The Babysitter

I was 17 years old, I was asked to babysit for a family friend, I said ok. I was dropping off at the house where I meet Martha 10 yr. & Mike 7yr. # # #

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Abusing my sleepwalking sister

She sleepwalks every night and she’s so deep in a sleep or trance that I can do anything to her and she doesn’t wake up. I’m fucking her all the time. # # #

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Getting Educated by my Cousin

The following is the true story of how I was raped and abused in fifth grade by an older cousin, but the grooming and such started much earlier, when I was not quite a first grader.... # # #

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She was high and I was hard

I found a girl walking the streets, she was high on drugs, so I took her home and convinced her young impressionable mind to let me fuck her. # # #

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Childhood relations 2

Hope you’ve read the first part of childhood relations. I filled her mother’s mouth with my load which swallowed to the last drop. She licked my dick off the left over cum.... # #

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Born to serve

I believe I was born a girl because my purpose is to pleasure boys cocks. That’s all I do, it’s all I want to do. I love doing it. # # #

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