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Master, Bait, and Switch

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That’s three different roles… #MMF #Exhibition #Voyeur #Amateur #Porn

I looked up, and smiled for the cameraphone, around his dick. He took the pic, and held it up to his ear.

“Uh huh,” He backed up.

“Smpuip!” So, it slipped out, and popped up, glistening tantalizingly in front of me. “You want to just watch, or cum over and play?” He stepped aside, so I could see out the patio door, across the balcony, to the neighbor in the next building.

He nodded, “Rape. She likes to play rape, don’t you sweethard?” He slapped me, gently, but I turned my head right after it made a loud smack. Hard enough for my hair to swing over my shoulders, and my tits jiggle in my bra.

Mark, our mark put down the binoculars, and went in his apartment. Took one look back, pulling the patio door, and slowly disappeared behind the reflection of our building. “Huhah!” He laughed, “You want the front or the back?” He nodded, the pressure already going down, so his cock stood straight out, instead of pointing up. Slowly drooping to hang over his cleanshaven balls. “You always wanted to try anal, right?”

It’s not to look like a little boy, but it’s Evidence Denial. He can’t leave any pubic hairs on the victim’s body, for the crime lab to test, if he doesn’t have any. Not a hair on him, below the eyelashes. Not even a trendy #2 stubble beard. As fresh faced, and clean shaven as a porn star.

I’m not the star, He is. It’s His point of view, His fantasy, and i. i play along, because i like it, but it doesn’t take long for His mark to show up. The peeper, stalker, and he even had the manager move him to the empty apartment across from me. Once the family that lived there left, I remember her, and her husband.

She came out to bring him burgers, and chicken quarters from the kitchen, to grill. I hid behind the couch, my parents weren’t home. Until she turned, and went back in, so I could get back up, with my bra off. Taking it off while I was hiding behind the couch, but now I’m 18. I have the place to myself, since my parents retired, and ran off to live in an RV. My older brothers, and sisters away at college, but it didn’t take Mark long to run around the blocks.

The blocks of apartments, out his front door, down the stairs, then back up to knock on our door.

“Cum in.” He answered it, behind me.


“Come on, man. What do you even care about me having my dick out, when she’s half naked over there?” I resisted the urge to reach up. Feel the belt loop in the back of my jeans skirt. Pulled up over my hips, and cinched tight to give me a wasp waist.

“This what you want?” His mark came around, rubbing his crotch, and I took a deep breath. As deep as I could, with the belt so tight under my diaphragm, so I had to spread my ribs, raise my chest, and his eyes locked onto my full heaving bra.

“Yes, don’t tease me, get it out. I’ve already been teased enough.” He looked up.

“Don’t look at me, look at her.”

“You’re going to take pictures?”

“No, video, but you’re 18, right?”

“God, I’m so hungry for your cock. Why do you hide it like that? Don’t you want me to see it? Why do you think I sit around half naked all the time?”

“To see my cock?”

“I shouldn’t have to hire a man-whore to invite you over. ”

“Look at her, not my cock.”

“Not just see it, I want to suck it, and fuck you up the ass. You have no idea what dirty things I’ve always wanted to do to you,” but he was about to find out. The trick is to distract him, but he actually turned around to unzip his pants.

So, I shrugged, and reached up to my belt loop. Carefully popped the tack-stitch so it din’t rip too loudly, but I used a weak thread, and as little of it as possible. Just for this very reason.

“Huh, it get any bigger when it’s hard?”

“Dude, it’s hard enough with you standing there, with the camera.”

“I can get it hard. Put it in my mouth, I’ll suck it so hard. Huh!” He shrugged, and flopped it up, so the tip brushed my lips, and I could suck it in.

“Huh, I knew it. I always knew you’re a slut, but you want to get raped?”

“Mhm!” I didn’t talk with my mouth full, but multi-tasking, I also had to twist my own arm, feel for the keyhole, and get the tab through the little slot.

