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My uncle did stuff to me

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Since i was 10 my uncle who was 20 always used to offer me but cheek massages when ever we were alone. He took some lotion or massage oile told me to strip down naked and lay on my stomach. He rubbed my ass cheek and sometimes slapped them a little bit. During these massages he was also naked, and sometimes he would put his penis in between my ass cheeks, he didnt actualy put it in.

When he was done with my ass massage he said he also wanted one, he told me to massage his feet with my lips and tongue. He brought me to the shower with him, or walked naked around the house sit on the couch and touch his penis. He babysat me alot and since he lives alone he did all that stuff to me. He made me kiss him once and he spat in my mouth. Whenever i was takeing a bath he would be with me touching me saying he helped me to wash my self. We celebrated my 11th birthday at his place. It was just close family but since my parents had work early in the morning i had to sleepover at his place. He told me he had a big surprise for me. He stripped down naked came close to me and told me to open my mouth. He put his penis in my mouth and kept pushing my head, he then took of my shirt and pants and ripped my underwear a bit, just enough to put his penis INSIDE my ass hole
He kept calling me a good boy, and slapping my ass whem he was fucking me, he finished inside me. I couldnt really move my legs so when he finished and left the room i just stayed there laying completly naked on the bed for the entire night. He woke me up with a big slap on my ass. And said not to tell my dad cuz it was just a game and if my father knew about it he would get mad. He did lots of stuff to me like cuffing and blindfolding me and said that we were just playing a game whenever i said no to something his excuse was comon you like playing games. One time he only gave me pants to wear and nothing under he told me that if i have to go pee to tell him when i did he picked me up carried me to a chair tied me pulled out his phone and told me to pee my self when he starts filming again its a game he said. He made me pee my self every day for 3 days wearing the same pants i pissed the day before without even washing them. And he always filmed . Im wondering since i never said no ,even tho he made me say yes, am i wrong and is this what he did ok or not okay

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  • Reply Dyo ID:4a206ba4zrd

    Need part 2 Ivan btw how big is your dick

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    yes it was okay, he is your uncle and wanted to use you to feel good, you must do as he says. its common and for for an adult uncle to use his young underage nephews tight boypussy as a cum dumpster. young boys have the tightest buttholes and need to have it broken in once they are old enough that they can stretch open enough to allow a thick adult dick to brutally rape their boycherry away without too much tearing.

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

    Is there a way I can get in contact with you Ivan😊

    • Ivan ID:5tyhg96v2

      my mail [email protected]

    • Peter ID:1eqrgf76k8pr

      Very nice

  • Reply Anon ID:yv9vg4m2

    Yes what he did to you is okay

    • Ivan ID:5tyhg96v2

      Okay, thanks for replying

    • Mason0 ID:61kopwpqm

      Are you smoking crack? That was rape!

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