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Jenny and Jimmy Part 3

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Part 3:

“This has to be one of the dumbest idea ever!”, Jenny said

“No it is not! You two will love it!”, I said.

“Ok let me slam something the size of your dick up your butt!”, Jamie said

“No! No slamming! I will be gentle. Come on! You two will love it. We will use lube. It is like sucking dick you both thought it was gross at first but you like it now”, I said

They looked at each other. Reading each other’s thoughts. “Well”, Jenny said, “We have been meaning to talk with you about that. We kind of hate it! It is going to stop!”

“Whoa! What? Hey come on!”, I said

“Nah that is kind of gross! Plus it is so damn big and ugly!”, Jamie said

“Fine then! I think eating pussy is gross!”, I said

“Cool because we have each other for that!”, Jamie said kissing Jenny’s cheek.

“Wait! What? Wha wha when did this happen?”, I asked

They giggled and hugged and kissed each other’s cheek. I was in a panic my sex life crashing down around me but I figured out they were fucking with me. I sat down on the edge of my bed acting distraught.

They both busted out laughing. “We are going to Hell!” Jenny said to Jamie. “We almost had the poor boy in tears!”

Jamie came over and kissed my forehead. “You are so gullible!” She sat next to me and hugged me. “Come on! We are sorry! It was just a joke! We love you!”

I got up angrily. I opened my dresser and grabbed something. I did not let them see it and I stomped off to the bathroom.

“Ew he is pissed.”, Jenny said.

They both followed me and we’re standing outside the door apologizing.

I opened the door and I shot them. I was precise and dead on with my aim as I pulled the trigger on my water gun. I shot both of them and ran to my room. They chased me and tackled me on the bed and were kneeing me and hitting me playfully. We were all laughing. I kissed both their cheeks. Jenny held me down as Jamie got my dick out. “Come on let’s make him happy again.” Jamie said as she pulled my shorts down and they both went to work on my dick. Licking the sides and taking turns sucking on the head. I reached in Jenny’s shorts and caressed her ass. Moving a finger between her legs and caressing her labia. I felt a little moistness on my finger as I slid my finger in her. She moaned. She was now concentrating on my pleasuring her and lost interest in my penis. I pulled my finger out and spread her moistness to her clitoris with my finger. I was rubbing her clit in circles and then moving down to her hole and repeating. She loved it. Jamie gave up on her sister’s help and just went down on me and and sucked as hard as she could. I moaned loudly and I shot my load into her mouth. I laid there catching my breath and playing with Jenny’s pussy. I went to a thumb finger combo with Jenny. Pounding her pussy with my thumb as I rubbed her clit. Her ass cheeks tightened. “Mmmmmmmm”, she moaned. Her head rested on the bed as her body trembled, “mmmmm errrrrrr”, her legs went together as she grabbed the covers and moved her body towards me and then forward. She went into a light seizure as her orgasm peaked. She cringed, trembled and let out an “errrrrrr fuck Jim! Fuck me!” I rammed my fingers in out of her hard she let out a loud high pitched wince and she collapsed. Jamie went down my dick sucking hard as she could until I moaned loudly and shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed and giggled. We laid next to each other and relaxed.

“So the other thing was bullshit too right?”, I asked. They looked at each other. “I don’t like this shit! You two communicating just by looking at each other!”.

They giggled. “It is just a twin thing.”, Jenny said. “How about this? I will give you a ‘We’ll see?’ Fair enough?”

“No! When Mom and Dad say that it is good as a NO!”, I said

They giggled. Jennifer said, “Quit whining! You big baby! You get to eat pussy basically whenever you want it. We suck your dick for you!” She grinned and paused. “Reluctantly!!!”, they both looked at each other and laughed.

“Yeah it is big and ugly and gross!”, Jamie said. They were laughing hysterically.

“I can’t….I can’t deal with you two anymore! You are going to drive me insane!”, I said.

“That is the plan. Then Jamie gets your room!”, Jenny said

Jamie said, “you said you would take it! I don’t want a smelly boys room!” They both laughed.

“By the way Jenny you were hugging it to your face the other day and told me how much you love my dick!”, I said

“Uh huh. Uh huh. Well opinions can change!”, Jenny said. I laughed

Jamie got up and called Jenny over for a one on one. Jamie whispered to her privately.

