Cat: Cheating

Teaching a student in private

Hey, my name is Jessica Springfield. I’m a full time teacher who likes her students. I’m a married woman. But I like to fuck one of my students. #

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My wife found my links

My wife found my links and cheating wife photos and cheating wife stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship.... # # #

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Sister in law

I was at a party me and my wife and her sister it was a great night music was fantastic it was my friend 60 birthday after the party we went back to his place for a few drinks my wife... #

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Four Hours with Him

My wife and I share a close friendship with an old friend of mine. But is it more for her? What do you think? Is it more or is it all in my mind? # #

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Invaded my mom’s lust

Hi everyone, Myself ashok belongs to south india.wheatish and average in body physic.This story is completely true and is about how a traditional, Introverted lady (my mom)expressed... # #

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Checking the swimming pool

I was a construction surveyor who investigated construction faults and at the time thirty years old. I had arranged to visit a private house who had made an insurance claim regarding... #

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My wife and Tim part two

I had wrote recently about Jean my wife and neighbour Tim and some weeks after that she said Tim offered her a job at his hire company and she agreed with me she would take the offer.... #

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Wife and neighbour

My wife and I moved to a new area and after a few weeks were invited to a party in the area with ten other couples from same street. We were all in our thirties and all had children.... #

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My guilty pleasure

Hi I’m a 32 year old mother to four beautiful daughters. My oldest is 7yo the twins are 5yo and the youngest is 3yo. They are all around the same age, we wanted them to be close,... # # #

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my first office sex

I was 21 and working as a surveyor in a construction office and no ties to any woman. The secretaries were both part time Pat worked from 9,15am to 2.45p.m because she had two daughters... #

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my first massage

I had worked with my business partner for ten years when we started our own business working from his home. His wife was a very good looker blonde with great tits and I had thought... #

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