Sex education done right?

My daughter and her friend tied me up and raped me in the name of education. Not sure if it was the right way or the wrong way to learn. # # #

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My daddies and me

I’m a 12 year old boy who was adopted by 2 gay men. On a camping trip I found out I was gay after having a threesome with my daddies. # # #

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Young virgin unlatched her fantasies

Hello dear readers, I am from the website milfistaan.xyz where I have already published a couple of stories. Please visit the site to read them. My name is Matthew; I am a resident... #

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My kinky little sister

I invited my mate over to spend the night to prove to him that me and my sister have sex. He joined in and we double teamed her all night long. # # #

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She pushed it too far

My 13yo daughter lied to me, swore at me, treated me like shit, and got drunk. “If you’re going to dress like a whore I’ll treat you like one.” # # #

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Abused by fake nurses

My mom let perverts she met online come over to the house and abuse my cock on camera under the lie that they were nurses come to give me a check-up. # # #

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