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My Work Fuckbuddy

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The original story was posted by me on this website many months time ago. I have never forgotten Helen and decided to rewrite the story.

The previous Friday, myself and most of my work colleagues went out to bid a colleague farewell since he had secured a new job. We went to an Italian restaurant and I was fortunate to be sat by the side of Helen, our receptionist, whom I had fancied since starting work there some 3 years earlier. We got on like a house on fire, chatting away and generally enjoying each others company.

As we consumed more and more wine our conversation became increasingly more personal and intimate. We discussed each others sexual encounters, our likes and our dislikes. Whilst talking we found ourselves increasingly touching each other. Soon I had my arm around Helen and was able to touch the side of her breasts, gently pressing my fingers into the soft, inviting, malleable flesh. She was obviously enjoying it since she shuffled closer to me to allowing me to feel more of her breast. Our thighs were tight up against each other adding to the sensuous urges that both of us felt.

Before long I moved my hand from around her and placed it on her thigh under the table. I stroked her inner thigh for a while, each time getting closer to her cunt. Each time my hand got close to her cunt she pushed her lower body forward. She was wearing tights and I suggested that she remove them so that I could finger her cunt. She readily agreed, excusing herself to go to the toilet.

She returned a short time later and sat very close to me again enabling me to put my hand on her thigh and move it up to her cunt. She had left her panties on for some modesty since she was wearing a very short skirt. However, it was easy enough for me to put my fingers inside her panties to feel her pubic hair and then to insert a couple of fingers into her cunt. I could feel the desire in her. She wanted more, much more.

The situation was made even more sensuous because we were surrounded by close colleagues, all fortunately busily engaged in their own conversations. Helen was very wet and desperately wanting to fuck. In our earlier conversations she had revealed that she had had numerous partners and that she loved nothing more than having sex. She claimed laughingly that she would fuck with anybody but I felt that this wasn’t entirely true. I completely believed her though when she said that she had no idea how many men had fucked her.

We were both struggling to keep ourselves in check, each desperate to fuck the other. Fortunately the evening was drawing to a close and Helen gave me her address telling me to come round after she had been dropped off by a prearranged lift which she had earlier accepted. We all said our good nights, Helen going off with her lift. I collected my car and headed for Helen’s house.

For some reason I arrived first and had to lay low in the car to avoid being recognised by the couple who had given Helen the lift home. I got to her door before she had time to close it and we hurried inside. We headed for the kitchen since Helen said she wanted a drink. She removed her jacket before getting her drink which turned out to be tea. She boiled the kettle and brought the tea to the table, She leaned across to get the sugar and I stood and moved behind her. I put my hands around her and gripped her tits in my hands.

She wriggled her backside against me and I moved my hands under her top and pushed the bras upwards. Her tits felt very heavy as they fell into my waiting hands. I stroked and caressed them before tweaking her nipples which had hardened and stood out. We could wait no longer. She stood and turned and we kissed. We began to remove each others clothes as we moved towards the stairs.

The clothes laid strewn all the way up the stairs before we fell onto her bed grabbing at each others body. I got in to the missionary position before unceremoniously driving my dick into her cunt. This was exquisite for both of us. Our sexual frustration at having to wait spilled out and overflowed. We fucked madly, forcing our bodies to slap against each other, desperate to share a climax together.

Not surprisingly, in the circumstances, it didn’t take long for us both to cum and as we did Helen threw her legs around my waist, pulling and squeezing me. I shot my load into her and as the last remaining drops were squeezed out of me I said “I’ve waited a long time to fuck you and it was well worth the wait.” “Well, I hope that’s not going to be the last time,” Helen said. “I will fuck you any time that you want me too,” I promised. “I want you to fuck me again now,” she demanded. After a short breather we were fucking again. This time more controlled and leisurely, enjoying the experience of being entwined together, my dick deep inside her tiny body.

I stayed the night and we enjoyed another couple of fucks before I left the following morning. I would have stayed but Helen had promised to meet her Mum in town. We parted knowing that we would be fucking much more in the foreseeable future.

On the following Monday we didn’t get much opportunity to be alone for more than a minute or two. However, late in the day she came to my office. I was on the phone with a client and Helen came and stood beside me, her legs crossed at the ankles and her backside resting on the edge of my desk. I had difficulty concentrating on my clients call. I eventually finished the call,

I looked at Helen who said a simple “Hello.” “Hi,” I responded. “You look gorgeous,” I added. “Very fuckable, if I might say.” We were both experiencing a sexual charge. Testosterone was racing round the room. The atmosphere was electric, we wanted to be joined as one, fused together, intimately bound together. “I want to fuck with you,” she said.

“Good, because I’ve been dreaming about fucking with you,” I replied. “We finish work in 15 minutes. Why don’t I follow you home and we can fuck there,” I suggested. “I was hoping that you would suggest that,” Helen said.

