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My brother

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Why is it little brothers always try to peek at their own sisters?
My brother is 11 and he won’t stop. I caught him lots
I have to stuff toilet paper in keyhole in bathroom cause he peeks
It’s too embarrassing to tell mom and dad
He denies doing it even when I catch him on knees at door.
My best friend said her brother would grab her butt all the time.
She’s the only one I tell about it.
Mom and dad thinks he’s so good.
What can I do to make him stop?
I want to punch the twerp.
We just got home from school ,mom and dad won’t be home for another hour. And he is already bothering me.

Smacking my butt. Following me around the house. Trying to come in when I was changing. He knew I was . And tried saying he didn’t. He wearing me out with his non stop attention.
My best friend told me to lock my door butt I have no door lock.
She just lets her brother watch her she doesn’t care.
Any one else know away to stop my brother from being a perv?

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  • Reply Riya ID:5rhtebaehj

    Lol, even my dad and brother does that too. I don’t care that much. Just enjoy them peeking at my body, I know my body is attractive, haha.

  • Reply Adi ID:5rhtebaehj

    I also used to do that when I was his age 😅, but I eventually stopped doing it. I guess it’s ok, he will get bore of it one day, for doing it everyday. You shouldn’t care about him that much, its just boys instict to get attracted to girls. He is also growing up so, I guess it’s fine to all this at such age.

  • Reply Petrina Bumsniffer ID:2vqxovikk0j

    Take a huge shit in his undies, then tell your parents that your Brother shit his pants and hid them in the fridge next to last night’s Chilli con Carne and the mashed Potatoes and the Dog is hungry but not for Feces that for damn sure.

  • Reply Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

    I think, to be honest, that you secretly just like what your brother is doing. I have had the same experiences with my sister, a couple of years older than me. Boys of the age of eleven or so can be very horny. Give it a try. Let him touch you at the utmost. Maybe he’s very gentle to you.
    If you want to know how I and my sister worked it out, contact me:
    [email protected]

  • Reply Jack ID:2vjqy4m2

    Ur 14 & he’s 11
    Let him watch & maybe share a shower
    Make some memories

  • Reply Mike ID:5q8ituf49d

    Mindy I’m 33 I’ll watch u Snapchat me jhonny sins

  • Reply CumptyDumpty ID:2c3gmr8d9b

    You should let him watch and service him and your dad. It’s your responsibility.

  • Reply Dannu1003 ID:305dce2k0a

    If I was you, I will turn the tables on him. I would time to the bed and rape him. What is virgin cock squirt into your pussy and then me and you grab a dildo fuck his ass until he comes again

  • Reply HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

    Hey Mindy, just let him see.. tell him he can’t tell anyone. Tell him you’ll show him only if he quits sneaking.

  • Reply Ethan ID:7bthpc06ii

    Try spying on him to get even.

  • Reply EmilyG ID:sbv8ds43

    I would find it a massive turn on. I would let him look through the key hole and see me.

    • Onesickdude ID:10zh6qgib0i

      Let him see you naked from time to time. Brothers and Dads should be the first the first to fuck you anyway

  • Reply Me ID:aly4g7qj

    Legit just tell your parents or catch him in the act while filming it and them show your parents.

    If nothing else, shove him to the ground everytime he does it

  • Reply AJ ID:2xn8xqgwoic

    How old are you

    • Mindy ID:7zv2u2g49i

      14 years

    • Jr ID:2yvs90rhr9

      Wow live to talk to u

    • Jr ID:2yvs90rhr9


  • Reply None ID:3q4fpapx49a

    Just let him ho harm