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Got Catfished and got me(13F) and my mom(34F) fucked

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I thought I was inviting a 15yr old boy to my house for some fun, but he fucked me and my mom.

Well, I was having a chat with his guy on a teen chatting site. He seemed nice and we hit it off immediately. He introduced himself as Zack, 15. I shared that I was Summer, 13. Within a month we were sharing pics. He was a hot 15yr old. He was a white boy, with abs, tall, and a huge dick. (Yes we share nudes). I too shared pics, 32B breast, slim waist, cute face with specs, a little curvy ass, and a clean shaved, virgin pussy. He said that my lips look plum and soft and he would love to kiss them. Both…. the one on the face and also the one between my thick thighs. Things like that attracted me to him.

So after chatting and sharing pics for 2 months we decided to meet. Since I live in a very conservative family, I was not allowed to just go out and hang out with friends that easily. So I thought of inviting him home. My father was out of town for a week, and my mom was attending a friend’s father’s funeral. So she was out for like 4-5 hours.

I told Zack to park the car a little far from my home. Once Mom left I texted him and got ready for him. I wore a beautiful, yellow floral, sleeveless, frock. I was looking very pretty. I was making sure the house is clean when I heard the doorbell. It’s him. I rushed to the door in excitement.
I opened the door to see a middle-aged, chubby, almost bald, white man in front of me, holding some lavender flowers. Hmm, I was not expecting a delivery today. I greeted him standing at the door.
“Hello, how may I help you?” I said,
“hi, Summer… You look pretty in real than in your pics…”
“Wait what?? Do I know you?”
“Summer it’s me, Zack,” He said with a weird smile.
“No.. no…wait how do you know about Zack?”
“Remember you said Lavenders are your fav flowers?…. see?” He offered the flowers to me.
I stood there confused with the flowers in my hand. Is he Zack’s father? Who might have got hold of his phone and is now here to punish me?
“Sir, I don’t know who you are. Please leave.”
“Summer.. Summer.. listen for two mins. I’m Zack, yeah I’m not a 15yr old blonde boy, but the rest is very true. The conversations we had, and the sexual secrets we shared all were real. I still can make you sexually happy as I promised. I really love you, Summer.”
Well, he was kind of right, I actually loved his words, more than his body. And he just said that he loved me too. He seemed really nice. It would be a bad thing not to listen to such a nice person. I felt like I knew him so well.

“Ok, come on in and have a conversation, then we can see what can be done.” I showed him the way closing the door behind me. He seemed excited to see my house.
“So where do you live Mr Zack” I said playfully taunting him.
“Heyyy.. come on now, just Zack for my little peach,” He said pinching my cheeks. I actually liked it. I giggled.
“Since you asked, I live just 3 blocks from here, near your school,” he said.
“Oh that’s convenient”
“I know right? Love your house. So your parents are really out for a few hours?” He said coming close to me with a crooked naughty smile on his face.
“I told you all the truth Zack, nothing else.. so yeah they are out” I reverted with a naughty smile myself. See I had prepared myself for a good fuck, shaved my legs and everything. I wanted a man’s dick inside of me today.

He came close to me, ran his fingers through my chest-length hair, and smelled it.
“You smell amazing peaches.” He said now rubbing the back of my neck. mmmm. we knew what he was doing. Then he leaned in and started kissing my forehead, then slowly my cheeks, then my neck and ears. mmmmm… I was going into a trance. His warm breath on my neck was making my panties wet with my pussy juices. I started to rub his back and neck. Showing my consent.
He was now kissing my soft subtle lips and fondling my perky teen boobs. He was sticking his tongue inside my mouth. I was kissing a man. Still holding the back of my neck with one hand he started to slide his other hands up my dress. Gently in my soft cotton panties. And finally reached my clit. An electric shock went through my body. It felt good. He was now rubbing my clit and making me arch my back. I wanted him so badly.

