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My second gay experience

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My 2nd is a bit of an exaggeration. As my first time, while non consensual, ended up being a multiple times over the next 6 months of the deployment. I took his dick at least 80 times. Oftentimes twice a day.

When I got stateside. I still craved that full feeling. I couldn’t find any black men, as I lived in middle of nowhere East tn. I settled for an older white guy, whose Craigslist ad said only that he was well endowed. The flaccid photo did look impressive. We emailed back n forth and exchanged numbers. We called to verify, and I knew I wanted it. His voice thick with accent, but deep and soothing. “You ready to meet up stud?”

“I need this” I told him. After giving him the address, I listened as he put it into his gps. I was getting nervous , but also extremely excited. The family farm,turned rental was empty and I was fresh home from Iraq. I had it all to myself, and now at the end of the half a mile driveway I spot a vehicle. “I think I see you” I remark. “Oh good so I’ve got the right place”

I tell him I’ll meet him out front and end the call. My dick is stirring as I watch him pull up. He looks even more country than his accent eluded to. Nice boots, blue jeans with a large buckled belt. A snap button flannel tucked into that. As he stepped out he placed his hat on hiding his thinning hair. Even with that, this was an attractive man. His blue jeans leaving little to my imagination as to what I would be playing with.

We go inside, to chat for a bit. While I’m starving for this moment, he doesn’t seem to be in a rush. He finally asks what made me get on Craigslist m4m. I’m cute, I should be chasing young women, or other young men. I’m honest with him and tell him about my encounter overseas. I omit the rape aspect and pawn it off as a curiosity turned addiction. As for the age, as with the man who took my virginity, he was much older and it now only turned me on.

He asks if I’d like to begin, since my eyes keep darting to the rather large bulge on his inner thigh. I think I nod, as I start moving over between his knees on the couch. I fumble with his large belt buckle and he chuckles and stands before me. I’ll help you out. He pulls the belt free and it whips at the air. The slight crack startles me but I reach up and unbutton his jeans. As I pull them down, their tight fit also pull his underwear down.

I get his pants down and see the underwear, and gulp as I slowly pan up to it hanging before me. It was thick and hefty looking. Maybe 7 inches flaccid? He was a show’r for sure and not a grower. Seeing its large mushroom head was all the encouragement I needed. I kissed it, licked it and slowly sucked it between my lips. I licked up and down the length of the shaft and took the head back in between my lips. Slowly guiding more and more of his flaccid but filling cock into my mouth.

While he moaned and seemed to be enjoying everything I did, he didn’t get hard. I played with his cock for what felt like 10 mins with no sign of a hardon in sight. I apologized and said I had to take a breather and he countered with his own apology. He had nerve damage from a surgery and had decreased sensation. I asked if anything would help, and more pressure was his answer.

I sucked on him like he held the cure and increased the pressure on my strokes. It slowly started to take form in my hands and my cock began to harden as well. When I finally had him hard, he wasn’t nearly as long as my Sgt Rapist. He was however just as thick if not more uniformly thick, whereas the Sgt was mostly thick at the end of his hammer.

I had no idea what I was in for, that nerve damage turned my ass into a big gaping mess by the end of it. He fucked me just as I dreamt, pounding away long after I had cum and was just whimpering. It was complete and utter bliss, it was and still is a feeling I can’t recreate. Unfortunately he didn’t want to cum in my ass, and instead wanted to cum on my face. I loved my Sgts cum, so this seemed fine. It was such a horrible taste, I never reached out to him again and blocked his email.

Such a waste. Miss that fat dicked redneck.

I’m currently linking up with a younger black man on my work route. It’s no record breaker, but he fucks me good and his cum is very tasty.

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    I love suching cock and enjoying the taste endlessly in my mouth

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      Would you rather suck a clean cock or lick it clean of cunt juices and cum?