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I was staying at my girlfriends house this night

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And I had to get up to use the toilet and when I was going to the toilet I looked into my girlfriend’s wee sisters room I couldn’t believe what I seen

Staying at my girlfriends house I needed the toilet I was sleeping in the room downstairs and I had to go to the toilet upstairs.
I was walking past her wee sister’s room and she was giving the dog a blowjob I just stood there watching her as she’s doing it .
She’s pulled her head away I’m still looking at her she’s looking at me
I’m shaking my head at her as I went to the toilet after I finish I’m walking past her room again but she’s not there.
I’m going downstairs into the spare room which has a sofa bed were I was sleeping
I’m going back into the room she’s sitting on the bed she’s saying that she can explain what she was doing.
I’m saying wait until your sister hears what you were doing she’s probably telling your parents about it.
Don’t please don’t tell
She’s sitting there saying I’ll do anything please don’t tell.
She’s 18 years old.
I’m 21 her sister in 21
She’s begging me not to tell her sister knowing that she would tell her parents about it.
I’m saying just go to your bed I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
I’m not going anywhere until you agree not to tell them.
She’s saying that she would do anything for me absolutely anything.
I’m saying like what she was saying absolutely anything you want I’ll give you sex if you want.
I’m saying ok then she was saying shake my hand then I’ve shaken her hand she’s asked me if I was wanting a wank just now
I’m looking at her saying ok she’s was pulling my joggers down below my balls and she’s wanking me off it actually felt good.
I’m telling her that I was going to come she’s put her mouth over the top just above its shooting into her mouth as she’s just got it above my cock it wasn’t on it
I’ve finished coming she’s looking at me saying that’s the deal started now.
I’m pulling up my joggers and lying down on the sofa bed thinking what have I done.
It wasn’t long when I felt my joggers being pulled down it was my girlfriend saying I’ve sneaked downstairs to give you a quick blowjob as she got her mouth down around on it.
She’s wanking me off really fast into her mouth I eventually came she’s looking at me saying she better go back upstairs saying she’ll see me in the morning.
I’m lying there thinking I’ve just had two sisters on the same night wanking me off into their mouths.
I’ve fallen asleep again I’m waking up I’ve got dressed I’m in the kitchen talking to her mum
She’s saying she’s in the toilet she’ll be down soon
I’ve went into the living room her sister was sitting there smiling at me licking her lips
Saying that she was going to suck me dry later.
I’m saying ok.
My girlfriend came into the living room sitting down beside me saying let’s go
We were out shopping she’s buying a new outfit for this wedding that we are both invited to
We had been out for hours going from shop to shop then we were back in the first shop we went into were she seen the first outfit she liked. It’s only taken 7 hours.
We were going back to her house
She’s showing her mum the outfit putting up in her room.
Her parents were going out tonight her sister was already out with friends.
We are in the living room sitting on the sofa watching TV her parents are saying they are away they’ll be back later on
They are just out of the door we were pulling each others jeans and she’s lying on the sofa I’m fucking her.
Fucking her doggy style. Her on top she’s great at sitting on you and fucking you
I pulled my boxers jeans up as she was wiping herself down there pulling her knickers jeans up she’s put it in the bin in the kitchen
We were sitting on the sofa watching TV again she’s saying that she was having a drink and another drink and another drink she was really knocking them back.
Probably drinking them too fast as it hit her all off a sudden.
I’m helping her upstairs to her room pulling her jeans off top off she’s asked me to fuck her again
I’m on top of her fucking her she’s just lying there as I’m fucking her.
I’ve finished coming inside her she’s saying thanks as I’m pulling her knickers back up and putting her quilt cover over her closing the door as I’m going out.
I’m back downstairs in the living room I put the TV off and went into the spare room I’ve taken my jeans off I’m lying on the sofa bed with just my boxers
I must have dozed off I’m getting woken up with something sucking on my cock
I’m looking down it’s her sister she was sucking on my cock wanking me off it felt so intense I’m coming inside her mouth she’s just wanking me until I’ve finished
She’s pulled her mouth away licking her lips saying that was good.
My boxers shorts are down below my balls she was putting her tongue on my balls she’s licking up and down on them sucking on them
I’ve taken a hard on again
She’s standing up pulling her leggings and knickers down and she’s sitting down on top of my cock her face as it’s going up inside her her eyes closed her biting her bottom lip as she was sliding herself backwards and forwards on my cock I’ve got my hands up pulling her bra down away from her boobs touching them having a really good look at them.
Her boobs are bigger than her sisters she’s actually better at this than her sister she’s better giving blowjobs than her sister
I’m lying there as she’s really fucking me
She’s still biting her bottom lip eyes closed her face bright red blushing
I’m coming inside her I’m pushing myself deeper up inside her as I’m coming she’s just leaning over towards me her head down on my shoulder
My cock still up inside her
She’s sitting up getting off me saying that she really enjoyed that.
I’m saying yes it was really good thanks.
She’s standing up putting her knickers leggings back on asking me if I was wanting to go and watch the tv
I’m saying ok I’ll be in soon I’m up putting my joggers on and t shirt
I’ve went into the living room
She’s got the TV on asking me to sit down next to her which I do
We were were watching this horror film it was more like a comedy we were both having a good laugh at it.
She’s stood up and kneeling down between my legs pulling my joggers and boxers down below my balls she’s sucking me off again I’m enjoying it
I come inside her mouth she’s sucking so hard on it as I’m coming.
She’s got her head away sitting down again I’ve pulled my joggers boxers up just moved over to the other side of the sofa
When her parents are back saying goodnight they both looked drunk they were away upstairs to bed
I’m saying that I’m going to bed she’s saying ok
I’m away lying on the sofa bed again
When she’s back in lying down beside me on her side with her back bum up against me
She’s not wearing any knickers my cock back up inside her pussy I’m lying on my side behind her slowly fucking her again
It feels so good being inside her.
It’s feels good she’s pushing her bum hard against me as I’m fucking her I’ve came again inside her.
We were just lying there holding each other she’s up and away out of the room I’m lying there actually thinking that I’ve starting to feel for her.
I was thinking about it I had to stop it with her sister.
Before it went on for too long.
I’m lying there bloody knackered I can’t believe that I’ve been fucking the 2 sisters tonight.
I don’t think I could raise a smile if I wanted to
I stopped it with the sister she doesn’t want to now she’s blackmailing me saying that she’ll tell her sister we are fucking. Ok we’ll carry on.
It was 6 weeks later when my girlfriend was telling me that her sisters went and got herself pregnant.
Saying that she’s saying it was a one night stand.
I later spoke with the sister it was mine and she was keeping it.
I’ve only myself to blame I’ve been fucking her constantly every opportunity we had we were fucking.

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    Idk about all ur stories but that one did hurt to read

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    Please stop writing. All your stories hurt to read