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I was wrestling with my son 1 & 2

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This is more of a confession than a fantasy. I never fantasized of anything of the sort. This was many years ago. As I have gotten older and my husband passed my son had married and has a family of his own. I find myself using this memory a lot when I masturbate..
I was a good mom I think. I had two sons and a daughter
The oldest was 8 years older than the his little brother and 9 than his little sister.
Tony had just turned 13 and. Had started wrestling in school.
His father thought it would be a get idea because he was always so hyper and rough house with his little brother.
So after a few practices I would have to pick him up after practice which was after school and usually was late.
So he was pumped all excited telling me about the moves he was learning and how he pinned a friend that day.
So he went on throughout the evening
Tony was 120 lbs weight class and he explained the weight differences
Well is just said I would be in your weight class then laughing.
My husband drives truck and he was away for a couple days.
His little brother and sister who was 5 and 3 was ignoring our conversation focusing on Disney channel that was on.
My son said you are right I could practice with you so I can get better.
I said oh no we are not wrestling in the house.
He said please mom I can show you how good I been getting.
I had just gotten out of shower. I had just put on one of his dads t shirts and panties which I usually slept in. Tony kept begging so I finally agreed and he said he wanted to show me the knee slide escape he learned.
So he got on his knees and had me get over him.
I had a limited knowledge of wrestling so I knew what he was talking about. Every time he escaped me and finally he said you try it now. So I sit on my knees. Tony put his arms around my belly and several times I tried and every time I ended up on my belly with him on top of me.
He was laughing at me so I said yea but you didn’t pin me.
So the next try he ends up locking his arm under my shoulder and rolled me over ended up on top of me. I was kicking and trying to get up and he held my arms trying to get my shoulder down I pulled my legs up and started laughing as he pinned me. We got up I l laughed because I realized it looked like we were in missionary position and they called this wrestling.
My son wouldn’t have understood.
So I was getting tired but Tony wanted to try it again so I did.

He gets me rolled over and I keep rolling from side to side . Trying to escape and someone watching with a dirty mind would see the inappropriate position.
Tony was just in his boxers. He kept reaching down trying to get my Leg up so he could hold my shoulder down.
I kept rocking back and forth. He finally gets my legs up pinned to my sides but I had shifted and was still keeping my shoulder off carpet.
He started rocking his weight trying to force me down he couldn’t because I had managed to get my one shoulder under me.
After a minute I realized the position we was in. And his weight Almost more imitated sex. I didn’t laugh this time I felt him push against me every thrust let’s just call it as I see it. Pushed me up further sliding on carpet. We were both a little sweaty from the physical exertion and breathing hard. I was getting tired. Really didn’t notice my panties was sliding off my ass because I was sliding up floor. I was pinned looking back but neither realized it as tightly as he was pushing me and my knees was literally against carpet on either side of me.
Finally my head was against couch and didn’t slide anymore.
It happened all at once with another thrust my panties had slips off my ass like inside i didn’t even realize it. And once I stoped sliding his last push his cock shoved into me.
The shock was like a punch in gut.
It took my breath away. I could get out a sound only look up at Tony. Tony said oh shit mom! And didn’t pull out he slammed me several more times I squeak out a Tony! Barely audible.
Two or three more thrust he came saying mom I’m sorry as he collapsed on me letting go of my legs.
He rolled off me I immediately felt his come running out of me down my butt.
I pulled my panties up quickly. And was still shocked I acted like I didn’t know what he had done. His Dick had came through his pee hole in his boxer’s
He was quickly tucking it in I pretended like I didn’t notice.
I said I think I am about worn out. Enough wrestling for tonight. It was late I told the other two time for bed and they got up and ran to their rooms.
Tony went also not looking at me.
I go in a few minutes later and tuck them in and went and said good night to Tony and shut his light out.
I went and got a shower again.
I look in mirror I had rug burn on my tail bone just above my butt and my knees was pinned to my sides so they had small rug burns on them. I was still in denial on what actually happened. In till I felt more come drip out of me when I sat on toilet and pee. Tired I go to bed and can’t sleep.
Not realizing from the shock of situation I was aroused.
Rolling over I felt wet I reach down to feel myself and a pulsing sensation sweeping over me. And my hand pressed against my panties in voluntarily and I snap into one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Passing out or drifting off to sleep I wake in the morning to the smell of sweat my hand still between my legs. My panties was soaked like I pee myself.
I go to bathroom and strip off getting into shower.
Instantly feeling the burn from the carpet burn on my back.
I gingerly wash off and get out of shower. Rubbing lotion on the small of my back and the tops of my knees.
My mind is still foggy. If it wasn’t for the carpet burns
And sourness between my legs I would think it was a dream.
Soar ness between me legs I think. I sit on edge of tub and look. My inner thighs was showing bruising and I was swollen and red on my lips. I stand up before the full length mirror. And could clearly see my lips was swollen puffy. I reach down and tenderly touch myself. Instantly my legs buckle and I drop to my knees on floor. It was hyper sensitive l, hard to explain
Soar. A raw soar feeling with a pleasant tingle making my legs weak.
I get up and slip my robe on not wanting to wear panties of have anything touch me.
I am confused , my memory was foggy of the encounter.
It wasn’t that long was it?
How long was it after my panties slip off? I really couldn’t recall it all. I remember him the first time when he thrusted into me, did he pull his Dick out?
Did it happen by accident? Was it intentional? I didn’t know . The entire thing seems like it was only a minute or less. Why do I have bits and pieces that say it could have been more?
I looked Nat my phone it was only 7 am. I got up I thought it was late. I still feel like I am in shock. I shake my head clearing my mind.
I hear the little ones going down hallway so I know I need to go get them some breakfast ready. I go downstairs and get them some cereal out.
My son laughed at me. I ask him what’s so funny? You are walking funny mommy. I didn’t relay it I was walking with my legs stiff and apart because I was soar.
I said mommy is a little stiff this morning.
He’s a smart boy for his age. Probably from you and Tony wrestling last night. I am embarrassed but smile be said probably.
They went on eating cereal and I go back to my thoughts on what actually happened last night.
To be continued.

