My Niece and I (Our 1st Experience)

My 12 year old niece, Liunice, came to our house to visit for 1 week since it’s vacation already. She is the same age as mine so having her in is fine, since I’m bored anyway... # # #

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His loss is my gain

My nephew was stupid, he had an amazing beautiful girl and he threw it away. He missed out on something incredible, she’s mine now, all mine. # # #

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My mom found my spunk in her panties

Ever since i hit puberty i looked at my mom differently, she was pretty attractive with a slim hot body. As a 14 year old I was always thinking about sexual activity every other minute... # # #

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Grandpa Daddy

I confessed to mom that I was pregnant with Grandpa’s baby, but her reply and confession to me was worse than mine to her. # # #

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Tie dye sex kit

I fucked my sister in the bath tub while trying to scrub tie dye off her that she accidentally covered herself in. # # # #

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Trish’s obsession

When I was fifteen a group of my friends on the school baseball team were in the school’s change rooms smoking marijuana when the Vice Principal walked in. Since I happen to be the... # #

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Crossdresser and Best friend part 2

Well the rest of the day we kissed an made out. I sucked him and he licked my glued down boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole. So this went on for a few days. We even got up the nerve... # # #

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Brothers wet dream

My best friend took advantage of my brother while he was having a wet dream. Its a shame he doesn’t know what she did. # # #

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The best girlfriend ever

I met Mia online and we started going out. One day we explored each other’s bodies and ended up having sex for the first time. And ever since… # #

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