in their asses and make them walk around the forest naked. I know where the pedos and sex offenders gather, so I will remind them of their place as little sex puppies by gangbanging them in the forest while their petite bodies are shivering in the cold. I will only stop once they’ve been fucked so long that they’ve been unconscious for a while now.

Sometimes people will also ask to meet one or two of my foster kids. That’s the only time I will allow them to wear clothes but even then, they’re not free from grasp: they are never allowed to leave my side for even a second, even if they need to go to the bathroom. They will have a few vibrators in each hole and whenever they say something I don’t like, I will up the strength of the vibration until they squirt and cum inside their panties like little horny sluts. Once we’re back in the car, I will fuck them senseless with the vibrators still inside them.

Those are just some of the things I do with my foster kids and I can honestly recommend this to anyone who wants to have some sex slaves. If you have any more questions about my kids, I will answer them for you.

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    We should speak. Email me [email protected]

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    Fabulous stuff! What a great man you are!!

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    What a great hot story. This makes my pedo cock hard thinking about kids. Can I legally join your kid club.

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    Can I join you? I love little kids!!

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    we know where you are we are coming to rescue those defenseless kids and then your life will be stripped of this earth you worthless sack of shit

    • No_Mercy ID:7ylren4qrc

      Reply to this within a week. I will be doxing this man and hunting him down. If you would like to join in hunting this sick fucking human down let me know. I’m more than open to companions who want to beat useless, sick, depraved fucks like this to death, or close to. Thank you.

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      Nothing you can do bud, i fuck the living hell out of my 9 year old daughter, every day, fuck her hard

    • Janette ID:1e42llfmxpen

      Join me

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    I hope someone does this to you. Not to your liking tho i hope it hurts and you cry and they lock you in a basment you sick fuck

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    No thanks dude you is sick

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    Please seek therapy

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      Cmon he made this shit up

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    Do you recored you fucking them

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    See a doctor please this is fucking disgusting

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    Very nice, how young do you start to breed them?

    • Mommydearest ID:1coxx67joib

      Hopefully as soon as they open their eyes

  • Reply Rescue randy ID:7ylren9m9k

    If this is real you are not sick you are just fucking psychopath there help 4 sickos like you you need to rot in hell if this is not real you don’t need to put shit on here like that

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