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Catholic school girl britney is raped by (mr. Bbj) on the way to school

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(mr. Bbj) rapes and sodomizes his little catholic school girl& nylon princess britney

Britney is 16 years old and her alarm went off at 6:am for school ,she goes to St. Mark’s catholic school so she got up and put on her catholic school uniform that consists of a white button down blouse with a black tie and a one piece blue jumper dress and navy blue tights with black 2 inch heel pumps .

She has long black hair that she keeps in a ponytail with a small white bow on the top of her head . She is 5’2 with a sexy figure and very busty 34DD tits , and she’s a virgin . She has never let her boyfriend touch her pussy , only feeling up and sucking her tits that she allowed him to do because of her strict catholic upbringing .

She left her house and started walking to her friend Kim’s house so they can walk to school together , as she got to Kim’s house ,she knocked on the door and Kim’s mom answered and told Britney that Kim is not feeling well so she won’t be going to school today .

Britney said she hopes she feels better and turned around and continued to walk by herself to school . While she was walking , Britney decided to take a shortcut through a deserted alley way , not knowing that she’s being stalked by a recently released rapist , whose been raping pretty ladies and school girls all his life , and because of the very liberal laws and District Attorney’s that won’t prosecute , he hasn’t spent a day in prison .

While walking down the deserted street, when suddenly she felt a hand grab her from behind , she opened her mouth to scream but the guy stuffed a rolled up nylon stocking in her mouth ,stopping her from screaming out .He pulled Britney into the deserted and darkish alley, hiding them from the main deserted street .

Britney was then roughly thrown over a trash can and her school jumper dress was yanked up above her waist ,she began to struggle as the guy ripped her navy blue tights open , and her pouty ass exploded out of the constricting nylon fabric , while his hand is rubbing all over her firm pouty ass .

She froze in fear as her pink lace panties are pulled down ,making it impossible for her to run with them snared around her knees .The guys hand slid over her ass , squeezing her ass cheeks hard and hurting her supple skin .

Britney squeezed her eyes shut as the guys fingers found her pussy .He started rubbing her pussy making her cry through the nylon stocking gag , that’s tied around her mouth and his laugh is coming from behind her , while his fingers toyed with her pussy lips .

He suddenly put three of his fingers in Britney’s pussy but she was surprised that she wasn’t hurt ,her pussy was dripping wet with her juices .Britney gasped as his fingers thrusted inside of her , as her body began shaking .

Britney began to cry when she heard him pulling his zipper down , She couldn’t move being bent over the trashcan .She felt the mans cock behind her , and she felt the dome shaped head of his huge cock rubbing up and down her wet pussy lips .Britney stopped struggling , as her sexy , navy blue , nylon covered legs , are spread out as far as they can go with her heel tips digging into the asphalt pavement. while the guys cockhead pushed through her virgin pussy causing her to jump and cry out in pain , as he pops and tears Britney’s hymen .

He pushed her head down again , not saying a word as his shoves his huge cock deep into her virgin pussy, causing her huge amounts of pain and pleasure passing through her ,almost causing her to black out while his huge cock stretched out the tight walls of her pussy , as his cock sank deeper into her .

Britney struggled to breathe through the nylon stocking gag , while her rapist completely buried his 10 inch cock as deep as he can , making her feel that she’s being ripped in half .

His hand slid up her blouse and went under her white lace brassier , brutally squeezing her erect nipple , while he kept thrust fucking her , and all she could say through the nylon stocking gag was , “Mmmmph”!! “MMmmmmmphh”!!!!! “MMmmmmmmmpph”!!!!

He still didn’t speak to Britney but grunted like a animal as he fucked and pounded her tight virgin pussy deep ,while she quietly cried , he had his way with her .Her body is responding in ways that she doesn’t understand , how could it feel so good having a stranger’s big cock fucking me from behind .

Suddenly Britney felt her plump and supple ass cheeks pulled apart and the man’s fingers sliding over the crack of her ass , making her tense up while she whimpered out through her nylon stocking gag ,
“MMmmmmpphh”!!!!! “Mmmmmmmmphhh”!!!!! “MMMmmmppphh”!!!

