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A Prom Night For Camila and Something More

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Camila goes to prom night wit her boyfriend and finds herself in bed later that night. She’ll get more than just a creampie this time…

It was prom night at my highschool and I was in my room getting ready. I had on a dark blue silky dress that my mother bought me, along with a pair of black high heels. My long black hair was done up with some curls and my subtle, clear glossy lipstick added to my olive toned face. When I went downstairs I heard my boyfriend Johannes already inside talking to my mother. She was giggling and talking like the whore I knew she was, clearly flirting with my man, even though she was twice his age. It seems like everyone wants to steal my man from me, but I’ll fight anyone anywhere before I give him up. I went downstairs to meet him and saw his outfit. It was a beautiful grey flannel suit, waistcoat and everything, with a white shirt and a blue tie. He clearly owned this suit before hand as it looked way to good to be a suit he rented for prom like most boys do. He looked amazing in it, but I noticed he changed his hair too. He got his hair cut so that the sides of his head were shaved completely and now the top was combed straight back with the long flowing ends draping down over the shaved backside of his head. Before he looked like a viking, now I almost thought he looked like one of those young men you see playing a German in those WW2 movies. Regardless, Viking or Nazi, he still looked sexy to me.

As excited as I was for prom, all I wanted was for the dance to be over and to find myself underneath him once again. I moved in between him and my mother, making sure she knew he was mine, and said how handsome he looked. He said I looked like the most beautiful girl in the world in this dress, making me blush. I said goodbye to my mom as he held me by the back and guided me out the door. Simply feeling his hand on my lower back like that made my pussy drip. I didn’t think it possible to be so horny over one man like this. He didn’t just own my body, but my mind as well. We drove in his car to the school parking lot and walked inside. There was music being played and lots of people already dancing while other were sitting at their tables. Maybe it was bias, but I thought that Johannes and I were easily the best dressed people here. As we made our way to our table, we passed by Nikki and her date for the night. I said nothing as she stared up at us, seething internally that some black haired little Spanish girl could take away “her man” like this. I glanced down at her and gave her a look that said, “Just cause you’re blonde, doesn’t mean you’re pretty…” as we walked past. She was with some boy I didn’t recognize, no doubt a last minute attempt to not be here alone. I loved making her angry like this, she was always such a bitch to me, acting like a whore for every boy I ever wanted, now it’s my turn.

We found our table and sat down next to most of the other guys on the football team. I was sitting next to my friend Isabelle with her man next to her. The rest of the boys here had their cheerleader girlfriends with them. I finally made it to the “popular” table. We all talked to each other and had a good time, going back and forth between dancing and sitting at the table. I wasn’t much of a party girl, but I was having fun tonight. When our men were off getting more drinks, Isabelle told me she was going to let her man cum inside her tonight, saying she hopes he gets her pregnant. “Are you sure? I mean good for you, but, won’t your father be made your pregnant? Especially when he finds out the father is black?” I asked her.

“It”s ok, he knows about the two of us and he likes him so it won’t be the end of the world. Besides, everyone here is gonna have sex tonight, half the girls here will be pregnant in a week.” she said back.

“That’s true, you know I’m just concerned because of my stupid mom. I never really had any feelings towards black people one way or another, but seeing how they fuck my mother like that, knowing she’s married and just doing it so casually anyway just makes me angry. Did I tell you, when I was getting ready, my mom was trying to flirt with Johannes? The fucking slut was trying to steal my man.” I told her.

“Are you serious? What’s wrong with her? How much dick does her pussy need?” Isabelle said.

“Don’t worry, I knew what she was doing. I tried to make her stop but I think putting my hand on your ass when you came downstairs got through to her.” my boyfriend said coming back with the drinks.

“Oh so you knew?” I asked him.

“Of course, lots of women try to flirt with me, I’m used to it. That doesn’t mean I like any of them, I’m here with you for a reason.” he said pulling me in with his arm around my shoulders.

It just turned me on so much knowing that I had a man that basically every woman in town wanted to have but was loyal to me anyway. He could take a different girl to bed for every meal of the day easily if he wanted to, but he stays with me all day. Don’t worry, I reward him handsomely for it too. In fact, I started wearing skirts and dresses exclusively instead of pants and leggins like other girls simply so he could have quick access to my pussy whenever he wanted. So often during any random school day we’d meet up in the hall and he’d just pull me into a janitor closet or a bathroom stall, bend me over and flip my skirt over, then just go to town on my holes in between classes. I’ve gotten used to the feel of cum between my legs as he makes his deposits so often now. I’ll sit in the back of the classroom and lick my fingers as I slowly clean my pussy up. Tonight however would be different. We wouldn’t be going for a quick, minute long pump and dump session, but a full length love making. We had been at this party for a few hours by now at least. I started giving my man the “let’s go back home and have some real fun” eyes. I gave Isabelle a hug as we said goodbye, telling her good luck with the breeding she wanted. I walked hand in hand with my boyfriend back to his car and we took off.

