Summer with my uncle pt1

I m 15 yrs old with 28 d tits and a slim body, my dad sent me to visit my uncle for the summer and I went after I arrived at the airport my uncle picked me up and we went to his home... #

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Please Don’t Do This

Well it’s been three months. I have a little baby bump showing and the doctor said everything is fine. Stelton and I are having sex everyday so that keeps me happy. I’m in a good... #

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As a child one of my favorite times was family vacations, especially road trips. The most memorable one took place when I was 15 years old, I was the middle child. Our family consisted... # # #

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Prison Life III

Mark Steaver drove north through Washington State. It had been six weeks since he’d been released from prison, the infamous Folsom prison in California. On his first day free, he’d... # # #

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The Plumber

The plumber not only cleaned out the pipes..he filled my virgin pipes with his hot liquid.. # # #

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Degrading fat bitch

Degrading a fat woman- caution it’s not nice so if you’re sensitive don’t read. I love watching fat bitches get fucked and eat. #

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Border collie

My parents left me at home with my golden retriever and border collie (male and female) this part is real (Not the others paragraphs) i like to think of them as my body guards but that’s... #

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It’s Over

It’s a Saturday morning and Stelton just gave me my morning fuck. My cell rings and it’s Rocky. He asks Carol where are you. I tell him I’ll come over and we need to talk. I ask... #

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Jeremy walked in the door, exhausted after a long day at work. All he wanted to do was put his feet up, drink a cold beer, and forget about his asshole boss. As he closed the door behind... # #

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Taboo with my brother

Friends, I Honey am again present before you with a new and true story. I study in 11th class of school and am going through that phase of youth when human sexual desire is at its peak.... # # # #

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the neighbor lady

im not a story writer, this happened years ago when i moved to a new place to live as did the neighbor with her spouse and three kids. # #

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