Step Family

I was a 40 year old Single mother of a 13 year old Daughter. Me and my baby Jessica was living alone since my Ex Husband left us when she was a little baby. After many failed relationships... # # # #

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Breaking in Brooke pt.2

(warning: violent if you can stomach it, then just click off) All of the girls I’ve had in my life succumb to me inevitably, and unexpectedly, Brooke, the youngest, was the last... # # # #

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If they only knew

I was waiting for my friend to come home and was in his house alone with his older sister. She had an accident and I used the opportunity to rape her. # # #

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Cash upfront

I offer a service to the boys at school to make extra money to buy nice things. #

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Do you want to fuck me

I thought she was a normal little girl, how wrong I was. She was so amazing and incredible at sex, I miss her and want one of my own. # #

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Drunken sex

I got home after a night out with my best friend, we caught my little brother jerking off in my bed, and we ended up having a drunken threesome. # # # #

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