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Amanda Deelight’s sex diary

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Hello my readers: Years ago me and my husband used to vendors at flea markets. We were on a monthly cycle doing 4 flea markets every month ,1 every weekend. On the first Friday of the month it was Winnie Texas 2nd Friday was Canton Texas 3rd was Bonnie and Clyde’s Arcadia Louisiana 4th was Nashville TN . We drove a van and always sleeps at our spot in the van, from Friday night to Sunday morning. We had a CB radio in the van so we could talk to truckers. My husband asked me to flash some truckers to have some fun and kill time of the 4 hr drive. When my husband pulled up beside this big truck and drove along beside it,I turned towards the truck and pulled up my top and bra, giving him a good look at my big tittie’s. I bounced them for him and we pulled away listening to what he said on the CB. Then someone said what’s the 20 on them tittie’s? White ford van heading west on 10 around mile marker 269 copy that. I must have flashed 20 truckers before we got to the flea market at Winnie Texas. We went to our spot and set up selling plants and art’s and crafts. After we were ready to start selling I went and changed my clothes,put on a halter top and a pair of shorts not wearing a bra nor panties. I have learned that sex sales so I dress to sale especially to the men, making some wife’s frustrated. We were doing very well,I didn’t know if but my husband slapped a 200$ sales stickers on my butt and back. When a man asked me what do I get for my 200 dollars,I didn’t know about my price tag and I said that for 200$ you can get what you want. For how long? he asked. My husband was laughing ,the man said that you have a 200$ for sale tickets on your back side. Really I said well then you get 1 hour with me any way you want it then. I looked at my husband and smiled as he handed me 2 Benjamin’s and I took his hand and led him to our van where we had our inflatable bed. We crawled in and closed the door almost instantly he started kissing me and trying to put his fingers inside my pussy. I reached down and started to rub his cock and started unbuckling his belt and unbuttoned his jeans,zipped them down and pulled his jeans down. Worked my way down to his cock and started sucking on it, ohh baby you know how to suck a cock he said,as I was able to deep throat him only about 7′ ,it didn’t take long for me to feel him about to cum as he went uhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhh and I swallowed his hot sperm ummm it tasted good. He pushed me back on the bed and removed my shorts and untied my halter, letting my tittie’s flop out. He crawled up between my legs and started to eat my pussy,I haven’t had an orgasm yet. As he was licking and sucking on my clit I started feeling my orgasm start to build,as I was moving my hips pushing my pussy to his face oh yes baby that’s the spot uhhh uhhhh uhhhhhh uhhhhhhh I released my cum inside his mouth oh God you taste wonderful. He crawled up on top of me and put his hard again cock inside my pussy and started fucking me very hard I had to make him slow down and find some rhythm. We fucked for about 10 minutes before we both had orgasms,he filled my uterus with his hot sperm ,as he got up I leaned forward as cleaned his cock with my mouth.,we got dressed,he said that I was incredible so I replied thank you. We got back out of the van and said goodbye,and walked over to my husband and said thank you that was easy money looked at my watch 45 minutes I said. Told him that I was going to take a shower and I wanted to do it again,so I went and took a shower. Came back with same clothes on but this time I am advertising myself. So far I made 200$ in just 45 minutes while my husband made 60$. My second guy started with the same punch line, what do I get for 200$, my reply this time was a blowjob and sex with me until you cum no longer. Are you serious he said,hell yeah I replied as long as you like until you cum . Where do we go he asked looking at me and over at my husband,in our van. We have a air bed inside of it ok he replied and handed me 200$ as I took his hand and walked over to the van. We got inside and he kissed me, untied my halter top and released my tittie’s,my God your titties are pretty he said, as he leaned over and started to suck on my nipples. This was turning me on especially when he pushed me back down on the bed and removed my shorts. My clean but freshly fucked pussy was staring him in the face. He got down between my legs and put both arms up under my butt and lifted my pussy up to his mouth. As his tongue found my clit I was now starting to have an orgasm as I was building up inside of me . His tongue found my asshole and darted in causing me to explode in raging orgasm . As I thrusted my hips back and forth it was so intense and took my breath away. He sucked all my ovary juice from my pussy , swallowing all my baby making eggs. Oh my God, his strategy was making me cum not himself. He laid my legs back down on the bed and started to finger me,1 finger then 2 I’m so wet it’s running down my butt,as he had now 4 fingers and spreading me out. I could feel another orgasm coming on as he was really finger fucking me hard, trying to put his fist inside of me. Oh God I thought, this man is out of control but my hormones override my thoughts and I just relaxed and widened my legs farther apart. I felt my pussy being forced open as my orgasm builds , finally my pussy gave up and he managed to get his fist inside of me. As he started punching inside of I exploded again into a convulsing orgasm that I could not control . I haven’t been hit deep inside of me since I had sex with our horse several years ago. I had to reach down and grab his arm to get him to stop. As he pulled his hand out of me ,my pussy was swollen out. When I went to unbuttoned his jeans he stopped me and told me that he can’t get hard he was born like that. I’m sorry I told him,you are one hell of a pussy eater and know how to make a woman get off,I really enjoyed it but I can’t take any more. He said that he was sorry for hurting me. He got out of the van and walked off . It took me some time to gain my composure. I was so sore and when I told my husband, he said dam wish I could have seen that. So once again I went to take a hot shower. This time I was through for Friday. Saturday morning I put on a very sheen summer dress without a bra nor panties,at a certain position in the sunlight you can see through my dress. Sales were wonderful so far when this older woman came up she was in her 60s but very shapely and pretty. She complimented me on how I look in my dress and I returned it back to her. I was showing her some tropical plants and we started talking when my husband came up and told me that someone wanted to talk to me,he continued to show her some plants while I went to talk to him. He said that my husband had told him that for 200$ you would have sex with me. So I told him hey got 30 minutes of unprotected sex with me. As we walked past my husband and his lady customer I said to him that I would be back in 30 minutes to hold everything down. We crawled in the van ,this time I took control and went straight to his cock. I was impressed it was long and fat 7″ in soft. It didn’t take long to fill out an my lips and throat worked it over,he shot his load of sperm down my throat. As he started to touch me my pussy was still sore from that hard fisting yesterday. My pussy was eager to feel his fingers and tongue , and his big cock. It wasn’t long before he was hard again and I crawled up on top of him and lowered myself down taking all 10″ deep to the bottom. I could feel the head of his cock pressing up against my uterus with me about to cum he said that he was about to explode and I said give it to me and when he grunted and I felt that first squirt of sperm pumping through my uterus,I had my climax with him dropping my eggs down from my ovaries down into my tubes searching for his sperm. We both fucked so hard we lost our breath and once again I cleaned his cock off with my mouth and we got dressed and climbed out of the van . My husband was still talking to this woman as we walked by. He left and I had to go get clean said excuse me to her and told my husband that I had to go shower. They lady looked at me and asked was he good? I was embarrassed but said he was fantastic and she said wonderful he is my son. I was speechless then blurted out he has a wonderful cock but that man you are talking to has a much bigger cock and he knows how to make a woman feel good. I went to shower when I got back they were still talking. My husband told me that he would be back in a little while that he was going to the van it was his turn. As I was waiting on customer’s the van was rocking and I could hear my husband fucking this old woman. My husband fucked her so hard that I thought I was going to have to call 911 she said that she hadn’t had an orgasm in 8 years and my husband was the best . She got satisfied,he got satisfied but I got paid . It was a wonderful weekend at Winnie Texas flea market

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    No paragraphs…. Hard to read

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    I really love your stories, you always make me hard since the beginning