He then picked me up and dropped me on the couch. Wao that was so masculine. Then he lifted my dress and pulled my panties down. And there it was. My pussy was so tight it just looked like a straight thin line. He looked at it in amazement. It made me shy and proud at the same time.
He looked at me, gave a smile, and went all in. His head was now in my crotch. He started by softly kissing my pussy lips. Then licking my clit while spreading my pussy lips with his fingers. I was like a soft pink flower. He was removing the layers gently like unveiling a sculpture. Then he just started to gaze inside me. He was looking at baby pink pussy walls with an intact hymen. He smiled and looked at me like he found a treasure. I just bit my finger in shy and giggled. He then licked his finger and started to explore the pussy. Oh, it felt so good. My whole body was shaking in pleasure. He was now licking my whole pussy, inside out. Collecting the juices that were now in full flow. Spitting on it and then again licking it up. I had my eyes closed, moaning and groping my boobs. He continued for a while.

Zack then stood up and said, “Your turn” He undid his pants and for the first time a saw a huge erect dick in front of me. I mean, not that huge, but it was my first so. I knew it was not huge because I saw the pic of “Zack’s” dick. Now that was huge. This was more like 4-5 inches. Anyway, a dick is a dick right? (Apparently not, but at that time I was naïve) He sat on the couch and made me kneel down between his legs. He placed my mouth on his dick and he instructed me to suck his dick. It smelled good so I didn’t hesitate. I sucked his throbbing dick. mmm… It felt so nice and warm inside my mouth. He held my head and I sucked his dick to the entirety. I was trying my best to please this man. He made me lick his ball and asshole. Did it, loved it. In the meantime, he removed my dress and my bra. He was playing with my boobs while I was sucking his dick all the while maintaining eye contact with him. He was loving it.

Zack then stood up and lifted me up again and placed me on the couch on my back. We spread my legs in the air, pulled me close, and said. “Are you ready?”
I just looked at his face with a cute, face and said “Yes daddy” with my pouted lips, baby voice.
Oh boy, that made him happy. He placed his dick near the entrance of my pussy and rubbed it up and down. mmmm.. Then he again spits on his cock. He then tried to insert the tip of his dick inside my pussy. It was too tight for his dick. He tried again. I was feeling a little pain. He pushed it much harder. And it was in. “Aaaaaghhh” I shouted. “It’s ok, it’s ok baby… You will feel nice in a while.” He assured. Then he started to go in and out of my wet pussy. Ummmhh.. It was still a little painful but in a good way. With every thrust, I was feeling much better. His intensity increased and he was fucking me now like a man should. It was so much fun. I held my legs up in air with my hands spreading them more for better access for him. I wanted more of him inside me. He fucked me like this for like 15 mins.

Zack then pulled me down to my knees and made me suck his dick. His dick was covered in my hymen blood and my pussy juices. I was so turned on I didn’t care. I just sucked it clean.
Then he lifted me up and threw me to the couch belly first. Inserted his dick in my pussy again. Oh yeah! It felt so good. I was fondling my breast and moaning while he was fucking me from behind.
The whole room smelled like my pussy. He pulled my hair and as I arched my back, he continued fucking me.

He then lifted me again and this time I was completely in his arms facing him. He asked me to wrap my arm and legs around him Then he again shoved his dick inside me. Fucking hell. I was jumping up and down on his dick as he held me in air close to his chest. We were kissing as my boobs were rubbing his hairy body. I was on top of the world. He made me cum so hard.

He got excited and took me to the partition wall near the foyer area. Turned me around and made me grab the top of the waist height partition. He held my legs and wrapped them around his back. I was face down, tits hanging as he held me by my waist. He then pushed his well-lubricated cock inside me. Every position was unlocking new areas of pleasure for me. He was a genius. I was cuming again.
So as he was fucking me, in this kind of superman position, where I was stretched out holding a partition and wrapping my legs around his back facing down, I heard keys jiggle from the front door, which by the way, was like 5 feet away. Before we could react, the door flew open.