“HUH!” He laughed loudly, and raised his voice. “NOW YOU”RE GETTING INTO IT!” To cover the distinctive click of the handcuffs. I caught the swing arm, so the chain didn’t jingle, and honestly.

It didn’t matter how well I sucked his cock, he finally grabbed my head, and started face-fucking me.

“Urlguguk!” Throat punching with all 5 1/2 inches of his cock. It’s enough, I’m not a size queen, and I actually like it better if it isn’t a little too long to bump my nose, bottoming out in my throat. “Arlgagh!” Mouth wide ope, as wide as it will go, and my tongue straining to catch his balls swinging in for a lick, the spit running down, so his pubes get wet, and sticky with each stroke.

“Cum in her mouth, so she can swallow it. Swallow every last drop.” I nodded, now that it was too late to slip out.

“Uh!” He took one last poke at my throat, then pulled back to bump my nose with his thumb. Not too far, so I could concentrate on pushing it up with my tongue. With a practiced rhythm, in between each spurt. As if I was swallowing, but instead, that let it collect under my tongue, and I looked over. Out of the corner of my eye, when i caught Him.

Coming around from behind the chair. He’s hard again, and wrapped in a greasy shiny rubber.

“Snh, smuip!” I finally let it slip out, flaccid, and satisfied, but holding one of the cuffs by the trapezoid housing for the lock, I caught his wrist just as he let go, before he could step back.


“Uh, ow, man! Dude, you’re hurting me, let go!” He twisted his arm, “Get off me, faggot!”

My boyfriend isn’t gay. He’s not even bisexual, he’s a Top. Dominant, he’s not all that sadistic, but what he gets off on is the Power Trip, and there’s nothing to prove by overpowering another woman. Especially a cum a-dick-ted exhibitionist, but he doesn’t have to rape me.

He can play that role, well, but I don’t really want to be raped again. Knowing full well what happens to sluts, when they go out dressed like that, drinking under-age, and teasing too many boys at once.

Finally, He got his mark’s arms behind him. Bent over the back of the couch, his wrists together, and the other cuff locked with the distinctive ratcheting clicks.


“Huh!” I love that sound, but I swiveled the computer chair around, which ment that I couldn’t hold my knees together. I didn’t have to keep it down any longer, and mark. Poor creepy mark, he’s cute, but his problem is he lacks confidence. If he had just asked me out, instead of playing passive aggressive, it might have been him holding the camera. Cuffing our victim up, and and holding the back of his head, to yank his pants down, but I got down on my knees. The front of my denim skirt sticking up, unseen behind me, and He held his hands up by the chain.

“AUGH!” he struggled, yelping in pain, but not too hard to grab his pale butt cheeks. Pry them open with my thumbs, and take aim. Lowering my head just to let it roll under my teeth, and pushing it up with my tongue right behind my pursed lips.

“SPTOOH!” Right on his spasming virgin pucker.


Master (M Denouement)

Amazing what guys don’t notice, when there’s a pair of tits in the room. Or a naked dick, he kept looking at it, nervously. That’s why he couldn’t get it up, he’s afraid it’s gay to get head from another man’s girlfrien. Even when she’s begging for it, as long as I was in the room. Funny that that’s what he was afraid of, that I would be gay, or make him gay. Treat him the way he treats teenage girls.

I could have worn a mask, but honestly, he never looked me in the eye. Yeah, i kept the camcorder up, with the screen folded out, as a viewfinder. Why an old fashioned mini-cassette Cam-corder? Well, for one, that’s what I got started with, I like it, and all the controls that allow you to do things you can’t with even the latest smart phones. Camera apps, maybe with some editing software, but there’s another advantage to staying Old School:

You can’t hack a tape, from the outside. Yeah, if you have the tape, and I’m sure they can get the adapters to hack it in the crime lab, but I can hide a mini-cassette. They don’t have GPS, let alone a PCS digital radio to exchange data between every tower in range.

