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Misty and Roo

7402 Words πŸ‘€ Chapter One Misty The five & dime had closed hours ago. It was dark, and the only lights seemed yellow and distant. A limousine swept to a stop alongside the dark store, the trunk...
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Four Hours with Him

3969 Words πŸ‘€ My wife and I share a close friendship with an old friend of mine. But is it more for her? What do you think? Is it more or is it all in my mind?
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She said She Dreamed It

1430 Words πŸ‘€ My wife has a dream that involves my best friend who travels a lot for his job and is very independent, confident, intelligent, and interesting in a kind of rough unkept way.
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My unsuspecting sister

309 Words πŸ‘€ One morning I was home alone with my older sister. She’s very hot, has a round ass and nice tits and is beautiful too. She didn’t know I was home because I was supposed...
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My sleeping sister

442 Words πŸ‘€ Once my family went on holiday to Spain. We had a hotel room which contained two beds in seperate bedrooms. I of course slept in a bed with my sister. She’s the hottest person...
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Richard and Conan Tag Team

4160 Words Richards Story For the tenth time in as many minutes Richard cursed his decision, he could have been back at the friendly lodge, in front of a warm log fire, a glass of single malt...
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My married sister

273 Words πŸ‘€ Hi I’m a 42 year old Indian guy…was married to my wife for 15 years and had two kids…my sister who is 43 years old and married to her husband for 18 years and has three...
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Ass fucking Ranjana Desai

864 Words πŸ‘€ At a dating site I, once, befriended Ranjana Desai, a Gujarati girl from Surat, 27-years old. Our conversation started through SMS over a mobile phone, but soon she one day called me....
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Fucking my little grand daughter

918 Words πŸ‘€ My father was a big business man. He married four times as circumstances called. he was 35 when his first wife died. He married again but the second wife also died after seven years....
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