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My sweet sister Jane

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The 80s. I remember my sister Jane and I came from a party that had been going on a block away from home that Saturday night. All the rest of the family had gone to a wedding in the next town. It was raining lightly and all we had to do was play the company and go inside to sleep. It turned out that I soon realized that my parents’ car wasn’t in the garage. I thought it was strange, because the arrangement was that they, arriving before us, would open the door for us. We went to the pay phone and called my uncle, asked him if he knew anything, why my parents weren’t home. We learned that they left the wedding where they had gone and went to the hospital, to take my brother who had fallen there and that they would not be long, because it was nothing serious. Surprised, we returned home and sat in the dark on the porch. It turned out that time went by and my parents didn’t arrive and the cold increased. And we continued to sit there, in a loveseat that was under a fern. Me, Robert, who was 17 years old and my sister Jane, who was then 26 years old, was a light brunette, like mignon, but she had rounded shapes, without necessarily being fat, what I want to say is that she was not what could be called dry, skinny. At a certain moment, Jane, complaining of the cold, turned on his side and, adjusting himself, sat with his thighs on mine; We then sat in an X-shape, in rhythm with the gentle rocking of the bench, attached to a chain. I remember that she was wearing a full skirt and that by putting herself in that position, she made her smooth and soft thighs be exposed. That made my youthful member, even under the natural guilt of being my sister, give a sign of life. Trying somehow to avoid contact between those parts of our bodies, I shivered awkwardly into the cramped space of the swinging bench. But she wasn’t stupid and by then she should have realized my state. That’s because she started moving her thigh towards my pelvis, pressing slowly, while at the same time looking at my face seriously, as if wanting to see my reaction. The worst thing is that, no matter how much I held my breath, my cock made those familiar “jumps” under my shorts, making me blush even more. Worse was when she then started to kind of scratch her thigh, she seemed to want to squeeze a blackhead or something, something common if it wasn’t very close to her vulva, which at a glance I could see hidden by her white panties. But soon I had the feeling that this torture was going to end, because she lifted her thighs turned around, stood up, heading towards the window and said:
– Sometimes they leave the key here – passing their hand on the smoothing mark, which I found strange, after all the fact that we waited for our parents was precisely because we only had one key, since the other had disappeared.
Suddenly, she bent down, said she was looking for the key next to the baseboard, bending over, in my opinion, in an exaggerated way, tilting her head too much, to the point that her skirt went up the back, to the limit of her pulpy ass. With that vision, my mind went into a tailspin. Was she really trying to turn me on? Standing up, she rubbed her two arms crossed, emitting the typical gesture of chills, as she returned to the bench: “Wow, how cold!” and sat down next to me again for a short time, and then, out of nowhere, said:

– I think I’ll sit on your lap, it’s too tight! Can you take it?
Your question took me by surprise and with my heart wanting to come out of my mouth, I just consented:
-Okay, then, Jane.
And she, wasting no time, moved towards sitting on my teenage lap. The curious thing is that she didn’t get up, but kind of snuck up, sliding her thighs into mine, in that tight space. And what came next made me delirious: she sat heavily on my rigid penis, What a soft little ass! What a yummy volume on my cock! She at first, as we talked banalities, only forced it down from time to time; But little by little I felt that she was rehearsing a gentle twitch, while the conversation began to become meaningless, as if it were only an excuse to keep her there. Her voice sometimes came out shaky and her skin warmed up. I instinctively pushed my hips upwards as well, but I was completely out of control, embarrassed, because I thought she was feeling my legs tremble with so much excitement. Then she did something that almost made me horny, when she heard the sound of a motorcycle coming from the street, which she obviously knew was not our parents, she turned her head to me, asking: – Is it them?- which I noticed was an excuse to get up a little and search with the meatiest part of her ass, The stalk of my turtledove, which occasionally slid out of the contact position, mainly because I pushed upwards. I almost came right then and there due to the sensuality of the situation; She also seemed more aroused, because she squeezed her butt even more in my lap. I then, by instinct and desire, gradually pulled her waist down. The conversation ceased, and a sepulchral silence fell over both of us, with only the natural nocturnal sounds and the embarrassing signs of our panting. At that pace, she spread her thighs and as she made a back and forth motion, my cock fit nicely into the part of her ass, letting me feel her deep, warm thrust. This also seems to have stirred her, for tilting her head back, next to my neck, she emitted a very soft sigh, more enough for me to hear:
– Uuui!
