My Chinese neighbour

It started with me when I was 10ish my Stepfather used to make me wank him when my mother was at work by the time it was a every other day thing . Things changed when I was 12 as one... # # #

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The Twins 3: Family Vacation

Read “THE TWINS” to understand what’s going on So I’m going to fast forward the story a little bit. I am now 13 and my step sisters are 11. We did a family trip... # # #

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My F.T.F.

I had a pool party at my house. My 19-year-old daughter Kate brought her college roommate and bestie Jenna to the party. I’m a gym rat and exercise nut. I was sitting poolside,... #

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The Twins 2: some more fun

Read The Twins to understand what’s going on. I went to bed that night. I was hoping the girls would sneak in again but they didn’t. I woke up to Erin licking the head of... # # #

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The Twins

Growing up my mom and dad divorced. I lived with my mom who got remarried when I was 8 to a widower. As the story beings I am now 10 years old and my twin step sisters were 8. I have... # # # #

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