Me and Bestfriend

So me and my friend haven’t seen each other in a good while and we have some gay history together. I’ve sucked his cock and stuck it in him a couple times, but never cummed. He... # #

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A new boy in a new neighborhood

Me my parents and my smaller brother he was 5 i 9yearsold arrive in our new house in a another town because of my dad job as police office.I was feeling strange i had to lose my friends... # # #

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Karina Way

The more accepted definition of #CovertIncest is a relationship where family members are more like a Spouse, without the actual physical intimacy… # # #

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Wetting panties

So after my last story and people not been nice and getting a lot of hate on insta I have a lot of stories to tell so on a side not let me tell you how I like to wet my panties as you... # #

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I’m my dads favorite

My and my mom are in my life and I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters Joshua Lilly Jacob and rose and recently my mom and dad split up and while everybody picked my mom I picked my mom I... # # #

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Obsessed with Oral…

Good day, it’s your chivalrously wicked, naughty knight here. This time I have a confession, coupled with a true tale, of my obsession with oral sex # #

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