Hearing that, I had no doubts, I put my hands on her belly and started to climb towards her breast that even before I got there, I could already feel the heat in my hands, while she writhed in distress and eagerness for my touch. In a split second, I stopped and, thinking, questioned about what we were doing, she noticing my hesitation, put her hand on mine and I waited to make sure it wasn’t my impression that she was forcing it towards her right breast. So, I dared, brushing very close to him; until she, I don’t know if naturally or forcing an attack from me, coughed once, took a deep breath and coughed again, in which taking advantage of the spasm of the cough, I filled my hand greedily on her hard chest under her blouse. She groaned saying only:
– Aaaa
And I brought my other hand to her other breast, causing her to squirm. I stood there for about a minute that seemed like a delightful eternity. Totally crazy, she left the position she was in and stood with only one of her thighs over mine, starting to caress my very hard cock over shorts, while I squeezed her tits. I knew I could cum at any moment, but I didn’t want to, it was too good to end so quickly. Then I lowered my head and began to suck only her right breast, hard and pointed. He sucked them hard, and in the dim light, his moan was the only sound that could be heard. She, at this point, crazy with horniness, squeezed my cock hard, almost crushing it with her hand driving me crazy, making me let go of her tits. He unbuttoned the velcro of my shorts and my cock popped out free. Grasping him again, he looked at him voluptuously, and then at me, and asked:
– Do you want to?
With no strength, I just nodded my head and she went down and started kissing my cock, as I pushed her, trying to get her to suck it, as it was all I wanted at that moment. But she, shaking her head negatively, held on to the base, licking him, running her tongue all over his head and sides. Not being able to stand it, I told her to stop, because I knew she was going to cum and I didn’t think it was a good idea to do that to her. As she kept going, no matter how much I pulled her up, she refused to stop. And even though she was fighting against me, she said in a very sensual way:
– It doesn’t matter! You can leave it!
And he kept licking me hot. When he realized my despair, he took a deep breath and said softly:
– Okay, I’ll do it, then.
Going down again, he grabbed my cock all the way up, but slowly up and down, so that I could feel his velvety and warm little mouth with every movement.
My head went into overdrive and I couldn’t stand it for another second, exploding in. At the moment, she just pulled back a little, letting the jet hit the corner of her mouth and part of her face. When she stood up to me, who saw her face licked and her wiping with her hand, I apologized embarrassed, but she interrupted, just retorted:
– Stop being silly! Didn’t I say I could?
I was faint there with my shorts down and she didn’t let go of my cock, which was oozing, she continued to smooth it, now with her hand all honeydew. Always in silence, we stayed like this for a few minutes, until my cock started to react to his stimuli. She first increased the pace, and then, lifting and suspending her skirt, moved her panties away with her back to me, letting me see, even in the dim light, that delight of a smooth ass. Not believing that this was happening. He approached me again and sat down with everything on my lap:
– Just to play, okay?
And she started to move on my already resurrected cock, I tried to turn her to see her pussy, or directed my fingers in the direction, but she said with some affection:
– Not at the front, Robert!
But that alone was good. I continued there, with her in my lap, moaning and she rocking herself, made her slide and get in front, she gave a little scream, quickly withdrawing it, then saying:
-Um… Come here.
And getting up, she lowered her panties, to her knees, turned her back and leaned against the wall, leaned a little and begged:
-Comes! Don’t you want to?