We went back to his house were his parents were gone on a weekend trip, meaning the sound we heard from inside was his sister and her boyfriend. Her room was at the other end of the hall as we went up to start a party of our own. I heard her moaning through the walls like a little slut, dripping wet knowing I was about to be doing the same. “Ssh, follow me…” Johannes said. We slowly crept up to the door and peaked through the crack they left open. She was riding her man cowgirl on her bed as her tits were out bouncing around. Johannes tapped my shoulder and we went back towards his room but he grabbed me by the back again guiding me into the aster bedroom next door. “What are we doing, this is you parents room?” I asked.

“I know, they aren’t here, which means we can share a bigger bed…” he said smiling, “Or do you prefer my smaller cramped mattress?”

“Fuck it, take me wherever you want!” I said dropping the straps of my dress around my shoulders, letting it fall to the ground around my feet. I followed it down pulling his cock out of the pants he was wearing, grabbing hold and sucking it. How could a man cheat when he has a sexy Spanish whore gagging on his cock like this? I felt him grow in my mouth as my attempts at deep throating him grew more and more difficult. His shaft extending with every bob of my head. I took his meat out and started sucking on his balls in my mouth while stroking his shaft up and down, slobbering like a complete slut. I guess I inherited the slut gene from my mom. He was fighting to stay standing up as I worked his cock over with my mouth, soon collapsing on the bed from the pure suction of my my lips. After fighting off Nikki the other day, and now my own mother, I was going to suck this man’s soul through his cock. Every time he looks down at it from now on he’ll think of me and refuse to even talk to other women. I sucked him off so hard and so intensely he had to pry my head from his cock to say he was about to cum and to take a break.

I got up and laid out over his parents bed, totally naked as he took his clothes off. He got between my legs and sucked o my thigh, moving closer and closer to my pussy. Each kiss making the blood rush faster. I was so fucking horny, I was practically squirting from him kissing my thighs. He finally found my pussy and began eating it like the dessert for his meal. Sucking on, and pulling back with my labia folds in his mouth, splitting my opening to expose my clit before tongue fucking it sending me into a seizure on his parents bed. I couldn’t believe a man could eat pussy so well. He knew everything I liked and how to get me off, I couldn’t leave him now, not for some inexperienced boy to fumble around down there. My legs held in the air twitched relentlessly as I succumbed to orgasm after orgasm from his tongue and fingers. This was the perfect night, I was at my peak ovulation, having been given God knows how many orgasms, with no condoms or birth control in sight, about to let my boyfriend cum deep inside me. I was going to have his baby tonight, but first he had to penetrate me. “JESUS FUCK! I LOVE YOUR FUCKING TONGUE! KEEP FUCKING DOING THAT TO ME! I shouted to him, hoping that his sister didn’t hear. He put his hand over my mouth, knowing once I start shouting I won’t be able to stop.

“PUT THAT FUCKING COCK IN ME NOW!” I said with his hand over my mouth. He inserted himself into me promptly but instead of fucking me on the bed like usual, he grabbed my hips and lifted me into the air. Standing up, holding me in the air totally, I collapsed down on his cock. I grabbed his head and kissed him deeply as he bounced me up and down like a piece of meat of his cock. I wanted him to use me like a fucking whore and here he was doing it. Slamming me down hard and deep on his monster cock, walking over to the wall, holding me against it as he continued to assault my feeble pussy. My delicate feminine frame was being fucked brutally by this strong viking man as if I owed him money. If only I could see the face I was making as this went on, I have never been happier with him inside me. “THROW ME ON THE BED AND FUCK ME LIKE DADDY FUCKS MOMMY! I WANT TO SQUIRT ALL OVER MOMMY’S BED!” I moaned loudly in his ear as he stood there railing my poor little cunt against the wall. He turned and jumped down onto the bed with me underneath as if he was tackling me in a football game. Forcing me into a deep missionary on his mom’s side of the bed as I sprayed and leaked pussy juices all over her pillow. It was so hot getting fucked like this where his mother slept every night, even though we had met several times now and I liked her a lot. It was in a way getting back at my mom for doing this to me.

I couldn’t be more turned on by how hard and deep he was fucking me, slamming his balls against my pussy entrance over and over again. He fucked my legs into the air, stretching my cunt to the limit. As he had me in the perfect breeding position I grabbed his biceps as he held the top of my head as he thrust into me. I wrapped my legs down around his ass tight and he pressed as deep as a man can go into my pussy. “I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM!” I moaned as he railed me out.

“Yes baby, fucking cum! Spray that slutty fucking pussy juice all over the place! I’m gonna fucking bust inside you!” he said back to me as we began to kiss.

Holding his lips against mine, he released the biggest load of his life into my cunt. You could fill a barrel with the cum he dumped into me. I hoped I was pregnant now with his ocean of cum swimming in every depth of my pussy. I was leaking out onto his mother’s pillow that was underneath my ass as my pussy spasmed in a post orgasmic twitch. I felt my tits up, knowing they were going to grow larger soon, and thought about my pregnant mother. A 32 year old whore, pregnant with her black affair’s baby while I get fucked and creampied relentlessly at 16 by my boyfriend. I wonder how much of a whore I’ll be by the time I’m 32.

