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Step daughter’s surprise

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Fictional story of a fictional step daughter that shows her step daddy that he is appreciated in her words

Hi I’m Sahara just turned 18 and still a virgin by choice size 32 ,29 ,31 .anyhow my mom is a bitch to daddy and for no reason .
He is a good man with a good job and he takes real good care of his family,mom is just a bitch .i remember when daddy first realized I was a young woman, i was 16 and had gotten a little bigger over the winter and my bikini got a little smaller.
I cought him staring at me from time to time ,which turned me on.l may have been only 16 but still very much a woman and i know this one loves to get attention like that makes women feel good about their selfs,and i often wondered what his dick would taste like..
I so wanted to find out ,but i know me being 16 he would have no part of it , so i started to dress a little skimpier fir my daddy to at least enjoy mentally an visually
My friend Faith kinda joined in.one day while swimming and in and out of our pool i noticed that daddy had a bulge in his shorts
Is he getting a boner Faith asked noticing too , I think so we giggled
A little while later daddy went in and was gone for about 20 minutes and his boner was gone too i was a little disappointed i loved to see his bulge and try to imagine it’s size and what it looks like
We teased daddy with short shorts cut off Ts with no bras on and of course no panties and by all the bulges we saw he apparently liked it but waiting 2 years was hard for me and Faith confessed that shed love to have my daddy take her virginity also and she would try if it wasn’t for him being may daddy.
So we kept it up for 2 years accidentally flashing him what ever and whenever we could especially when Faith stayed the weekend or over nighters.
We finally realized what he was doing when he would disappear after he started to get hard and that is a definite turn on knowing a man is masturbating over you .which was alot now that the bitch got a promotion and traveled alot for work
I was finally 18 and i was trying to figure out how to make the first move in a way that he couldn’t refuse . Well it fell in my lap mom told me earlier that she had to catch a plain after work and had to be in Spokane Monday morning and would be gone for 2 weeks and asked me to let daddy know.
When daddy got home dinner was ready as always i had run his bath water just as he likes it, he went to take a bath and we ate after dinner he heads to the Jacuzzi saying something about mom running late as always ,i almost chuckled out loud. I took him out a beer,kissed the top of his head and told him that i loved him. Leaving him to enjoy.
About 40 minutes later i returned walked up behind him and covered his eyes with my hands saying in a whisper to disguise my voice keep your eyes closed or i won’t do what I’m about to do and i reached down searching for his waist band , it wasn’t there ,he had nothing on my heart raced and my mind went wild ,what if he did this hoping I’d come back and it would be accidental catching him naked .
I nervously moved my hand a little lower i found the tip of what i was in search of grasping it softly began to stroke it getting in the tub facing him i whispered , remember I’ll stop if you look.
He said if I knew that I’d walk around blind ,giggled at that out loud and he got a funny look on his face and back in a whisper i asked him if every was okay he told me yes and that i sounded like Faith when I giggled all i could think of saying is well i am her mother
I noticed he gota little harder so i pushed it and asked do you fantasize of her , who he asked me Faith i asked as i was giving him a slow soft hand job n…na…no he managed to get out. Then i told him it was okay to have a fantasy but some should be left as fantasies, and asked him to set up in the side of the tub he did and being my first time i hope he would love it as i started to take the tip into my mouth he asked did you mean that about fantasies i said huh hu still sucking his cock then stoped and asked him what he would do if he ever woke up with Faith doing this to him he got harder again he told me that it depends on how good it felt ,or if i was getting ready to come how about if it felt like this as i swallowed his cock to his balls and licked them as well he jerked and said o my no I don’t think I’d try to stop her .
Repeating that several times then i stoped and told him well you might want to open your eyes and enjoy your fantasy daddy and slowly deep throated him again he started to say what but moaned when i licked his balls again with his cock completely in my mouth and throat.
I kept going he told me that i might want to stop it or you’ll make him come in your mouth, i asked would you like that daddy ? moaning he said yes i stoped and asked why would you want me to stop then ? Daddy said I don’t
Tell me daddy tell me daddy said don’t stop baby girl it feels so good ,where do you want to come daddy i asked . In your beautiful mouth princess.,make me come in your mouth .
I moan i love you daddy and he said i love you to princess ,you do really he said yes really like this do you love me like this daddy yes he said like this baby girl,. Then i moaned i have wanted to hear that since i was 16 and he said I’m getting ready to come . I’m not stopping daddy and pumped his cock in and out of my mouth he stater to swell up harder he was breathing heavy and faster his legs were trembling he jerked upwards and i felt and tasted my first shot of come . I did not stop till he gave me 5 long blast of his come. We have 2 weeks alone i hope we can repeat this againdaddy again daddy we had a long talk later that night in bed …..

Number 2 will be coming soon

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    Before posting another part, learn to use a spell checker, get someone to proof read your story and properly use punctuation marks. All of these mistakes ruined an otherwise good story

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