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Clueless at 11

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daddy brainwashes me at 11 when my mommy left us

i am 15 now and somewhere safe. i was 11 when my daddy started brainwashing me to doing bad things with him.

it started when i came home from school, mommy was nowhere to be found but i found a letter in my room, it was from mommy she told me she was gonna get me.

daddy suddenly walked inside the room with a bottle on his hand and he looked drunk. he threw the bottle near my head, it hit the wall. daddy then told me to pick the shattered glass.

i was scared so i didn’t and he got mad. he pulled me by the hair and screamed at my face. i started crying and his mood suddenly changed and comforted me. i wore a uniform for school, he told me it was hot and he took my panties off.

he sat down on my bed and made me sit on his lap. he started kissing my neck and he told me he was sorry and he was gonna be nice.

he became super nice and he was touching and comforting me always. one day i came home he told me he was gonna give me a bath because its hot. he was also gonna wash my uniform with me. he took my panties off and placed my skirt higher. he took me to the bathroom and there was already water on the bathtub. he placed me down and first told me to tie my hair.

when i tied it he pulled it lightly and told me he wanted to play a game. he started wetting my blouse, i was wearing a white tank top underneath. he ripped the blouse and started massaging my chest. my breasts were in the process of growing, he askes what they were and he took his hands under and played with my nipples. i kept quiet.

he made me bend down my ass was on his face and he told me he was gonna wash my flower first. he started playing with it. i didn’t know what it was at that time but my flower was getting slippery. he started licking it and i cried a little. he did this for maybe 3 minutes and he sat down on the toilet with his pants open.

he was holding his dick and he told me to lick it too because he licked mine. i nodded and sat down before him and i started licking the tip. it didn’t taste nice so i told him i didn’t want it. he suddenly forced it inside my mouth and started pushing my head up and down. i couldn’t breathe and i was crying.

i felt like dying. my eyes closed and i didn’t know what happened after that. i woke up in his bedroom i wasn’t wearing clothes. daddy told me he washed them so i should just stay by him for a while. daddy started comforting me again and he was kissing my body.

he asked if my flowee was clean, he made me bend down and he started licking it again.

tell me if you want part 2

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  • Reply Spoty

    I could use a finish.

  • Reply Tasha

    Yes i want a part 2

  • Reply Ree Ree

    I would love to see hear about a part 2. My dad used to do the exact same thing to me. He couldn’t stop pumping me full of all of his forbidden incestuous cum.

  • Reply Anonymously

    What size bra do you wear?

  • Reply young female masturbator

    i want part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6???

  • Reply Godwin

    Part 2

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  • Reply Dave

    Part 2 please

  • Reply Janine

    really nice story! part 2!

  • Reply yessssss

    part 2 plz

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver

    Very nice story would really like to hear more

  • Reply Anonymous

    it was bad of him

  • Reply Ben

    That was wrong with your dad did to you in both of you need help.

    • Dumbass

      It’s a STORY!