Britney knowing what her rapist is planning next , as he’s thrust fucking her hard over the trash can. while he has one hand on the back of her black nylon covered thigh , squeezing and feeling her thigh up , while she continues to whimper and shake her head back and fourth no .

As he tapped her tight ass , as a warning to loosen up .She felt two of his finger’s being pushed into her ass, causing her sphincter to painfully expand , while she threw herself back , causing her to painfully spear her own virgin ass on two of his big finger’s, making her scream and cry into her nylon gag ,”Mmmmmpph”!!!

The guy heard her pleas and yelps under her nylon gag , and then sinisterly laughed as he fucked Britney . while he’s brutally wiggling his fingers in Britney’s ass , shoving them deeper with each thrust of his cock .

“What a very good fuck you are , my little school girl bitch”!! “I bet you like it in your ass, you school girl

The guys voice scared Britney . Did he really speak to me ? Her thoughts stopped when he suddenly pulled his huge cock out of Britney’s dripping pussy , leaving her feeling empty .His finger’s slowly parted her sexy round black nylon covered asshole and kept her sphincter opened .While Britney yelped and whimpered , she can feel his hot breath , filtrate through her ripped ass covered tights when he went down to look into her opened asshole ,her asshole being stretched like this made Britney squirm .

“Mmmm”!!!!! was all he said before burying his tongue deep into her virgin cherry ass , causing her back to arch up .She screamed into her nylon gag as a startling orgasm hit her unexpectedly ,her body is shaken with the force of her orgasm . Britney’s pussy erupted and squirted her whitish cum , down all over her navy blue tights , and covering her navy blue covered legs in a whitish liquid .

“What a fucking slut”!!! was heard from her ass .

The trashcan rattled with the force of Britney’s orgasm’s , while her rapist led her to another mind-blowing orgasm , while he continuing to lick and swirl his tongue in her tight virgin asshole as she’s shrieking out ,


Britney began to cry again as her pleasure subsided , leaving her body very sore and aching , she whimpered for the man to stop but he only pulled his tongue from her sopping wet asshole ,”You

fucking whore…. bitch it’s my turn”!!! Britney couldn’t comprehend on what the heck he was saying .

She couldn’t react in time before his huge, dome shaped , cockhead , was sliding up and down between her ass cheeks and sliding against her tight ass entrance ,teasing her with her own pussy juices that are dripping off his huge , red and purplish , domed shaped cockhead .

Britney suddenly tensed up as he held her hips tightly , through her navy blue tights , and positioned himself behind her ,then without any hesitation . he rammed his huge cock all the way inside her bowels , dilating her sphincter and popping and tearing her pink , cherry bud , while his ball sack is squeezed up against her navy blue tights covered ass cheeks .

Britney gave out a loud scream in agony, as she suddenly passed out from the immense pain .

She woke up a minute later , feeling her body rocking forward and backward violently while still lying over the trashcan , while he’s fucking her as hard and deep as he can .

Both pain and pleasure became a blur for Britney as she orgasmed uncontrollably, over and over again, as her tight ass is pulsating around her rapist’s cock , squeezing and milking his cock deep inside her by the involuntary contractions of her dilated sphincter .

Britney can feel his breath near her face ,while his tongue was sliding along her neck and earring , flicking her earlobe causing her to cringe and squirm .

Her rapist’s thrust fucking became frantic as he leaned back and used all his force to fuck , high school girl Britney as hard as he can , while the trashcan is rattling very loud beneath them .

Britney is crying in pain and pleasure , while her sexy pouty ass is squeezing his dick ,and her body is rocking with the force of his thrusts .After a minute of hard rape , he shoved and thrusted his cock in deeper than before . Making her scream out in her saliva soaked nylon stocking gag , while his cock spewed huge amounts of his hot sperm deep into her overstretched ass, while each spurt is making her cry in burning pain , while also sending her orgasm after orgasm through her .

The pleasure and pain became overwhelming, and Britney began to feel faint again from the huge cock sliding and plopping out of her torn and ripped ass with blood was the last feeling , before her world went black .

