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Cum Rag

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Dan’s little sister follows him to a midnight party and finds a new side of herself.

“No,” Dan whispered. “You can’t come with me; it’s dangerous.”
Bethany pouted. Her brother never let her come with him into the wood. So what if she was only nine. He was twelve and that was only three years older. She’d even put on her navy blue sweatpants and a tee-shirt when she heard him getting up so nobody would see her in the dark.
“You’re not supposed to be out,” she said. “I could tell Mom and Dad.”
Dan shushed her and paused to listen for any noises that would indicate their parents had heard. He had to dissuade the girl quickly; standing at the open back door at past midnight was just asking to be grounded.
“I’ll take you tomorrow in the daylight,” he whispered. “Tonight is just for older kids. You wouldn’t like it. You’d be scared.”
Now Bethany had to find out where he was going, but she knew he’d never agree unless she really made a scene and if their parents woke up then nobody would be going.
“You promise?” she whispered.
Dan nodded.
Pouting, Bethany stepped back into the kitchen. Dan closed the door as quietly as he could and tip-toed to the garden gate. As soon as he was through it, Bethany slipped through the door and followed. She felt like a private eye in one of Dad’s movies, hiding behind bushes and bins as Dan made his way through the suburban streets.
Once he was out of the garden, Dan didn’t have to keep so quiet. There were no adults around and he made good time up to the alleyway at the back of the houses. The fence around the wood formed one wall of the alley with a grassy strip running along it. He found the rhododendron bush and crawled underneath it. It was dark where he emerged behind the fence but he had his torch and there was a path that wound between the trees toward the old house.
He would definitely bring Bethany up here tomorrow. The woods made a great place to play. He felt bad about leaving her behind. Even as a younger sister she was great fun to be with. They hardly ever argued like his friends seemed to with their siblings. But he was just old enough to be accepted at the night-time parties. He had only been told about them two weeks ago and this was the second time he had been. The first time he had hung back and not really done anything. It was a bit scary with the older kids being bossy and loud but his eyes had been out on stalks the whole time. This time he promised himself, if Carley Simons or one of the other girls asked him again, he’d say yes. He crossed the gravel yard and climbed in through the broken window.
There was no mistaking where the party was, music was playing and people were talking loudly over it. When he got to the dining room there were already a dozen or more older children there, most of them were older teenagers but Denise Black, only a year older than him, was sitting on a chair at the side of the room and he made his way past the dancers to her. They weren’t doing much dancing, more holding each other close and kissing. They barely even moved their feet. Right in front of him, an older boy had his hand under the skirt of a younger girl and he was smushing her butt. She didn’t seem to mind since Dan could see her tongue fighting with his.
Bethany had to move an old box in front of the window before she could climb in. The woods had been terrifying but she’d followed Dan’s torch as it bobbed between the trees and she’d only fallen over twice. Now she stood inside a musty old room. There was carpet under her feet and she could hear music and laughter. The first thing she saw when she peeped through the door was her brother sitting on a chair while a girl seemed to be kissing him between the legs. A moment later she pulled back up a little and Bethany realised that she had Dan’s willie in her mouth.
Bethany pulled back out of sight and stood with her back to the wall. No wonder Dan didn’t want her to come with him. She should run back home right now; Dan was right, this was scary. She knew a bit about sex, of course she did. The girls whispered about it in the playground. Sex was when the boy put his willie in your coochie and made babies. Grown-ups seemed to enjoy doing it if the movies were right. Of course she hadn’t ever seen it done. In the movies she was allowed to watch there was a bit of kissing and some moving about under bedclothes. She’d only ever seen Dan’s willie a few times. She had certainly never even imagined you could put one in your mouth. She would be in so much trouble if anyone knew she was here.
She peered around the door again. The girl was moving faster now and Dan had a stupid grin on his face. Between them, girls and boys, all of them older than Dan, were standing together and putting their hands all over each other. One girl had her hand down the back of a boy’s trousers and other boys had pulled up girl’s skirts and were feeling their bums. She put her hand back and rubbed her own bum. She didn’t see why that would be fun to do even if it was a boy. She heard Dan grunt then. His teeth were gritted as if he was in pain. Maybe the girl had bitten him. But then he relaxed and got the most goofy smile that she had ever seen. The girl pulled away and they said something to each other and then they kissed. His willie was still sticking up out of his trousers and the girl was fondling it with her free hand.
