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Author: Mindy

I went too far 2

So after Tom took me. Idk how else to describe it. He left to get his date and my husband got home and got cleaned up. I was feeling so guilty. I knew I couldn’t tell him. Tom came... #

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I went to far

Just a quick story about a year ago my husband was late coming home from work. We were supposed to go out with his friend and his gf On a double date. It got delayed cause my husband... #

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My son’s best friend

This is a fantasy of mine, I had numerous requests for stories or follow up. I will give a follow up of when I wrestled so the next day ,weeks &months # #

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First wife fun

So my first wife was raised in foster homes. She had a rough life. Told how she was molested by her brothers and her dad at different time’s growing up. He dads encounter drove me... # # # #

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Emotional incest

This is a story idk if many would understand. Sharing some other stuff I thought this might help me grow instead of keeping it a secret for so long. # #

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My dog

Okay this is more of a confession. My husband was working late again. They are short help and I had gotten off work at 7 and he called said he was working a double won’t be home till... #

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My brother

Why is it little brothers always try to peek at their own sisters? My brother is 11 and he won’t stop. I caught him lots I have to stuff toilet paper in keyhole in bathroom cause... # # #

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