Cat: Cheating

Slut-in-law part 2

As a parent who loves her child with all her heart, the thing with Brody was taking a toll on me. My conscience kept berating me all the time because never in a million years would... #

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Slut-in-law part 1

My name is Stella and I’m 46 years old. Two months ago my daughter had an accident while on her way back from work. Brody her husband called me in tears to deliver the news. At first... #

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I will fuck him

I am in love with my sisters boyfriend and I wanted to fuck him so badly, but he rejected me. So I forced him to fuck me. # # #

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Fucking my stepmom while camping

Hey so if you anyone has seen my past stories you know the pretty short so, like a comment said I’ll be trying to put an entire story in this and not break it into parts, so let’s... # #

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I slept with my stepmom pt 2

So the next morning was a little awkward when we had breakfast, obviously we didn’t sit next to each other like we usually do but it do feel wrong not to. Once I finished I immediately... # # #

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I slept with my stepmom

Hi, I’m Adam a 17 year old living with my father and his girlfriend, so my stepmom’s name is Alex, she’s 24, a blonde and is very sweet. So when this story starts is when... # #

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