Yeah, it was mom. And in front of her was her baby girl all naked, stretched between the wall and an old man, with her boobs jiggling. Of course, she was upset and angry. But it took a while to wrap her head around it. See the main event at the funeral was done and mom came to fetch some things before re-joining her friend at her place. I bet she was more upset now than she was with her friend. 😉

“What in the god name is going on here?….Summer what are you doing?…..And you who are you?…. baby is raping you?…… get down.. now”
“No mom… it’s not what you think… Please listen to me first…. He is not hurting me….”
“you are an ugly man, touching a young girl…. you are a criminal and you belong in jail.” Looking at Zack she said.
“No mom he did nothing wrong… I called him here.” I said, already on my feet trying to find my clothes as mom paced around the living room.
“Where is my phone? I have to call the cops.” My mom took her phone out.
“And?…. Then what are you going to tell them? MOM” Zack took the phone from her hand. And took out his phone. “Look how much your daughter is loving getting fucked by me, a 37 yr old man.” Mom looked in disbelief. Actually, I too was shocked. When did he take his phone out? Apparently, when he was raw dogging me from behind. Seems legit.
“You know that is evidence that you raped a minor you idiot,” She said,
“I know very well, but if I got to prison, I will share this with your church club, and then everyone will know that your daughter is no longer pure and no one will keep you in the community and no one will marry her” he waved his phone. For an old bald man, he was smart. He made my mom shut up.

“Listen, what’s done is done.. I will not call the cops… you just leave now… and also never see her again…. I mean ever.” She said pointing her finger at him.
“Well, I could leave now since I have fucked her and all, but cannot guarantee won’t fuck her again.. I do not have any incentive for that.”
“What do you mean?”
“If you throw in a fuck with you, I will leave her forever. What do you say? It seems like a good deal to save your daughter’s reputation. Don’t you?”
Mom looked at me, who was still trying to pull up my clothes. Then she looked at Zack.
“Fine, I will do as you say, but you have to promise you to leave her alone and delete the video right here right now.”
“It’s a deal” He gave his hand to shake. Mom did shake on it. Then he pulled her to his chest and started to kiss her.
I was like – Alright, the party is still on.
Zack removed mom’s hair clip to let go of her chest-length hair all the while kissing her vigorously. I guess he was playing gently with me since I was new.

Mom was wearing a black dress, to her knees. Minimum cleavage. He started to pull it apart. I just sat there on the couch touching myself. He turned mom over and undid her bra and hugged her from behind and groped her breast very roughly. He was growling like an animal on heat. Then he pulled her cotton panties apart. Mom is what people call MILF. She is 34 well maintained a Christian figure. Breast 34DD, slim waistline, and a little junk in the trunk. She looked very elegant.

He just bent her over, still on her feet. She was holding the headboard of the couch as support, on her feet, spread wide, and her boobs hanging in the air. What a site. He then took some spit on his hands and applied to his hard dick. He then shoved his dick inside my mom’s pussy in one go. She screamed in pain. Wao he was a nasty bastard, no foreplay nothing just in pussy.
He curled his hands around her neck and was choking her from behind. With the other hand, he was mauling her breast and pinching her nipples. He was completely glued to her back. It was like watching two snakes mate.
“Uuugh.. Uuggh” The only noise mom was making.
“Summer, come here and lick your mom’s boobs.” He said.
I found my way on the couch, underneath my arched mom, and sat there with my legs folded. I was sucking on my mom’s, now hard nipples. She didn’t mind, I guess she too was in a trance.
He kept choking or pulling her hair all the while fucking her from behind. He was roughing her up.

Zack then threw her down on the couch, belly first, and lifted her legs up on the couch. She was now in a sleeping position, with her front touching the couch. I made my way out before she landed on me. He then held her hair in a knot like riding a horse and spread her butt cheeks with another hand. He spits on her ass and started to insert his dick in her asshole.
“Oh no..no..noo.. not my ass.. not my ass….” she screamed trying to get up.
he slapped her with the back of her hand and started he sank her ass. “Shut up bitch. What is important your daughter’s future or your ass?”
Mom just cried due to the bashing. It was a turn-on for me. A Masculine man dominating a woman. So I just kept playing with myself.
He again spits on her ass and tried to insert his dick in her ass. It was too tight I could see.
“Summer, come here and spread your mom’s ass cheeks…. Very good… now keep spitting on my dick every time I push my dick inside her ok..” I nodded.
The plan worked, his dick was inside her ass. She was screaming in pain. Now his dick completely disappeared in her ass. He kept it there for a few seconds, looked at me, and winked. I just gave him a naughty smile of approval. Then he started to pump mom. Ummmm.. the sound of his dick going in and out of mom’s ass was just marvelous. I kept spitting on his dick and it made more sloppy noises. I was on my knees holding mom’s ass cheeks very close to the action. So close that he pulled his dick out and shoved it in my mouth. Ummm. that’s hot. I cleaned his dick and then he continued to fuck her ass. By now she had gone quiet. She was broken.

