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A Camping Trip with Four Cousins

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some incest curiosity playing around with cousins in a tent

Me, Sage and my sister, Patchouli were camping for the first time. I had just turned 10 and she was turning 9 this year.
This camping trip was for my birthday, it wasn’t our parents who took us, but our aunt and uncle with our cousins who were Amber(12) and Autumn (7)
The swimming and hiking during the day wore my aunt and uncle out, so it was just us girls left at the end of the day. It was dark and the campfire was still going, uncle said it would burn out on its own eventually when we go to sleep. But we were not tired, we giggled and giggled for a couple hours at jokes and some funny tests in our teen magazines.
Me and Patchouli had messed around with each other before but we weren’t sure if Amber and Autumn would be weirded out or not so we kept ourselves appearing normal.
Amber was the first one to say “let’s play a little game, I’m bored.” then she took her shirt off to expose her cute lace bra. “come on, Autumn, you know,” as she smiled at her sister.
My panties were getting soaked, ” What game are we going to play?” I asked.
Amber said “take off your shirt, yours too, Chouli!”
My sis looked at me and we both shrugged and took our tops off showing off my little barely starting to develop boobs, nipples hard and my sister’s nipples.
Amber says “we aren’t really going to play a game, but aren’t you curious about each other?”
“yes” I said, playing with my nipples
Amber crawls from her side of the tent to mine and kisses me. a slow start but then she starts with her tongue for a few seconds “I’m very curious and me and Autumn have already …. done things”
“what kind of things?” Patchouli asks
Autumn speaks up “things with our vaginas and fingers…..and”
“tongues!” Amber finishes, Autumn blushes, “have you?”
I start to say something and Patchouli says “yes, we have, fingers, tongues and sometimes Ken dolls head!” we all giggle.
“then let’s play,” says Amber as she winks at me.
My sister pulls Autumn (her cousin) in for a slow kiss and caresses her little 7 year old nipples, she sucks on them and licks them and puts her fingers in her tight hole.
Me and Amber are so turned on by this, we start to kiss, she wiggles her tongue around in my mouth and we play with each other’s tongues, Amber knew what she was doing, she was going to be 13 soon, she must kiss boys at school I thought, she slips her fingers into my wet hole and wiggles it around, going in and out all while kissing me and playing with my nipple. I slide my fingers into her hole going in and out and she moans, I moan and I can tune in on the other girls moans. we continue to do this for a bit and I feel my orgasm come “I feel it coming” I say to Amber
Amber lays me down and starts licking my clit, fingering me still.
I see my sister licking our cousins clit and I hear her moans as I start to feel it….I gush a whole bunch of fluid and I crawl over Amber, kiss her and then lick her clit til she gets hers too.
We all finish around the same time and I give my other cousin Autum a juicy kiss because next time I want to taste her little 7 year old juice on my tongue………

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  • Reply Alexander ID:1ckpdqzda2o1

    Wow, nice sexy story, iam waiting for part 2.

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    Part 2 please