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My hot goth stepsister pt3

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So this parts gonna be different, it won’t be me and her, but with her best friend.

So little bit context leading to this part, so first off in the last part I thought I got May pregnant but when we wake up she said she was on the pill, which is great since I didn’t actually want to be a dad yet. after that we spent a lot more time with each other. But, now May had to go back to her college to study and write her exams which meant I couldn’t see her for a while. However she said that her friend Jess would be coming would be staying with us. Apparently it was because her apartment building was getting renovated for a few months, so may said she could stay in her room while she was gone.

On to the story, so around 4 days after may left I heard the door ring and went to see who it was. When it opened I saw it was jess. Now I have seen her many times before but most of the time she would be in may’s room, but this was the first time I saw her up close. She was the same as my sister, being a goth girl; she had red dyed hair; pale skin; beautiful green eyes; and from a glance was slightly taller than May and slightly bigger breasts. Although I didn’t feel anything for her at that point so I said hello and helped with her bags. While she was here we actually talked a lot and got along really well, she was super funny and we always found something that made us laugh. But even that couldn’t keep my mind off may, since I don’t really jack off to porn, her and I would satisfy our needs and then carry on like normal. But now she was gone and I had gotten used to it so after a few weeks I started feeling pretty horny. But I made sure to keep calm and to not show it too anyone.

One morning i was on the couch and i was feeling uncomfortable and was trying to calm a boner i had when I heard someone behind me.” Oh wow, that’s some serious morning wood you got.”, jess said making me jump, I told she scared me and laughed. She then said,” so I guess you miss May more than ever huh” I looked in shock “ HOW THE HE….how the hell did you know?!?!”, I whispered,” to be honest, you suck at hiding it and, she told me.”, she said. I was a little mad now cause she said we had to keep it a secret but I guess that’s not the case. I asked why she was here and she said,” well, if I’m gonna be living here the least I could do is help with your situation.”
I was confused but she took me to May’s room and had me sit on the side of her bed. She then started pulling my pants down!” WTF are doing l!”, I asked,” helping you” she said in a teasing way. After everything was off she said,” well, I guess I know why she likes you so much” she then started licking the head and held it tight, she then started sucking and put more of it in her mouth. It felt wet and really hot, she wrapped her tongue around it making gasp, she definitely was experienced. After a few of the best minutes of my life I finally came and sighed with relief. She swallowed most of it and looked at me as she licked some on her lips with a grin, making my blush a little.

After that she left and I was still hard, I don’t know why but I wanted her to do it again? Over the next few days she would tease me over how much I enjoyed it and I swear would purposely wear some revealing clothes to torture me. But one night I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went t her room and locked the door. I pulled her from the covers and was able to tie her arms to her back but she woke up! I quickly covered her mouth and we stared at each other after awhile she promised to keep quiet and stay calm.”you could have asked me to help you know.”, She said.” then where’s the fun in that.”, I responded as I pulled up her top and bra. She had a tattoo slightly above the middle of her beasts and I grabbed on and sucked the other. She let out a few moans but it felt like she didn’t want to feel good or just didn’t want me to one up her performance before. After playing with them I pulled her to the side of the bed and ripped a hole in her pants to marvel at her exposed vagina, she looked away while red and I started fingering her wet pussy. She finally moaned for real and I got ready to start. I spread her cheeks further and asked her where she wanted me to cum inside, she didn’t respond so I just said,” pussy it is then!” And she gasped as I slowly penetrated her. I was going pretty rough with her but it sounded like she was enjoying all of it, she asked if I could untie her which I did and we both started fucking in more positions. I said I was close and she slammed her ass into me as I came filling her womb. When I pulled out she kissed me and said,”May’s gonna kill us when she finds out” I smiled and said I would take care of it.

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  • Reply Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

    The first time I saw my sister naked she was getting her pussy licked

  • Reply John ID:1q53beqk

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, for the last part I will be trying to put write more dialogue in the traditional way just so I won’t have to keep spamming ( “ ) all the time. 😄

    • Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce


    • Sammy ID:13trhp7cqzce

      How much do you spank it

  • Reply Kitty ID:1ded5bq9qyvs

    This is one of the best story’s I have read in a while I like the series and would love to know what happens when may comes back!