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I want to fuck my 12 year old daughter part 3

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I was fucking Tanya every chance I could she was loving this

I had finished cutting the grass and was wondering what Tanya was doing after our earlier sex session in the shed, I went in the house and headed up to her room as I opened the door to her room she said daddy daddy i need you to help me ,I looked she was in her bed as i walked to her bed she pulled the covers down and she was wearing her school uniform but also stockings .
What he’ll do you want Tanya, she said I been naughty and you have to tell me off ,I’m sorry I will do as I’m told what do you want as she lay legs open in her bed ,I’ve always wanted to fuck her in her uniform as she looks younger , come over to the end of the bed and lye on your back with your head over the end and let me put my cock down your throat, she slid over as I took off all my clothes her head was over the end her mouth open as I pushed my cock in ,she gagged as I pushed right in and pulled out I could see it in her throat as I pumped her she was gagging checking as I pumped her ,I looked at her body in her uniform I lent forward and ripped her blouse open shevhad on a white bra with a unicorn on it always turns me on when she wears underwear with kids pictures on, I reached further and pull up her pleated school skirt to reveal matching panties my cock still pumping in and out getting ready to flood her throat as it shoots out into her throat she’s pushing me off ,I pull out still shooting over her face and blouse ,she coughing and spluttering as my cum drips down her face, she has tears in her eyes from the gagging as I spin her around and pull her panties down open her legs and plough my face into her pussy her little legs each side of my head my tounge deep in her pussy her voice saying daddy daddy your so good it feels so good I’m going to cum, as I felt her juices on my tongue I licked away she was bucking like mad.
I pulled my head away and my now hard cock was ready to enter her I pulled her legs towards me and pushed my cock into her pussy it being so wet it slipped in easy as I banged her pussy my balls hitting her she was shaking her head her hair everywhere Ohh daddy ohh daddy she was shouting as I picked up the speed getting ready to fill her womb with my cum , her legs gripping me as she orgasmed on my cock her body shaken like she was having a fit as my cock let the first stream of cum shoot up her pussy then another stream followed by a smaller 3rd, I was filling her like never before as she collapsed on the bed I pulled put and looked at her lying shaken on the bed .
I opened her legs watching my cum drip out of her pussy She lay in her school skirt and ripped blouse.
I had filled her up she was still shaken I was shaken too.
Hopefully my little girl will become pregnant from my sperm .


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    I love fucking young schoolgirls in uniform