Evidence. it’s not a good idea to record your crimes in the first place, but if you’re gonna do it. Don’t be an idiot, and record it on something wirelesly connected to the internet, and the Cloud. That’s too many places for them to search, and all it takes is a Warrant to track you by your GPS.

I cracked her burn phone. Snapped it over the edge of the kitchen counter, and picked out the chip, to destroy completely. Once she had him under control.

“You like that, huh? You always wanted to try anal.”

“No, not like this!”

“Here,” I tossed her the dish gloves, and made a mental note to wipe off his ass. Whether anything came out.

“Come on, what’s wrong?”

He looked up, right at the camera, then he shook his head. “It’s gayah!” She got one glove on, and grabbed his hair.

“No, it’s not. Shut your stupid mouth, what’s wrong with you?” She came around. “Do I look like a dude to you? Dude, it’s gay. Dumbass.”

Metalhead. I remember old man Roberts yelling from the porch, when I went through my Metallica phase. Get a haircut, you damned hippy, you look like a girl!

“Well, if you don’t want to fuck it, suck it. Open wide,”

“No ahH!” She twisted his metalhead hair, to make him yelp in pain, but she already had the dong up, in her hand. “AUGHL!”

“Go ahead, and bite it. I can’t feel it, go on. try to bite it hard enough to keep it out of your throat.”

“AGH! GAH, KHAGH!” He managed to tear his head away, and I mean that, literally. She shook her ungloved hand, and dropped the hair she ripped out on the floor, then she grabbed his face. He gritted his teeth, sniveling, and sputtering, but held them locks, until she scratched his face. “NGZSH!”

“Well, if you won’t take it in the mouth,’ she let go, and went around.”

“No, don’t please don’t do this.” She checked her nails, before picking up the other glove. “Please don’t let her do this.”

He looked up at the camera, but I held it up, covering my face.

“Huh, are you kidding me? Look.” I held my cock down. So it wasn’t tucked up under my shirt, and pumped it. “Look at my cock, and how hard it is, watching my girlfriend rape you.”

“NGZSH!” She took the belt off, and looped it through the buckle, but every time we do this. Every single time, I have to consider myself so lucky. To have such a submissive, sadistic girlfriend, to dominate, and then help her rape men.

No, it’s not gay. it’s not gay at all, I love her. My equal, how many men. Real men, can honestly say that, they found a hot horny young woman who’s their equal. Maybe she’s not as strong, but she makes up for it with her insidious mind.

The perfect crime, because of the Evidence. The scratches on his neck, and the perfectly preserved scrapings under her nails. We’re not only going to get away with raping him. He’s going to jail for raping her. Who are they going to believe? Oh yeah, there was another man there, and he helped her rape me.

Oh yeah? Then why is that your own semen we pulled out of your asshole when we ran the rape kit?

And by we, I mean somebody at the Crime Lab. I’m probably not going to get lucky enough to be the one to process all the evidence, but I won’t have to. All of it will point to him raping her, right down to her calling the cops, before we even let him go.

Which reminds me. I better get his keys, since he left his phone at home. I can take the Strapon with me, along with the camcorder, the bright yellow dishwashing gloves, all the Evidence we don’t want collected. Set up the tripod, since they’re not moving around now. He can’t escape, and he can’t even scream too loud. Not with the belt between his cheeks, and teeth, so she can yoke him. Hold the loose tail, and yank it with every thrust. Breaking him in for jail, for raping her, but I took the rubber off.

I can fuck her any time, and she called me a Tease, but I wasn’t teasing her. That was just foreplay, but she’ll be good and ready to fuck when I get back. I just have to get his phone, and delete the picture I sent him. Putting on gloves on the way around the buildings. Past the back yards, which are empty, just keeping my head down. My hood pulled up, with my ball cap, sun glasses, full beard.

