A day in my life as a paper-girl

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I deliver newspapers after school every day and Sunday is my best day.

Every day after school I go to my local newsagents and collect my bag and newspapers for my daily round, being a paper-girl isn’t a glamorous job and it doesn’t pay that well, but it certainly has it’s perks.

Monday to Saturday I deliver 35 papers to people all over my area and it takes me about 90 minutes to complete my round, on a Sunday, however, I deliver only 7 newspapers and it takes me about 4 hours, how is that possible I hear you ask, well, let me tell you about last week’s Sunday paper round.

My alarm woke me up at 8:30AM like it did every Sunday, I don’t need to get up too early, not like during the week when I get up at 6:00AM in the morning, I had breakfast, got dressed, it was pouring with rain so I put on my bright yellow raincoat before heading out, I got the shop, collected my papers and headed off to do my round.

First customer, Mr Pallotein, was always up before the Sun and sitting on a bench in his garden drinking his morning coffee when I arrived, “Morning.” he always greeted me as I came through the gate, I took his paper out of my bag and walked straight passed him and into his house through the open front door, he followed me in a few moments later.

He walked in to his front room where I was sitting on his sofa waiting, when he came in to the room he stood directly in front of me, I reached out then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, he sat himself down in his comfy leather chair and I kneeled in front of it, leaned myself over and sucked on his cock, it took a while, at least 15 minutes of sucking before he finally came in my mouth, I swallowed his hot sticky spunk before getting to my feet, “See you next week.” I said, pulling my raincoat hood back up and making my way out of the house and heading off down the street.

Second customer, Mr Bateman, was an elderly gentlemen who never left his house, he had some condition that made him scared to go outside, I knocked on his door then let myself in, he was always upstairs in his bedroom so I headed up the stairs, “Morning, Mr Bateman, you alright?”.

“Good, love, yeah.”

I sat on the edge of his bed and he turned off the TV, I opened my raincoat and lifted up my top, I wasn’t wearing a bra, Mr Bateman use to be a tailor and he enjoyed guessing my measurements, he had a very special interest in my breast size, always wanting a look and feel every Sunday to see how well I was growing, he reached over and groped them, “So what do you think?” I asked him, “30D?” he replied, I laughed, he’s such a joker, “Yeah, you wish.” I said, I hit him with his newspaper before fastening up my raincoat and leaving.

My third customer, Mad Mary, was a bit of a nutcase, not in a crazy-get-away-from-me kind of way, just a little weird, she had about 20 cats and dogs, always in her garden, which made it impossible to get to the door, “Mary!” I’d have to shout from the bottom of the yard, she came out walking down the path slower than a snail until she’d finally be in arm’s length for me to give her the paper, and on I went to continue my round.

My fourth customer, Mr Markham, was a divorcee, his wife left him and took the kids with her several months ago when they could no longer stand to be around each other, I can’t image why, he’s a really nice man, he opened the door when he saw me approaching, I paused when I stepped through the door and gave him a smile and a flirtatious look, then I threw my bag to the floor and stripped off my clothes as I raced up the stairs, I ran in to his spare room where he always had a king sized bed all set up ready, clean sheets and even a posh mint chocolate just for me.

I kicked off my shoes and took everything off, as I turned around when I reached the foot of the bed, he’d caught up with me and he jumped on me, launching us both through the air and we landing bouncing on the bed, we kissed and embraced in a passionately wild way until, as usual, he found my hole and then thrust his cock inside my pussy, we spent the next hour having really great sex and playing sex games on the bed, he was my best customer.

I continued on my rounds, by now I was skipping down the street in the rain having just been extremely satisfied by Mr Markham’s 8-inch cock.

My next two customers, Mr Hill and Mrs Peters, both lived in the same block of flats, I’ve never really met them and just post their papers through the letter box, when they eventually answered the intercom and let me in to the block.

My last customer was Mr Redbrook, he was actually the caretaker at my school and lived in a small house just outside school property, I knocked on his door and he answered the door wearing his bathrobe as usual, he was always flirty with me at school, some would say it was highly inappropriate but I like it and thought it was sweet, every Sunday he’d invite me in for a cup of tea and some chocolate cookies, which we’d have at his kitchen table and have a friendly discussion about school.

After finishing the tea and cookies he pulled out his chair and opened his bathrobe, he was naked underneath, “Have you got time?” he asked, holding and flapping his hard cock towards me, “Always.” I replied, springing to my feet and kneeling on his cold kitchen floor before reaching out and tugging on his cock, “It’s harder than last week, you’re doing well.” I said, he had a problem with impotence and I’ve been helping him out once a week to try and get him up.

I had to take my top off and show him my tits just to keep him motivated and stop his cock going soft, “You can do it.” I said, tugging away on his shy manhood and cheering him on, I had to spit on his cock a few times to lubricate it because it was drying up, and I tugged and I tugged until it happened, he ejaculated big time, luckily I angled away his cock so it didn’t land all over me, I liked to lick the tip of his cock when he was finished, just so I got something out of it.

And he was my last customer for the day, I put my raincoat back on and headed home, ready for another long week delivering my newspapers and sucking and fucking my customers.

You’re wondering why I do that every Sunday aren’t you? – well, because I like it, I’m a massive slut who loves cock, so what. I’m 14 by the way, in case you were wondering.

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