“Before you go though can I kiss your clitoris?” I asked. My hand was already on her leg as she uncrossed them and spread them a little for me to run my hand up her leg, my thumb at the front and my fingers on her inner thigh. She had removed her panties before coming to my office and I immediately felt the dampness of her love juice around her pudenda. She hitched up her mini skirt and lifted herself on to the desk. She leaned back and opened her legs wider as I bent to kiss her cunt. I ran my tongue between her lips, tasting more of her juices and ending with her engorged clit in my mouth. She closed her legs around my head, holding me there, her clitoris in my mouth. I sucked her clitoris and ran my tongue around it for a short while before we broke apart, eager to get to her place to finish what we had just started.

“If you like, we can go in your car and leave mine here,” Helen suggested. “Great idea,” I said. “leave your panties off so I can finger your pussy though.”

Helen left my office and we met up a few minutes later in the car park. Nobody was about to see Helen climb into my car. We left the car park and Helen asked if my car, a new one, had been christened. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Have you fucked anybody in it yet?” “No,” I replied. “But I have a feeling that you are going to suggest something.” Helen smiled as she said “Well, we ought to christen it.” “Excellent idea,” I replied.

Whilst I had been driving I had been running the fingers of my left hand around her pussy, occasionally putting one finger inside her. This made her slide her lower body forward onto my finger making her even more wet and clearly wanting more. She reached across and started to unzip my trousers. “What are you doing?” I asked innocently. “I’m going to tease you like you are teasing me,” she said as she reached into my boxers and released my boner. She gently stroked my dick before tightening her grip and starting to wank me. “For fucks sake stop it,” I cried. “I’m trying to concentrate on my driving.” She ignored my pleas to stop and carried on wanking me. “Stop otherwise I’m going to cum,” I begged. “Lovely,” she said. A minute later, whilst driving at 40mph I could not control it any longer and I shot my load of cum straight up into the air before it fell back onto Helen’s hand and my groin area. She removed her hand and began to lick the cum off her fingers. She scraped more cum off my dick and put her finger into my mouth for me to suck it clean.

We arrived at her home a few minutes later and I made myself decent before hurrying from the car and into the house. “I hope that you’ve got another load of cum,” said Helen. “I want the next load to be in my pussy.” I moved toward her and began to remove her top. “I’ll always have loads of cum for you,” I said. “You’re just so fucking sexy. My body reacts to you by producing loads of cum for pleasuring you. I can cover you with it or fill you with it and it will just produce more.”

We were in the lounge and soon both naked again. I sat her on the sofa, her legs either side of my head resting on my shoulders as I knelt in front of her. I plunged my dick straight into her wet welcoming cunt, the base of my dick slapping against her. She met every one of my thrusts with her own and she soon enjoyed an orgasm. We fucked away furiously for several minutes before my cum exploded into her, swirling around her cervix. We stayed there, stock still, until all my cum had been deposited deep inside her and my dick began to soften. I withdrew it slowly, enjoying the feel of her cunt trying desperately to hold on to my dick but losing the battle.

Helen went to the bathroom for some toilet tissue before returning to the kitchen to make a drink for us. We sat around the table enjoying our drink and watching some porn on her lap top which she had put on the table. It turned out that we both watched porn on a regular basis. Big cocks were a turn on for Helen which explained why she liked to feel her cunt being stretched to its limits. I liked the porn stars with big tits.

It wasn’t long before we both felt horny again and I fucked her doggie style whilst she watched a BBC stretching a slender porn stars cunt to its extremities. The porn star had barely been able to get the head of the BBC into her mouth as a prelude to being fucked. Helen was aroused and enjoyed a number of orgasms before I told her that I was about to cum and she insisted that I pump it all into her to join the earlier load that I had given her.

After another break we fucked again, this time in her bed. This was a long fuck. Starting steadily and gradually building up the rhythm. We kissed a lot and I played with her tits which I loved. We were a long time fucking, enjoying every movement of my dick in her cunt, savouring the enormous pleasure that we both derived from our fucking together. I had put some pillows under Helen’s backside. Lifting her pussy up and allowing me to go deep inside her. I had brought my knees up and Helen had wrapped her legs around me pulling me in. Our arms were wrapped around each other, squeezing each other tight, our bodies stuck together, allowing nothing to come between us. Helen was very vocal, demanding that I fuck her, that I never stop fucking her and that I fill her with my cum. Eventually we climaxed simultaneously and her love juices mixed and mingled with my cum as we clutched each other ever tighter, my dick buried deep inside her, the base of my dick pressing against her pelvic area.

We showered together and after dressing I took her back to collect her car from the office car park. We kissed passionately before going our separate ways promising each other that we would meet and fuck on a regular basis.

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    First of all DA ! I would put your hand on my nylon stocking covered thigh and have you feel the lovely sleekness and feel of my leg through the nylon fabric and I would be wearing either crotchless pantyhose or tights so you could feel the arousal of my white pink pussy that your causing by feeling me up !! After that I would want you to fuck me in the backseat of your car with my sexy nylon covered legs and heels up on your black shoulders banging me so hard and stretching my white pussy beyond its limits as I squeal and whimper while your car is rocking back and fourth with every thrust you give your (QUEEN Of Spades) causing me to cum all over your black cock !!! your story got me very aroused as you can see !!! love your Britney (The Queen Of Spades)

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      Now that would be heavenly. Fucking Britney the Queen of Spades. Love you xxx