Bethaney would have kept watching but another couple moved up close to the door and she had to duck back. It was only a few seconds until she just had to look again. The girl was sitting on a sideboard, right beside the door, with her legs spread open. Bethany could see her whole coochie with it’s dark curly hair. Her own coochie was quite bald of course and this one seemed bigger and pinker and more open than hers ever got. The boy had his willie out and it was huge, much bigger than Dan’s and stiff like a broom handle. The girl held her coochie open and the boy stuck his willie into it. They were having real sex, less than a metre away from her and she could see everything. It was all glistening and wet. She could hear the girl making grunting noises but it didn’t seem like she was in pain; she was enjoying it.
“Fuck me harder,” she said. “Ram your dick into my slut cunt you bastard.”
Bethany knew they were dirty words. She’d even used them sometimes on the playground. But slut and cunt were bad words; why would the girl use them about herself?
Bethany crouched down in the doorway so she could watch without them noticing her. The boy certainly wasn’t looking her way. He was pushing the girl’s blouse up and feeling her boobs. Then he started to grunt too.
“Don’t come in me!” the girl shouted.
The boy pulled his willie out and turned toward the door. His willie was so close that Bethany could have reached out a hand and touched it. A stream of white came out of his willie and arced through the air over her head. It was like a jet-fighter fly-by, the perfect end to the exciting scene. Bethany giggled. They boy looked pale, like actually white. She hadn’t ever seen anyone do that, only read about it in books. Then the girl came to see what had shocked him and her face was red and horrified. Neither of them said anything. They just stood there with their mouths open. It looked so funny that Bethany burst into laughter.
Everyone turned around then and looked at her.
“Are you okay?” the girl said.
Bethany nodded. “That was fun. Really cool.”
It didn’t seem like she was in trouble, but they still might send her away. If she wanted to stay and watch some more, then she would have to act grown-up. She stood up and stepping into the room.
“You’ve got jizz all over you,” the girl said.
Bethany looked down. Her tee-shirt had dribbles of the white stuff on it. She put her hand up to her head and found wet patches.
“It doesn’t hurt,” she said.
It was sticky between her fingers. She licked her lips and found a taste a bit like dry mushrooms. The girl who sucked Dan’s willie must have got it in her mouth and she didn’t mind it so it couldn’t be bad for you.
“Let’s clean you up and get you home,” the girl said.
Bethany shook her head. She would be in so much trouble if her parents found out where she’d been and Dan would probably be in even more. Even now he was rushing over to her. She made a shooing gesture at him. This was her mess and he didn’t need to be in it too. If they thought he’d brought his little sister here they probably wouldn’t let him come again and it would be her fault.
“I want to stay,” she said loudly and firmly. “I want to see more. I’m probably too small to have sex like that but I don’t mind getting stuff on me.”
The boy’s willie was softer now and a dribble of the white stuff was hanging from the end of it. She reached out her hand and wrapped her fingers around it. It felt warm and silky. With her other hand she gathered the drop of white stuff and brought it to her face. At the last moment she didn’t dare to put it in her mouth so she wiped it on her cheek.
“I don’t know if I want to suck one,” she said. “I don’t think I could even lick one and my coochie is too small to fit a willie. You can touch my bum if you want. I won’t say anything to anyone. Please can I stay?”
“Are you sure,” the girl said. “There’s a lot of scary stuff that happens. Have you ever seen people fucking before?”
“Not before I saw you,” Bethany said. “It looked fun. If it wasn’t fun you wouldn’t do it, right?”
“There’s other stuff too,” the girl said. “Some people do it up the bum. Some people pee on each other. Tiffany likes to be spanked. Last week they hit her with a cane and she bled.”
“Did she like it?” Bethany asked.
“She was screaming and crying while it was happening but that’s what gets her rocks off. Yes, she liked it.”
It did sound scary, but she didn’t have to watch that.
“If everyone is enjoying themselves, it can’t be too scary. I don’t think I want pee on me but this stuff is cool.”
The girl shrugged. “Well I suppose you’re here now. If it gets too much come and find me and I’ll see you get home.” She turned to the rest of the room. “She’s staying. Nobody try to fuck her even with fingers. Let her decide what she wants. Jason you selfish oaf, I haven’t come yet. Are you going to eat me out or what?”
