Watching some kids return

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Two girls return to the bushes to look for their lost panties

I never expected any of those kids to come back to where I had spied them experimenting sexually with each other a few days earlier. They were a lot more confident than I gave them credit for.

I was chilling in the sun room again, just like I had on the day I saw them out back. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and then they were there, at my window, knocking on it. Two very young girls. I recognised them as being from the group who were fooling around in the bushes behind my house.

I got up and opened the sliding door to find out what they wanted.

Can I hep you girls I asked.

Yes mister, they said, we were playing behind your house a couple of days ago and we left some stuff behind, but it is not there now and we wondered if you know what happened to it.

What kind of stuff, I asked, knowing exactly what stuff.

Err, some clothes one said.

What, jumpers and things I asked.

Panties, one girl replied, we left our panties there.

How on earth did you come to leave your panties there I asked, smiling.

Look mister, one of the girls said, we know you saw what we were doing and we heard your door open and you coming up the garden towards us. We ran off before we could put our panties back on because everyone ran and we were swept up in the panic. It makes sense that you must have our underwear and we want it back.

I thought that they might not want it back when they saw the state of it. I had used all the panties for wanking over the last couple of days and they were all a bit crispy.

I did find some stuff in the bushes and I brought it in, in case you came back for it, I said. Come in, sit down and I’ll go and get what I have.

They followed me in and perched on the settee. They were pretty little things. One was about 4 ft 10 ins with long dark brown hair and big brown eyes. She wore a light woollen top with multicoloured horizontal stripes across it and tight blue jeans. Her name was Jessica.

The other girl was a couple of inches taller with shoulder length blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She wore a thin pale yellow cotton t-shirt and a light blue summer skirt. The outline of her bra was clearly visible through her shirt and her tits were small and pert from what I could see. Her name was Mandy.

I offered them a drink of cola and some potato chips which they accepted.

I brought the clothes I had collected down in a cardboard box. The smell of my semen was strong even for me.

I told them to fish out their panties.

They dug in, seemingly not to notice the smell.

Mandy came up with a small yellow pair and Jessica with a pink pair. Eww, said Jessica, these are all covered in something. She dropped the panties back into the box. Yuk, so are mine Mandy said holding them away from her body by thumb and forefinger before dropping them onto the floor beside her.

What have you done to our panties, Jessica asked.

I thought why not be honest.

I have used them to wank with, I told them. The stains are my sperm.

Really, said Mandy, do you get off on little girls panties?

Clearly I replied. They are so small and delicate and have such lovely colours and patterns. They feel so great on my cock, I announced boldly trying to shock them.

They didn’t look shocked, in fact they looked intrigued.

Mandy stood up and said show us. Show us what you do with our panties.

I’m not putting my dick back on those panties until they are washed, I said. They are all crunchy, not at all what my cock needs.

Mandy lifted her skirt showing a beautiful peach pair of panties which she removed and handed to me. Go on, she said, are these fresh enough for you.

I took the delicate garment from her. It was still warm. So I pulled down my boxers causing my hard cock to spring out. I wrapped the panties around my cock and began wanking. It felt amazing. I probably could have shot my load in a couple of minutes if I carried on, but Mandy wanted her panties back.

I thought she was going to put them back on and leave. She didn’t. She leaned back on the couch and began rubbing her pussy with the panties. Her pussy looked all red and puffy.

I didn’t know what to say, they had out shocked me, well at least Mandy had.

Not wanting to be left out , Jessica walked over and stroked my cock. It’s huge she said. I suppose it was compared to the little 10 yo cocks she had experienced so far. She properly grabbed it, her little fingers not fully encircling it, and pulled my foreskin back. She knelt and put my exposed cock head between her lips. Shit, that looked and felt incredible.

Mandy discarded her panties and demanded I come and eat her out. That pussy looked so inviting that I almost tripped on my shorts as I stepped out of them and headed between her legs. Jessica released my cock, removed her jeans and pretty purple panties, and sat next to Mandy with her legs apart and beautiful bald little pussy on display.

I went to work on Mandy’s pussy with my tongue and worked Jessica’s clitoris with my fingers. They were both writhing and bucking their hips. I switched to Jessica with my tongue and Mandy with my fingers. Both were sopping wet and moaning with pleasure. I swear, one touch on my cock at that point and I would have gone off like a fire hose.

I helped them both out of their shirts and bras leaving Jessica naked except for little white socks and Mandy with just her blue skirt bunched around her waist.

I used my hands on both girls pussies whilst alternating between their tits. It was whilst I had Mandy’s nipple in my mouth that she orgasmed loud, wet and long. Jessica wanted my cock in her and wanted to be on top. So I lay on my back and let her lower herself until she had inserted my throbbing knob all the way in to her tight pussy.

A bare ass and pussy belonging to Mandy descended on my face and I ate hungrily whilst Jessica bounced enthusiastically on my cock. I was lost in a sea of lust and pleasure,

I was holding my orgasm off for dear life, enjoying every second of the experience.

Jessica came loudly on my cock, squeezing it hard with her contractions. As if choreographed, they swapped places and Mandy’s even tighter pussy gripped my cock and started riding. Jessica was rubbing her very hot and wet pussy over my face. I grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them and forced my tongue into her asshole. She squealed and came again.

I had enough being on the bottom and flipped Mandy onto her back and fucked her hard. Jessica planted her pussy on Mandy’s face and matched my rhythm. That was too much for me and I exploded balls deep against little Mandy’s cervix. Her passage filled up quick and sperm leaked out of her stretched pussy past my dick.

I rolled off in sexual ecstasy.

The girls went full 69 on each other until both climaxed and were spent. They were as exhausted as I was. My cock was red raw and both girls had very red pussies with swollen puffy lips and gaping holes. My cock had certainly stretched those holes beyond what they had experienced before.

They both lay on the floor on their stomachs with their little bare bottoms in the air. Christ what a sight. I really wanted to fuck both up the arse, but I was spent and my cock was burning.

We dressed.

Jessica was the first to speak. That was fantastic she said. Your dick is so fat and felt so bloody good inside me. Mandy said, you ate my pussy better than anyone ever.

I told them that they were the best fuck I ever had – that was no word of a lie.

Is it ok if we come back another time, Jessica said.

I’d be devastated if you didn’t I replied.

They left wearing the underwear they arrived in but left behind the crusty ones, which I washed and dried before returning them to their home in my wardrobe. Plenty more pleasure to be had from those and hopefully from the two girls.

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