Okay, it’s a fake beard. Hair clippings from a barber shop dumpster, and probably a woman’s at that, so they’ll find fibers, of course. Not mine, but fibers nonetheless. I guess, that’s kinda like a mask, but I don’t have to hide from him.

He’s never going to see me again, and even if he did. He avoided eye contact, he looked at my dick more than at my face, and of course that’s why he had trouble getting it up.

No, it’s not gay, dipshit. You’re ashamed of your little dick, and you can’t help but compare yourself to the bigger dick in the room. I did the same thing in the locker room, before I was the biggest dick in class. It’s not gay, it’s just a big dick, and it’s hard not to glance over at it in surprise before you look away. I just don’t mind other guys looking at my cock, because I have nothing to be ashamed of, like him.

It’s not even that little, maybe almost half a foot, but that’s how they condition boys. I went through it too, anything less than 7″ is a little dick, so you lie about it, and say you have 8.

Whatever, “Fuck it.” It’s locked, and I don’t know him well enough to guess his password. I don’t need it, when i can just destroy it. The memory card, and ID chip. I’ll just dispose of it with the remains of her burner, but I think she’s probably had enough. She’s not going to fuck herself, not with him there to watch me nail her.

That’s the best part, if you ask me. He thinks I’m the cuck? Dumbass. No, I watch my girlfriend rape other men, they don’t get to fuck her. Her ass is mine!

I better get back…


mark (Victim Testimony)

“No, she raped me, but he put her up to it.”

“Who’s he?”

“I don’t know, but he called me, sent me pictures, and offered to share her, tied up. She’s into bondage, and I knew that I shouldn’t have gone over there, I knew it! Stupid, STUPID!”

“Well, she said that you invaded her home, came over to borrow some milk, and pushed her in when she opened the door. How did this man even get your phone number, if you never saw him before?”

“She gave it to him! I told her she could call me, whenever she liked.”

“Did she?”

“Yeah, all the time!”

“We pulled the records from her phone, she never called you, either at the house, nor your cell. What did you do with your phone?”

“I left it on the charger, at home. You want to search my house, my phone?”

“We already got a warrant, searched your house, no phone.”

“Wh? How?”

“She said you destroyed her phone too, to get rid of the dick pics you sent her.”

“I never sent her any dick pics. She’s lying about that too.”

“She’s lying about you forcing her to kiss your ass, too?”

“Ugh!” I shook my head, trying to get that nasty feeling out of my. Ass, my ass crack, even the nurse swabbing it for evidence. “She never kissed my ass, she’s not like that, she. She lied to me, she’s not like that at all?”

She just pretended to be into bondage, and rape, to lure me over, and take advantage of me. “No, he must have put her up to it.”

“If there was another man there, then what did he look like?”

“Uh. I don’t know, uh. Older? Little dick, that’s probably why he put her up to abusing me, to make up for his little dick, and she needed sex toys to be satisfied with their relationship, because he can’t even keep it up.”

Without watching her, rape. Me. “They raped me!”

“Honestly, every time I hear one of you stalker types, try to pull this defense. You even hear yourself? You don’t even believe it, I can hear it in your voice, and so will the judge. So will the jury, it’s a good thing that you thought to fake it with your own semen, to make it appear that there was another man there, because there’s probably going to be far worse than you, where you’re going. You’re going away for a long long time.”

“No, NO! Let go of me!”

“You know the position, hands behind you.”

“No, get your hands off me, faggot! RAPE RAPE!”

I couldn’t fight it, I couldn’t stop him from unhooking the handuff around the table leg. It’s bolted down, but then he twisted his arm behind me.

“I need a little help in here! Stop fighting god damnit!”

‘don;t fight it,’ she whispered. ‘relax, it’ll only hurt worse if you tense up.’

She promised me that I would start to like it, but she was wrong. I’m not gay, and I’m never going to enjoy it up the ass.

“Nohohoh! God, why! Why me god, no!”

I thought she liked me?



Of course, there’s no reason why She can’t play all 3 roles.

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