Everybody started to turn away from her and go back to what they were doing. Dan hesitated but she waved him away and took her shirt off. She’d need something at least sort of clean to go home in. She bundled it and her sweat pants up and left them on a chair in the corner of the room. She hadn’t bothered with knickers since she got dressed so fast. It seemed a million years ago now when she’d heard her brother getting ready to sneak out of the house.
The girl was back sitting on the sideboard but now the boy had his face between her legs licking her coochie. If the girls expression and her white knuckles were anything to go by, it looked fun. A minute or two later she screamed and shook. Maybe Bethany would have to try that. Not tonight with a boy she didn’t know but maybe a boy closer to her own age or even Dan. She could suck his cock for him in exchange. When the boy took his face out it was wet. He took Bethany’s hair and dried his face on it. Bethany giggled.
She wandered over to the big table where a girl was lying across it with her feet on the floor and a boy was fucking her from behind. Bethany rolled that word around her head. Fucking. It sounded cruder than sex did and that certainly fitted the way he was pumping his willie into her. Her bum had angry red marks across it. This must be Tiffany. Bethany sat down cross-legged under them so she got a good view. The girl’s coochie dripped on her, but she didn’t mind. It did have a rather bitter taste, so she tried not to get it in her mouth. The boy grunted and pumped harder a couple of times. When he pulled out a big dollop of … what was it? Jizz? … dribbled out and then landed on Bethany’s head before oozing down her forehead. No sooner had that boy stepped away than another took his place. His willie was huge, both long and fat. Tiffany squealed when it went in and her coochie lips were tight around it. She squealed every time he pushed it in deep. Even so he didn’t seem to be able to get it in all the way. That couldn’t be any fun for him. Bethany reached up and took the extra part in her hand. Her fingers didn’t meet around it but feeling it running through her hand and mashing her fingers against Tiffany’s coochie was cool.
Tiffany had stopped squealing and Bethany heard her say, “thanks,” although she probably didn’t know it was Bethany doing it.
When the boy grunted, Bethaney felt the willie throb with the jizz. Then he took it out and the last splash landed on her face. She giggled and wiped the huge willie dry with her hair. The boy grunted again and another splash handed on her chest before dribbling down toward her own coochie.
The next willie was much smaller but it didn’t go in Tiffany’s coochie, that was still open and empty. It went higher up, in her bum. That was kind of horrible. If any jizz came out of there it might have poo in it. Bethany scrambled over to the other side of the table and peered over the edge. Tiffany’s face was red. She wasn’t squealing now but seemed to be grunting in pain.
“Hello,” Bethany said.
“You’re… quite the … cum rag,” Tiffany said.
“Doesn’t that hurt?”
“It doesn’t … always. … If the guy … is gentle and slow … it can feel … great.”
The boy behind her was jamming his willie in as hard and fast as he could.
“Why don’t you tell him to slow down?” Bethany asked.
“I like … it to hurt. … It turns me on … when I feel … used. Oh God I’m … cumming.”
Tiffany’s eyes rolled back in her head and her whole body shook. The boy kept pumping but almost immediately grunted himself. By the time Tiffany stopped shaking he had already stepped back.
Tiffany swung her legs around and landed on Bethany’s side of the table. “Enough, guys. Give me a break.”
“What’s a cum rag?” Bethany asked.
“It’s what boys use when they’re wanking,” Tiffany said. “It’s a flannel, a duster, even an old sock that they catch their cum in so they don’t make a mess. I didn’t mean to be nasty to you but I just saw your face over the edge of the table and you’re covered in the stuff.”
“Most of it is jizz. Some of it came from you when you dripped on me. I think it’s cool.”
“You might be even nastier than I am, Sweetie. I’m Tiffany.”
“Bethany,” Bethany said. “Is it good to be nasty?”
“I’ll let you into a secret,” Tiffany pretended to whisper. “There’s nothing bad in sex if everybody concerned wants it. The things some people do might turn other people’s stomachs. I could never play with shit but I like being tied up and hurt. You do you, Bethany. Have a blast and don’t care what anyone thinks.”
“I like being a cum rag,” Bethany said. “Maybe I’ll like the other stuff when I’m older but I kind of don’t see the point.”
“I could lick you, if you like,” Tiffany said. “You know, on your pussy. Or you could lick me.”
“Maybe next time,” Bethany said.
Across the room a boy said, “can I cum on your face?”
The girl pulled away from him and shook her head. Bethany wizzed across the room and skidded to a halt beside them on her knees.
