My budding little porn stars

I took advantage of Laura and Annie when they were sleeping and made them my little porn stars. They were magnificent. If only they knew. # # #

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Great tenderness

It wasn’t supposed to happen. As I write this I feel so muck tenderness and love. Being soaked in such and emotion. #

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Mum sold me

This is my story . I was 14 when it all happened . I know it’s not perfect but I needed to get it out there to help me # # #

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Raping a little girl in the park

I’m 16 and me and a few friends gangbanged a cute young girl in the park. She looked about 8 or 9 and was alone. The park is quite large with a good amount of hidden or hard to... # # #

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Perks of the job

I had sex with my boss’s 14 year old daughter at their New Years Eve party, it was made even better by the fact her dad was just a few feet away. #

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Halloween night and becoming a lover part 2

So after mom told me about it she said that I should go up and take a bath .I said ok I went to the bathroom room and ran tub and was getting undressed when mom came in an gave me a... # #

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Halloween night and becoming a lover

For days my best friend an I had been planning to dress up for Halloween. So with my mom help I dressed as a hot sexy woman since I was hairless an small framed and I mean I went all... #

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Dark Web Pt1

“See, I told you I would use you, and you might be destined to spend the rest of Ur life a whore but your my little whore and I will look after you” # # #

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Moms ladies night

When I was 12 my mom had a ladies night that turned very weird and it was the night I lost my virginity. It wasn’t normal but it was great. # # #

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My dad

I am small smooth an hairless have been since birth. Well my parents where very open minded. From a young age I remember my mom dressing me up as a girl even having my ears pierced... # #

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Can I help you, Miss.

I helped my pregnant teacher carry her shopping home and she seduced me in to having sex with her. It was amazing. and I felt it kick. # #

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