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Raping a TomBoy

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A high school tomboy gets used by a horny teenager.

Claire was a beautiful girl in middle school. She was a bad student that would always do stupid stuff on campus. She would get into fights with boys and destroy girls that were bitchy towards her. When we got to highschool, she cut her hair into a sexy pixie cut and she got a growth spurt over quarantine.

She now has grape fruit sized tits and a deliciously firm ass. I would see her figure best during PE. She was a 5’2 latina and she was so God damn sexy in her gym uniform. And one day I couldn’t take it anymore.

When I was going to the rest room during class, I saw her heading towards the office while on her phone,(probably because she was being sent there for behavior), and that’s where I say my chance. As she was walking by me, I snatched her phone and ran.

Of course she was furious and was in a full head on charge towards me. I ran into the single use bathrooms and pretended to struggle to close the door as she rammed into it. After a while of struggling, I let go of the door and she flung in and feel to the floor. I then shut the door and locked it.

After she got out of her daze, she started to attack for basically stealing from her and embarrassing her. But I just punched in her face and as she fell to the floor in shock, I laid on top of her. I grab her short hair and sniffed it. I then started to grope her. I would fondle her tits and swipe her pussy and ass.

Of course she begun to scream and shout. But I just ignored and enjoyed her cries. I then shuffled her pants down to her panties and removed them. After a bit of effort, I managed to use her pants as a makeshift collar and leash. Her panties were next and I shuffled them off as well. I of course sniffed them hard and I also allowed her to smell it as well. She start to gag, and it made me even hornier.

As I unbuckled my belt, she started to realize that she can’t fight me to prevent what’s to come. So she start to beg and plead. She would go on to say that she was a virgin and wanted to give it to a boy she had in mind, but I didn’t care. She then tried to bargain with me. Her offer was to give a handjob and that’s it.

But I obviously didn’t fall for that as she has a chance to serious injure my balls and cock. So we decided that she would have her hands tied and her mouth stuffed so that she wouldn’t be able to hurt me, while I could do whatever I wanted to do to her other than take her virginity.

I used her shirt to tie her hands, stuffed her cute white sock to her mouth, and put her panties on her fasce as a mask to stop her from spitting out the socks. She looked pathetic, tied up and defenceless. She still has that makeshift collar on and she looked like a mess.

I then started to strock my cock to the view her. Her cute blue bra containing her luscious breasts. Her bare ass sitting on the disgusting floor. And her eyes red from tears. I jerked and fast at the sight. She just sat there looking at me in disgust and hatred.

I then started to slap her face with my cock and calling her a helpless bitch. I would roll the tip of my cock on her forehead, chin, nose, and eyelids. I then would tug at the collar to make her choke slightly. I then snatched off her bra and stared at her inverted nipples.

I would the kick her once, making her fall in her back unable to get up. I would again go on top of her and start sucking on her nipples. I would even start to finger her hairy pussy. But I then got bored and positioned us in a missionary position.

She started to panic and cry, saying that I promised that I wouldn’t fuck her in her pussy. I would tease her but inserting only the tip of my cock into her pussy. She would start sobbing saying no and please. I as I got pushed more and more in. The more she started to tremble.

But I then pulled out of her pussy and rammed into her asshole. The scream she released was terrible. The pain of me inserting the entirety of cock into her ass was to much for her. But I didn’t care. I would slam in and out of her ass full force.

After a while of doing that. I was about to cum. So I pulled out and grabbed her by her hair forcing her to sit up straight. I then jerked and blasted my load in her face, body, and hair.

She then began to piss herself and I just slapped her causing her to fall over again. I took a pic on my phone and threw back her own phone that she so desperately wanted back.

She’s was now a broken girl on the floor with cum on herself, tied and bounded by her own clothing, and in a poudle of of her own piss. She was truly pathetic and beautiful. As I left her in the bathroom, I sent her the pic I took and added “see you next time”.

Maybe next time I might take her virginity or do something even more humiliating, but hey, I’m a nice guy.


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  • Reply Jayjaybinks ID:1el9508r8yj9

    This happened at your school yet noone heard her scream or fight? Not possible. A fake

  • Reply Knowledge is power! ID:1el9508r8yj9

    This happened at your school yet know one heard her while she was raped?? That is highly unlikely! A fake!

  • Reply Linda ID:27m32exik

    One word. Paragraph.