“I’ll do it,” she said.
The party was winding down. When Dan looked up from the older girl’s pussy there were definitely fewer people in the room. He’d had a blast all night. He’d had five blowjobs, lost his virginity twice and licked so many pussies that he’d lost count. Every now and then he’d caught sight of Bethany, her hair in more and more rats-tails, avidly watching people screwing. He felt guilty; he should have taken her away before she got into trouble. But she seemed to be enjoying herself and wasn’t being hurt. She had made it clear that she didn’t want him to interfere. Of course as her older brother he should have done so anyway. She was far too young. If someone tried to fuck her there was no way she could have fought him off.
She wasn’t in the room. Dan stood up and looked around. “Have you seen the little girl?” he asked the teenager he’d just licked.
“I think some of the girls took her out,” she said. “Probably to get cleaned up. There’s no way she could go home like that.”
The girl looked sideways at him. She probably guessed Bethany was his sister. “Try the kitchen, left out of the door and downstairs. It’s the only running water in the place.”
“I told her not to come,” he said, “but she followed me. I didn’t…”
The girl smiled. “None of my business. It looked like she had a blast.” She giggled. “Several in fact.”
When Dan got to the kitchen door he found half a dozen girls in various states of undress. Bethany was standing in an old tin bath in the middle of the floor, wiping herself down with a wet towel. All of the girls were laughing and exchanging stories and Bethany was joining in just the same as the others. Dan waited until she glanced his way and gave her a little wave. She smiled at him. Dan drew back and sat down against the wall beside the door. He’d seen most of the girls naked and even fucked one of them but now, after the party, this gathering seemed private.
Several minutes later Bethany appeared around the door. She was dressed in the tee-shirt and sweat-pants again. Her hair was still wet but her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were sparkling.
“Hi Dan,” she said.
“Hi Short-stuff,” he said. “Ready to go home?”
Bethany nodded. He led her back upstairs and helped her out of the window.
“I didn’t think kids your age were into this sort of thing.”
“I don’t think I am, not really. The other girls were going crazy getting fucked or sucking willies. They were arguing about which boy had the best bum and comparing them to pop stars. I don’t get that at all. It’s a bit like playing in the mud, you know? It’s fun to get messy.”
“I’m sorry I told you you were too young,” he said as they picked their way back through the wood.
“That’s okay,” she said. “I kind of am but everyone was very nice and I like being a cum rag.”
“That’s not a nice name, you know.”
“I know, but it’s what I am. I like being a cum rag. It’s not easy getting it out of my hair but it’s worth it.” She looked up at her big, strong brother. “Don’t yeuch my yum.”
“Did anyone try to do stuff with you?”
She shrugged and kicked a pine-cone. “Some of them asked. I said maybe next time.”
“You think there’s going to be a next time?”
“Every Friday, right? So people can sleep in the next day. If you don’t want to come I’ll go by myself.”
Dan scrambled under the fence and then held the torch so Bethany could see where the hole was.
“If Mom and Dad ever find out we’ll both be grounded until we get our old-age pensions,” he said.
Bethany got to her feet and brushed her trousers off. “Can I ask you a favour?”
“Of course.”
“Some time this week, could you show me how to do a blowjob? It looks fun but I’d like to try it first with someone I know. I could ask Jimmy next door but he might tell his Dad.”
“It’d be strange doing that with my sister,” Dan said, “but if it’s only practise I suppose we could.”
The alleyway was well lit now, being close to street-lights, and Bethany took the lead. “Some of the girls talked about something called bukkake. Can we look it up on the computer?”
“It’s probably behind the parental filters,” Dan said, “but we can get around them or Paul can look at all sorts of stuff on his. Of course it would be difficult to get him to show that stuff to you.”
“Maybe I could suck his willy,” Bethany said. “He’d probably show me then.”
What had happened to his sweet, innocent little sister?
“That’s all you want to do, right?” he said. “Just suck cocks and have them cum on you?”
Bethany giggled. “I don’t want to be fucked, not yet, and pain, piss and shit make me feel sick but I would like to try being tied up.”
“We could play at pirates,” Dan said. “I could tie you to the mast or tie your hands behind you and make you walk the plank. I mean I wouldn’t be wanking over you or anything.”
“I’d like that,” Bethany said. “You’re a cool brother, Dan.”
“You’re a cool sister, Bethany, even if I have to run to keep up with you.”

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