“Hand me my phone.” I asked him after he pulled out.

“Here, What do you want it for?” he asked back.

“All the girls at our table made a bet to see who could get the biggest creampie tonight, I want to take a picture of your load in me to show them.” I told him taking a selfie of my pussy oozing cum on the bed.

I heard no noise from down the hall so his sister must’ve finished in their too. We spent the night sleeping in his parents bed and woke up to fuck again in the morning before I went back home. I went into my house and took a shower washing the sweat and cum from my body. My mother walked in, showing a slight baby bump as she looked at me through the glass shower door. I didn’t care that she was in here, a pregnant woman like her needs access to the bathroom more often and it’s not like she hasn’t seen her own daughter naked before. “So, how was last night? I see you didn’t come back home…” she said smiling at me.

“It was wonderful, I had a great time and we went back to his house so I just stayed there with him last night.” I told her.

“Did he fuck you? Your pussy looks a little worn out down there.” She said looking at me.

“Ye she did, it was harder than anything I’ve ever felt. He creampied me like that video you posted a while ago. You know, the one that got you you’re new baby…” I said looking down at her pussy now.

“You think you’ll get pregnant? Are you ready for a baby?” she asked me.

“I really hope I do, I want to have a baby with him so bad. Every time I see him I just want to jump up on his cock and ride him. I saw you flirting with him last night and I just about fucked him right there in front of you.” I told her.

“You certainly picked a good looking boy. I would’ve been all over him when I was your age.” she told me.

We both finished up in the bathroom and went about our days. Nothing exciting happened for about a week, until I noticed a strange feeling in me. I felt nauseous but out of nowhere. I asked mom for a pregnancy test and anxiously waited for the result. “I’m pregnant!” I said jumping in the air excitedly. I was so happy, Johannes had finally put a baby into me and I was finally going to be a mother like I always wanted. My dream since I was a little girl was to stay at home and take care of my children, as I grew up the only thing that changed was the desire to fuck my husband throughout our future house as often as possible. I couldn’t wait to tell him I had his baby in my womb. I knew he’d be just as excited as I was. He told me so many times since we’ve been together that he wants to start a family of his own, and now he’ll get the chance. I just wonder how many of those cheerleader girls I was with on prom night got pregnant from their creampies they said they wanted. Going to school I had the ultimate victory over my rival Nikki, seeing me walking around the halls carrying Johannes baby in my womb while she can’t even get him to look at her while drive her nuts. I haven’t heard from Isabelle in awhile though, tonight I’ll go to her house and tell her the good news, maybe we can be pregnant together…


I hope you enjoyed this one, it reminds me of when I got pregnant with my first born. My husband and I married young, I was 17 and he was 24. We got pregnant right away and on my 18th birthday I had a brand new baby to help me celebrate. We now have 4 kids and still have lots of sex, with a lot of our fantasies and stories finding there way here for you all to read. If you have ideas for further parts just let me know, and as always, if you want me to write you a fantasy story I’ll be more than happy to do so. Just provide the names/basic descriptions of whoever you want in the story and what your fantasy is and I”ll do the rest. Slim56 can attest to that. See you in the next one!

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I just submitted Isabela’s into your prom story , Britney being the hot and sexy Spanish Isabela with Ted . hope you enjoy like I enjoyed this horny sexy story of yours ! Britney

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Love it Courtney great story keep it up hopefully Isabelle got pregnant to. Continuing to love your stories. Slim56

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      Have you thought about continuing the story line from my story you wrote.

    • Courtney ID:1eoke1595lww

      I have but I’m not sure what direction to take it in. If you have any suggestions for something you want to see then I’ll use that for ideas. Also, did you share the story with your wife, btw? I hope she likes it as much as you did.

    • Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

      I want to tell you a little about myself and my wife first. I have watched my wife with others before just never with blacks. I guess that’s where my fantasy started from. I don’t consider myself as a cuck because I usually joined at some point. To me a cuck is one that get humiliated by the wife and that’s not how my wife is. I also am not a violent man and don’t care for rape situations. We have never been one to use the n word in any situation. I do realize in your story it lended itself to your plot and I’m fine with that so it didn’t take away from the story. As far as a direction to take the story maybe I set up a gangbang for her or I take her to a gloryhole both are things I always wanted her to try. Another idea is she goes dogging. I hope these are good idea’s. And believe me I truly loved your story, I had to save it hope you don’t mind. My wife liked the story as well just hasn’t came around to wanting to try yet

    • Courtney ID:1ddlh9vvlcel

      I’ll be sure to take all that into consideration next story. The first part was largely just a lucky guess based on the fantasy you gave so I’ll hopefully make another part just as enjoyable as the first one. I don’t mind if you save any of my stories either, they’re on a free website after all.