Zack then rolled her down the couch very roughly, she fell down. He lifted me up and threw me onto the couch. I was giggling with fun. He was using me like a rag doll. He again spread my legs in the air and started to fuck my pussy. One leg on his shoulders and the other on the ground. I was so stretched apart. He fucked me hard this time. Groping my boobs and spitting on my face. I just kept smiling licking the spit off my lips. Mom sat there resting her back to the couch next to my legs watching in disgust as her daughter was getting plowed by a middle aged ugly man.

“Oh god, I’m cuming” He screamed.
“No no not in her, she is not on any birth control… pull it out.. pull it out.”
Too late he came in me. He held that position and just fell on my body.
It felt so good. His warm cum drenched the inside of my pussy. He then slowly pulled out making sure he does not spill his seed.

“What have you done? She can become pregnant. And we do not believe in abortion in our family.” Mom cried.
“You are right” He held her hands and took out her wedding ring. He slowly opened my pussy and inserted the ring inside the cum filled cave.
“Come up go on… Suck that disgraced wedding ring of yours and also my cum of your disgraced daughter’s cunt.” He said holding my mom’s face very close to my pussy lips. She gave a disgusting look, but she knew she was out of options. She just held my legs apart on her shoulders and dug right it. She sucked the ring out first, covered in cum, with her tongue. She sucked it clean.
“No no no.. let it have the cum, come on dip it again, and let it have some cum.” He said. She obeyed.
“Yes, now wear that ring on your ring finger…. Good girl.. Now continue sucking the cum out of your daughter.”
I was so stoked that I didn’t mind that he was recording us again. I just smiled. Mom couldn’t see. He was behind her. Soon mom sucked most of the cum off my pussy and swallowed it as instructed.

By the time she stood up, he kept his phone aside.

“Well, it’s done. Now leave. And before you go, delete the video you made with my daughter.” She said in an angry voice.

“Very well then… here… deleted… see” He showed the file and deleted it in front of her
“Ok, though it was nice fucking you mom and daughter, I have to take your leave. I have to drive far.”
“I thought you lived 3 blocks away?” I asked innocently.
“Yeah….About that sweetheart…. I lied. But I guess that doesn’t matter now, does it?” He again winked at me and smiled.
I knew I should feel betrayed and angry but what he has given me today, was so good that I kept a smile on my face.

Mom slapped the shit out of me once he left. But soon she realized I too was a victim so she cried and got dressed. She asked me to make a promise that I will keep this a secret and will not do such a thing again. I promised her.

Though that didn’t end there. Zack or whatever his name was saved both the videos and sent it to the church and made multiple copies of pics in different positions and sent them to everyone in the neighborhood. You can guess the outburst we received. A married woman sucking the cum and wedding ring out of her daughter’s pussy? All naked and destroyed? Oh boy, the news spread like wildfire among our relatives and friends, and here were the consequences.
Dad left us, Church kicked us out, the family disowned us, and someone filed a lawsuit against my mom for negligent parenting. (Still under trail), and yeah, we were now living in one of Zack’s wood cabins. Turns out, that Zack/Pete Carmichael was not that bad. He provided us with shelter and food. Of course, he used to visit us sometimes and fuck mother and daughter, or sometimes send some of his friends to fuck the shit out of us, but hey, nothing is free in this world. Right? So… I think it’s fair.

No, I didn’t get pregnant because of my first fuck, but mom did get pregnant in a couple of months. Not sure whose kid it is, but I guess that’s not important. I too got pregnant a month later. Pete did provide us with maternity facilities, I guess people pay extra to fuck a pregnant woman. Some type of fetish I was told. Anyways, we are happy with our life. We both gave birth to beautiful baby girls.

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