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Schools out pt 3

10 year old Laura has Discovered the joy of orgasms and can’t get her little fill. Stephanie, her mom, a lawyer, as a business trip and will be gone # #

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Cow pussy

All fucked up on coke and i was extra horny to fuck my sister, i tried everything to convince her to leave a party with me, but that never happened, #

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A young teen sex lover PT 1

I m fourteen yrs old, with small perky tits ,firm slim body , and a tight pussy and ass. School was almost over for the summer and I had just finished my gym class I was wearing shorts... # #

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The night it started

I was 17 when I had my daughter. Her dad didn’t stick around long after she was born but that was ok. A few years later I met my now husband and we had the twins. When my daughter... # # # #

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Follow up too wife takes a boy

A couple of people asked is there a follow up and hoped there was ? Well there is and it went like this … my wife indulged me in my fantasy by allowing a young boy to have sex with... #

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Ariel’s new friend

It’s been about a week after my grandfather’s passing. I begin to mourn about his loss, and missed him so much. I missed the days when he would let me spend a whole day fucking... # # #

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My Fuck Buddy

Ok it’s almost a hundred degrees here. The sun is out and I’m putting on my white thong and going to the pool. I grab a towel, lotion and off I go. There’s no one here, nice.... # #

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Growing up was fun , especially moving into the city . Dad and mum both worked and myself and the time was 15 , my little sister talyssa was 10, school was great , met heaps of new... # # # #

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My friends mum [part 3]

Val cooked bacon and eggs, even though it was 8:30 at night, that is what she felt like so that’s what we had. I kept looking at her, i saw a different person to the one I knew... # # #

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Oh daddy

Shortly after I turned eleven was when I discovered how good it felt when I rubbed my hand over my little dick. It would get hard and maybe just a little bigger. From then on almost... # # #

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Seduced by a student Part 1

Laura Pinsley a.k.a. Ms. Pinsley is the favored teacher of most of the students at Rockfield Middle School. One student in perticular. # #

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