Britney woke up a few minutes later with her head being cradled by her rapist in his lap ,she tried to move but she was to sore and swollen to do so while she felt large amounts of her rapist’s sperm and blood leaking and spurting out and down her torn navy blue tights and her school dress .

As Britney looked up , she felt something tight around her neck….A neck collar !

Her rapist has an evil grin with a bit of fondness for Britney !! “You’re my new school girl fuck slut”!!!

“I’ve rape fucked and sodomized both of your virgin ass and pussy while my cock is still dripping with your blood and pussy juices , you dirty school whore ! You are now mine and I completely own you now and use you until your completely used up ! you school slut”!!! “You will now address me by my abbreviated initials”!!! “Mr. BBJ”!!!!

Britney was speechless as she stared up at him , with tears in her eyes while her hair is all disheveled and both her school uniform dress and tights are ripped and torn from his brutal rape of her !! As she said , “Yes my master BBJ”!!!

“Britney you will now live with me and you will leave a note to your parents that you ran away, do you understand”!! “Yes my master BBJ” !! “your fuck slut Britney understands!!

As he led Britney by the collar out of the alley , Britney asked him in a soft meek voice”? “Master BBJ”!!

“I’m going to need a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks”? “We will pick up a E.P.T. kit on the way to my home”!! he sternly said to her . “Oh thank you my master BBJ”!!!!

As he walked Britney out of the alley and to his car , who’s now limping from her brutal fuck, by her collar with the sounds of her heels clicking on the pavement


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  • Reply Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

    Looks like it’s working again!! Your recommendations were great my queen of nylons and I enjoyed watching Wendy and Sonia being fucked in their seamed nylons by well hung black bulls!! My cock is sore and my balls have been drained from jerking off imagining it was my thick cock pounding your tight wet pussy as you moaned and groaned in ecstasy. i also looked at pictures of Betty Paige (several of them in suspender belts and nylons and they reminded me of your picture in Spunkys story. I think your one hell of a sexy woman Brit and would love to service your holes with my big thick cock!! Love and kisses from your horny stud Johnny

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      If your messages are about names of porn sites you have to space each letter apart of the name of the of the porn site with a period . to override their computer algorithm or something like that , that I found out ! love your queen of stockings Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

      Thanks Brit baby. I’ll remember that in future, Johnny

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

    I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve posted 2 messages in reply to your last message and they haven’t gotten through!!

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

    Hi Babe, thank you for your recommendations. I loved the Wendy Taylor video and the Lady Sonia ones even more!!! I had a good jerk off session and shot my load watch Lady Sonia getting pounded by a big black bull. I imagined that it was me pounding your juicy pussy while you moaned and groaned in ecstasy!! You’ve clearly got a thing for classy British porn stars. I must say that I find ladies who wear erotic underwear like garter belts, stockings, crotchless panties etc the ultimate turn on. The problem is, sexy classy ladies like you are hard to find. When either of us feel horny we should come to this page for some online fucking. A chat with you will guarantee and hard cock and an explosive sticky orgasm!! Love and kisses from your horny Johnny

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    Sure I can help my big stud !! go to Wendy Taylor’s v.i.d.e.o. with her legs in black seamed stockings, that are up on top of a black guys shoulders being fucked and bred , that’s the same position that I always end up in with my stockings and heels up , or go to lady Sonia’s v.i.d.e.o of her getting fucked and bred also with her back seamed stocking legs are up on a black bull being breeded also and another of my favorite positions when I get fucked by my bbc lover, when my husband has to go away on business !! please let me know if I helped my stud blow his load !! Also to kind of put a face on me, I have been told over the years that I resemble Betty Paige from the 1950’s but I don’t think so !! Love your princess of vintage stockings and undergarments Britney !!