Part 2

So the little ones went back to watching tv after breakfast. Normally I spend more time with them but I wasn’t feeling great and still was trying to peace together the night before.
Tony was still in bed. I go to my room slipping my robe off. I lie down and close my eyes thinking about what happened. Trying to peace together every thing.
Ok I was pretty clear to the wrestling part. The last time he was trying to pin me.He pulled my legs up. This is where my mind went foggy. I I remember him rocking on me. Then I sliding up carpet. I remember looking over at other two.
Why was I looking. They were watching tv not paying any attention to us. Tony slams into me and my elastic waistband on my panties slipped off my ass . This was almost immediately. I Remembered that now. Then l looked over realized my butt was exposed and . I pause trying to remember. I should be telling Tony to stop. But I didn’t. I look over to make sure the other two are still watching tv and not us. I remember getting dizzy. I keep checking on other two still making sure they are not watching.
I free my hand as Tony is still wrestling me not able to free them completely. I take my feet and wrapped them behind Tony’s back.
The memory comes flooding back to me like a punch.
I went into shock that night. I didn’t do anything to stop the situation and let it happen. Even helped in a sick way.
Tony was dry humping me. I knew it and I knew he wasn’t wrestling anymore. I don’t think he realizes what he was doing. I haven’t been with his dad for a couple weeks.
My panties had slipped off. He had me pinned but neither was paying attention to that. He let go of my legs and was holding himself up on floor. My feet went down and I gripped his boxers with my toes and slipped them down. His cock hit home in one thrust and I almost blacked out it hurt and felt so good at same time. I was getting aroused remembering it. He moaned out of shit mom and started to pull out. My feet slammed around him and my arms flung around him holds him tight into me. He fought against my grip for a second I remember whispering to him it’s okay and he started slamming into me hard. Making me grunt. The entire time I looked over and made sure the other two was not seeing this.
They were into the show they were watching on tv.
My mind went blank. Tony went into a uncontrolled lust.
He was jackhammering into me. Using his feet for traction pushing me across the floor I remember whispering to him to keep quiet and then moaned out his name as I orgasm shot through me. My head spinning I passed out for how long I don’t know. I wake up my head was against the couch and we had slid a good 10 feet across floor. Tony was holding my legs up still hammering me against the floor.
I was numb and felt my body trembling under his assault.
I can’t control my breathing and realized I was holding my breath.
Tony was getting more intense as I was struggling to have the strength to hold my eyes open and another orgasm sweeping over me as I feel Tony jerk and moan mom out loud in my ear.
He rolled off me and my mind clears enough to see him pulling his boxers up from his knees and I looked away pretending nothing happened.

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  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    You got to be careful wrestling with your male cousins or nephews when they are going through puberty ! They will overpower you and try to fuck you ! Being the older aunt didn’t matter to them when their hormones are raging !!

  • Reply MJ ID:1dppb89sxpep

    GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reply MJ ID:1dppb89sxpep

    GREAT ONE!!!!!!!

  • Reply Jim aus ID:71ou0taghl

    Great story it’s good that you were practising wrestling with your son. At least now you have taught him sex as well.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ehpqf8rs2di

    need a follow up to this please so hot so far

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    I wrestled with my girlfriend and her mom on her bed I eventually ended up fucking the mom

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    I hope you continue with this story it’s freaking erotic as hell Mindy

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    Hot story
    And understandable the foggy memories.
    Mine was alot to different it was with my best friends son and he was older
    I will have to tell about it. Sometime.
    He was 17 and flirting so I flirted back and we got carried away. When I realized we were about to I got real light headed and dizzy looking back I can’t believe how worked up I got so quickly,

  • Reply MommyK4YLA ID:4aosk8glv9k

    This is such a hot story Mindy! Wow, what an experience to have. I bet you used that a few times to get yourself off to, i know i would! mommysturn80 at g dot com if you ever want to share some more with a like minded mommy 😉

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    What a great memory. You got your son’s seed, nobody was hurt. You experienced what all moms want but few get

    • MommyK4YLA ID:4aosk8glv9k


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      They should have wrestled again, and let it happen more than once