I confess that I thought about refusing. We had already gone too far. But the horniness spoke louder, when I saw that ass of Jane inviting me. I stood up on wobbly legs and joined her. I grabbed her waist and started rubbing my cock on that meaty monument, at the same time panting in her ear. Jane moved, back and forth, and I moved along, already wanting to cum again. My cock was already nice and slick into her hot ass. Suddenly, without turning around, she warned.
– Hey, are you going to stay there? I pretended to misunderstand and she continued: – You can put a little bit if you want!
I pretended I didn’t hear it, I wanted to hear her repeat one of the sexiest rather than horny phrases anyone has ever said to me:
– You heard it, Bob. You can do it on my ass!
My head knotted! Without further ado, I pointed my cock at that hot little ring and forced, she moaned softly and I stopped worriedly.
– Don’t stop, don’t Re! Go, put it on!
I was always afraid, reluctant, even without taking it off completely and she, more emphatic, but always affectionate, threatened to lift her panties:
– Mom and Dad are coming. Hurry up, boy!
With a request like that, I couldn’t refuse anymore, I held her by the hips and slowly inserted it, as I passed the head and the little ring swallowed the beginning of the rod, she jumped up and said:
But now, there was no turning back, I started to bury it hard, while she pushed her ass back.
– You can shove it all in, don’t stop, no! It doesn’t stop, no!
The ease with which she accepted every inch and my violent thrusts made me think how much she was already understood about giving her ass. I held her by both parts of her ass and kept thrusting hard, and she more and more surrendered, she started to roll like a dancer, giving me a lot of work to hold her. I buried myself hallucinating, with such intense pumps, that sometimes she lost her balance and almost fell, but I kept going hard, punching deep. Already sensing the, I pushed her against the wall, joined my body to hers, listening to her say, almost in a sob.
– Everything is in, Bob!
And I was already desperate with horniness, gave one last violent thrust, and then squeezed my cock hard in her ass, lifting my hips, making her two pulps rise kneaded through them, pouring my hot cum inside that broken hole, while she screamed,
-Wow! You’re cumming hot!
Really, I had like I would never do again. When I finished, I stood there leaning against her, totally faint, feeling her little ring contracting on my cock, which relaxed little by little, until it withered completely, sliding completely from inside that delight. She took a deep breath and turning to me, complimented me, saying among other things that it was very tasty. But I was embarrassed, because I knew she hadn’t cummed. Then as she spoke, and tried to lift her panties, I abruptly bent down, knelt down and with my hands went down again and went to her wet pussy, sucking with desire, nibbling on her crotch. She went mad, moaning like a crying bitch, saying unfinished and incomprehensible sentences:
– You…, You…, Robeeert….., aaa
I then lifted her ass with both hands and had her thighs drape over my neck, practically lifting her off the ground, just propped up by the wall and my body. As she drank it, she began to cry with horniness, trying to speak:
– I like it….! Renat….! I’m going to… I’m going to… g..!
To then dissolve into cum, shuddering all over, pressing the soaked pussy against my head, totally uncontrolled and spasmodic. In the end, tired and satisfied, we came back panting and with the body giving small contractions from time to time.
Our family arrived minutes later and everyone went into the house. I remember my mom asking something about her paint-stained blouse on her back and her smudged makeup. Jane answered anything. And we went to sleep that mind-blowing night. And life went on. Sometimes we touched each other on the sly, we would make out, I would sneak up on her, but we never did anything so serious again, until everything stopped completely. We had no climate, no courage. I confess that many times I have bitterly regretted it, and I believe she has too. I cured myself by doing analysis and she seems to manage it all well too. Today I am married, have three children, an engineer and a university professor, and live in São Paulo. She now owns a furniture store, has also married, has two children, but lives in Natal. When we meet, sometimes I get the impression that she wants to ask me about that night, but she never did, even when we are alone we act as if it never happened. I believe that unless it is here, on the internet, this will be a secret that we will carry to our graves.

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    You need to proof read your stories before posting, so many he’s that should be she’s and wife versa and changes from first person storytelling, “I said”, to third person storytelling, “he said” and other spelling mistakes make what could be a very good story intu gibberish.