“No don’t give in to him. Ease into this. Make him suffer. We can’t always give into him.”, Jenny whispered

“I love him!”, Jaime whispered. They giggled.

“I love him too! But we cannot spoil him.”, Jenny said

“You know I can hear you!”, I said. They giggled

“Ok, Ok Jamie will let you do it with some conditions. You stop when told to stop if you are hurting her, you will be gentle, and I monitor it.”, Jenny said

“What you in here while we have sex? Unheard of.”, Jenny smacked my arm and smiled

“Ok wise ass you agree to the terms?”, I nodded. I was a 13yo virgin boy I just wanted to sink my dick in something. Who cares who watches or what the terms are.

I got the KY JELLY from our parents room. Jenny got me hard again and rubbed the KY JELLY on my dick. I lubed up her anus with my finger. Her 12yo ass looked amazing. I lined my dick up with the hole. Her mouth dropped open and eyes got wide as my cock entered into her. I met some resistance so I pulled it back out and pushed back in again. “Uhhhh”, she said as I pulled and pushed until my whole cock was in her. I was gentle with her. Giving slow methodical thrusts as I took her anal virginity. I started thrusting a little harder as my cock slid inside her. She was getting into it now. Jenny laid down next to her sister and fingered her clit. “Stop smacking my hand with your balls dammit!”, Jenny said. I laughed.

“Do it harder Jim”, she said. I slammed my cock into her. “Oh goddammit”, she said. I rammed it into her again, “Ow you fucking asshole!”, she said

“Don’t use language like that young lady!”, I said. She told me to “fuck off”. I rammed her ass again. “Ewugghhh”, she grunted as I started pounding her ass.

“GENTLE!!”, Jenny said

“Shut up Jen!”, Jaime said

“Let this dumbass do it! He cannot follow simple instructions!”, she joked

I rammed her ass as hard as I could now. Her face gimmaced as I was jamming my dick in her. “Ow ahhhh ha”, she winced loudly as I fucked her ass unmercifully. “Errrrrr mmmmmmfffff”, she squealed as she grabbed the bed sheets and squeezed them tightly. Jenny rubbed her clit harder. “Errrr mmmmmmffffff”, she moaned as her ass cheeks clenched. “Awwww Jimmy!”, she yelled as I felt her pussy squirt juice on my sack as her orgasm peaked. She just laid her head on the bed. Out of energy now.

I continued showing her asshole no mercy as I pumped my hard cock in her ass. I felt my orgasm coming on. I felt my dick swelling as I pumped her hard. “Oh Jamie! Jamie, I love you!”, I said, “Awwwwww fuck”, I said as my nuts unloaded into her no longer virgin ass. I pulled out of her. She laid down on the bed. I laid next to her and Jenny laid next to me. Both my angels with their head on my chest.

“Gotta be so rough?”, she said

“You asked for it!”, I said

“Don’t think I will be ever the same inside again!”, she said. “Probably be shitting your cum the next couple days!!!”

“Quit your bitching!”, I said

Jenny laughed as Jamie tried getting up and was walking funny.

I said, “Don’t laugh! You’re next!”

“The Hell I am!”, Jenny said. Jaime and I laughed.

To be continued.

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  • Reply Hard rocker ID:gyfea0vgf0

    Yeah ok. For one this is not real. There is no Jenny and Jamie. It is just fantasy. It’s a story about kids finding love and learning about sex.

    • OJ ID:1dkkuhgsfpy0

      Aaah. I see. That makes sense. Okay okay.

      (Is there gonna be a part 4?)

  • Reply OJ ID:1dkkuhgsfpy0

    I love and hate this. Also, if you could record this, (As a 15 year old) I’d be very intrigued to see what sex as a younger teen looks like.

    I’m probably gonna get tossed into jail for this 😭

    • Hard rocker ID:1edqr4aiopn7

      It is just fantasy! There is no Jenny and Jamie. From the way you talk you might like it in prison.
      It’s just a story about kids finding love and learning about sex .

    • OJ ID:1dkkuhgsfpy0

      Sorry for the confusion btw