    • Big Bad John ID:2muspuh6ia

      Thank you my slutty princess for those recommendations!! I loved watching and jerking off to those two British lovelies being fucked in their black seamed stocking by big black cocks. Of the two, I think I prefer lady Sonia she comes across as very classy as well slutty. Watch them being pounded by those black studs made me shoot a big load. I just wish you had been there to see it. I had a look at photos of Betty Paige and there were a couple of them in stockings and garter belt that reminded me of your photo in Spunkys story. Every time I watch a lady Sonia or Wendy Taylor I will pretend that I am watching you fucking your horny black lover and wish that was me between your legs!! Anytime you are feeling horny come to this page and message me. I will always be waiting. Love Your big bad horny stud Johnny

  • Reply Courtney ID:mxj9p6ick81

    That’s so sexy Britney! I remember being in Catholic school finding out that the gym teacher that was always so nice to me was arrested for raping over 20 girls between 14 and 17. I was likely his next victim. Then a nun was punished for sleeping with a male student. My husband and I are still Catholic, religious on the outside but a pair of kinky sluts on the inside. Your pregnant little slut, Courtney.

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      Thank you my little pregnant fuck slut , I would love to get you alone with me and with my past experience with a few lesbian ladies I know all of your areas of your pregnant pussy and I will make you squirt and cum until you beg your little Britney to stop before I induce premature labor contractions !!! love Britney

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    I’m feeling really horn Britney baby! Is there anything my Queen of Nylons can do for me? I’m sure you could find a way to relieve the pressure on my throbbing cock!! Johnny

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    Thank you John and I can’t wait to dress you up in tights as my ballet partner !! ha !! ha !! It will be awhile until it’s done but I will start today on it Johnnie !! Oh and please don’t leave me like the other guys have done in the past please !! if your going to drop off this site please let me know ahead of time !! love your queen and princess of nylon stockings and pantyhose !! Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:7z8b6pxtv4

      Baby I promise I will stay and maybe one day I will get up the courage to write a story of my own about you!! Love and kisses your hard & horny Johnny

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

    Thank you BBJ !! But I need a name to call you in my story ? Britt

    • Big Bad John ID:7z8b6pxtv4

      What about Johnny with a thick 8 inch cock & a large ball sac that slaps your ass when I fuck you?

  • Reply Big Bad John ID:7z8b6pxtv4

    You could do a part 2 where you are pimped out to his friends!! What do you think? BBJ

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      I rather do a story of me being the innocent ballerina and your my male ballerina partner and your intentions are very bad for me since I’ve been a ballerina when I was a young teen ?? Britney

    • Big Bad John ID:7z8b6pxtv4

      That sounds even better!! Please do it instead of a part 2. I can’t way to read your description of what you will be wearing as a ballerina! – my cocks hard just thinking about it my sexy nylon princess!!! Your horny Johnnie

  • Reply Daddy ID:v8726c3jt7s

    Love school girl
    Contact me on session

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Sorry honey !! but I don’t contact people when they want me to contact then because you might be an undercover cop !!!

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    Oh fucking yes!!! That was an awesome story that made me cum hard!! Thank you for putting me in it!!
    I felt that I was there in the alley forcing my thick hard dick into your virgin pussy and ass while your moaned and writhed in pain and pleasure. You made your number 1 fan a very happy man! This is a story that I will read again and again. I did a search and came across a story by spunky called trick or treat Britney with a picture of you bending over showing off your fantastic ass and nylon covered legs. Now I know why you call yourself the nylon princess. Love and kisses from your horny BBJ

    • BRITNEY ID:1e8sh3tot8dn

      Thank you my BBJ stud !! As you can see that’s the story and picture that made me famous and I owe Spunky for that ! He wrote a lot of stories about me and he wanted so much to nail me in that outfit of mine !! love your nylon queen Britney (HUGS & KISSES) !!!!

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      Spunky’s not the only one that wants to nail you in that outfit my sexy nylon princess!! I also read Britney rides the rails where you had a standing fuck and squirting orgasm on the train. I like his stories but I think yours are better! Love and kisses from your hard and horny BBJ

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      The standing train fuck really happened to me by my then boyfriend, coming home from school but I told him the story because I wasn’t writing my own at the time like I’m doing now !! If I do a part 2 who would be the second guy ? maybe Alabama !!!! Love your little sassy and spoiled princess Britney (THE QUEEN OF NYLONS AND NAUGHTY UNDERGARMENTS)