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My no nut November and 52 card stud with Lucy

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She picked a card and thats how many times she would slide her pussy up and down my cock.

I did no nut November, wasnt to hard but by Thanksgiving I was ready to bust a night. We went to Chloe’s house to eat for Thanksgiving and Lucy was there. I had turned 15 a few days before but didnt have a party. Lucy wished me happy bday and after we ate we had a few minutes alone.

She asked me if I wanted to play a game, I said you mean like the movie SAW and she said no, its a fun game. We set a date, the first Saturday in December. I went to her house, got a ride from my cousin, I was ready to do whatever she wanted to get some of her sweet pussy. She was home alone and pulled out a deck of playing cards.

Lucy- this is 52 card stud, I pick a card, say a 5 and I slide up and down on your dick 5 times, then I pick another card and keep going until we use all 52 cards.

Me- that doesnt sound painful, whats the catch? I know you have something up your sleeve.

Lucy- well, first I ride your dick until you get about to cum, then you tell me to stop when you get close, I do that a few times to get you ready

Me- thats it?

Lucy- its not as easy as it seems, but if you make it thru all 52 cards then you get a free fuck from me anytime you want, but if you cum before the 52 cards are done me and the girls get to suck your cock like we did during the summer.

I didnt want my cock wrecked again, not after what I did with Sienna, she still owed me a fuck to. We never got to meet up again and fuck, but she was still willing, but after what I did to her pussy with the vibrator I did not want Sienna sucking me and getting revenge.

Me- its a deal, it cant be that bad, I got confidence in my cock

Lucy- well lets get naked and you lay on the bed.

Lucy looked fine as hell naked, nice tan tits, plump ass.

Lucy- dont touch me unless I tell you. are you ready?

Me- I am ready.

She got on top of me, slowly lowered her pussy on my hard black cock, no cum for a month and her pussy felt so damn good. She rode me slow to get her pussy adjusted to my cock.

Lucy- lets play the game

She smiled as she rode my cock, tight wet pussy, fuck it felt nice. I lasted maybe 3 minutes, told her I was close and she stopped.

Lucy- that was quick, you must be really horny

Me- I did the no nut November, so yeah

Lucy- well you wont survive this then

She rode me fast 2 more times, I got so close the second time, the third time, she slowed down, she didnt stop.

Me- I told you I was close, you didnt stop

Lucy- so, you feel good in my pussy and you can control it

Lucy- the total cards in the deck add up to 380 when you add them up, so pick a card and lets play.

I picked a 6, she slide her pussy up and down my cock 6 times, with each card she would ride me dick that number of times, 20 cards of the deck were done and I was controlling my cock. She would stop when I picked a card

I picked a card, a 10 and she rides me 10 times, she starts to fuck me slow when I pick a card now, my cock gets no rest. Half the desk was gone and this was getting harder.

Me- pls slow down I am super close

Lucy- so, I want to suck and torture your dick again, so we play by my rules. Pick a card.

I got so close so many times, I would grab her ass hard.

Lucy- you holding in there champ?

Me- I am trying

She grabs the deck of cards and takes the deck of cards and throws them in the flow.

Lucy- I am going to just ride you, say stop when you get close

This was torture, so close to busting a nut, having to tell her to stop was killing me.

Lucy- when you tell me to stop, you get 5 slow strokes before I stop

Me- what! no

I told her to stop, she went slow 5 times.

Lily– you guys seem to be having fun

Me- where the fuck did you come from?

Lily- I been here the whole time, watching and enjoying.

Lucy- Lily, he is holding in pretty good, lets do the plan now.

Lucy slides off my dick and sits on my chest, she holds me down as I lay on her bed. I feel Lily take my dick in her mouth.

Lucy- just enjoy the moment

Me- not this again pls, is she going to let me cum.

Lucy- you will cum, and she is gonna suck you as long as she likes.

Me- you tricked me into this.

Lucy- well Sienna told me what you did to her, tell Lily when you are ready to cum.

Lily sucks me fast and hard, I feel myself about to explode and tell Lily I am going to cum.

Lucy- dont forget the plan Lily.

I hated the plan, soon as I said I was about to cum she took her mouth away. I felt the pain of a ruined orgasm, my cock throbbed as I came, I needed her mouth to do me right, instead I got a hand squeezing my balls as I shoot my load.

Me- pls why you doing this to me

Lucy- Lily, wreck his balls babygirl.

I squirm as Lily squeezes my balls, I feel her grip them tighter, I want to throw Lucy off of me and break away, but I cant. The pain in my balls is to much.

Lucy- hold his balls while we trade places.

Lily holds my balls tight as Lucy gets off of me, Lucy takes my balls and holds them tight as I feel Lily lower herself onto my hard dick.

Lily- I am going to fuck you until I cum, but Im not on the pill soo dont cum and get me pregnant.

Lily rides me, her pussy was tight as fuck, Lucy had her hand on my balls matching the pleasure of Lily’s pussy with the pain in my balls.

Lily- I am going to cum, let go of his balls, I want to see if he can control.

Lucy let go of my balls, I felt the pleasure in my dick as Lily started to cum, Lucy got up and sat herself down on my face, I thought she wanted me to lick her pussy, instead she was just holding me down. She held me down as Lily rode my cock, she held me down as my cock exploded into Lily’s pussy.

Lily- he came, he came

I feel a pain in my hip, like a needle or something jabbing me.

Lucy- its about time, now get dressed while I talk to Corey

Lily dresses and leaves, Lucy lets me up.

Lucy- hope she doesnt get pregnant

Me- what? she isnt on the pill?

Lucy- who knows, maybe she is

Me- dam you

Lucy- lets play a game

Me- another games?

Lucy- you get to fuck me, Sienna and Ruby

Me- and?

Lucy- we see which one of us you get pregnant

Me- fuck that, you crazy bitch

Lucy- you feel sleepy yet? the benzos should hit you soon

Me- the benzos?

Lucy- you didnt feel me give you a shot?

Fuck, I got drowsy and passed out.

When I woke up..

Lucy- so Sienna he cums in you next, then me then Ruby, make sure he is tied up tight, let’s go girls

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  • Reply Castiel Novak ID:145e852um9bp

    I feel like rape should be tagged

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:vuf1mu43j

    Fun game! We came up with a variation of Liars Dice, and Truth or Dare where the results were often not unlike that. You know, kiddy dares, 5 kisses, or 3 swats… We also did a lot of Frottribado, (wet humping) only we called it “Playing the Fiddle.”

  • Reply Foxy ID:3zxjpuyy20bk

    Nothing more beautiful than like teens fuckin’