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Five shades of Nike – Chapter 3

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Part 3 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chaves and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Camping with the scouts and my real sexual awakening

It was the time of our annual scout camp, and I would share a tent with three lads that where all 15, one being called Kyle who tended to keep himself to himself and really didn’t speak much. Then there were 2 lads who were really close as friends to each other as you could get, Tyler and Reece. They were the coolest lads in town, with the latest bikes, clothes and BMX’s. My BMX was an older one and came via my brother so was probably dodgy. I was almost that age but so even though I was a bit younger I was considered more sensible and was the patrol leader for the tent. One of them had a girlfriend in the guides and we went off to a campsite for a few days together. The leaders had the girls camp in a different field to us so that we could not get up to anything we should not. As the leader of our patrol, I had been asked to make sure the others did not go over to the other site of an evening.

The lad Tyler kept bugging me about going over to see this girl, but I said we would both get into trouble. Of course, he managed to go wandering one evening with an excuse he needed to go and find some firewood. But he ended up going over to see her and got caught. Both the leaders were not pleased at him and me. So, the following night I was told to make sure he didn’t wander off. We had all gone to our tents, to get ready for bed, and after a while he said he really needed the toilet badly, and first I said, no, but he kept on, so in end I said he could, but I had been told I would have to go with him outside, even if was just going to pee in the bushes nearby. He said he needed to sit down on a toilet, so would have to take him to the main block. Normally, we took our own toilets, but as this had a large block, being an official site. We got dressed and headed over to the block, when we got there, he said he would be a minute and went in. I thought it a bit strange after a few minutes and had heard some noises. I walked in to find him fucking this girl, as she sat on a toilet in one of the stalls, which had been closed but not locked (or the lock failed) and it had opened slightly. I was a little stunned and wasn’t sure what to do, he looked round and said “shit, we are busted”. He tried up and off her, and she attempted to cover herself up and stand up as she was riding him. I thought well at least you used a rubber as I looked down at his fair sized smooth encased cock. I said hurry up and finish up or we will all get caught. With that he smiled at me, and went back at her. I stepped back but not too far, so as to still see the action. Having never had sex myself at the time I watched in amazement, more so as I seemed to be more interested in the guy than the girl. It was like having a sex manual on how to do it. After a short while Tyler suddenly sped up and said to her, he was going to cum, and shortly after his thrusting shortened, started to grunt, and slowed down. He then rested for a short bit kissing her and then pulled out, with the filled condom hanging off the end. She got up and pulled the condom off him and looked at all the cum, wasn’t sure what she was going to do with it. There was a sign above the flush warning of not putting items down the toilet due to the plumbing. He thought he best not just flush it. He put the condom into some toilet paper, and just dumped it on the ledge behind the cistern, along with the foil packet. They both then came out; she was giggling a bit. I said to be quiet “sssshhh”. I said she better get back and she walked off, I said to him, did he clean up after him? He said he didn’t think he needed to worry about that too much and dumped on the ledge behind the toilet cistern. I said, that was stupid, we could still get caught you idiot, so he went, “yea guess so “. I said ” ok, I will check the toilet, as I need a pee now anyway, and get rid of it”, I told him to wait outside and keep a look out for the warden, I would only be a minute. My hard on had gone semi quickly, and I went into the stall and closed the door. I heard him leave, to wait outside as I had said. I picked up the tissue, I took the rubber out and examined it. I had seen condoms on sex education videos, but not a real one in my hand, and certainly not one that was used. It was full of his cum, and I smelt it, and then I tipped some of the cum out onto my hand. It got me hard and I wanked with the cum as lube, then I decided I wanted to feel what it was like wearing one and slide it on to my cock and continued to wank I didn’t last too long and cum in the rubber, mixing my cum with his. Then I quickly wiped up, shoved the tissued rubber I had tied a knot in, and also the discarded wrapper in my pocket and left. I did not want to take a chance of anything being found.

Outside we headed back to camp. When we got back, Reece asked what happened. He must have known something of the plan. Tyler tells Reece of what happened and describes in detail the sex. I think Reece was soon wanking as the story unfolded, and I am sure I heard a low grunt at some point as he came. I was also hard again and reached down to find I had not done a great job of cleaning myself up and cock was still slick and slimy in a few places. I also managed to cum and then fell asleep, and I could also hear Kyle knocking one out listening to the goings on. Thankfully, none of the adult leaders had heard anything, or at least they didn’t mention it the next day. I had a new friend which came in handy as now there was no one who was going to bully me with Tyler around. As for the used rubber, I was able to use the cum as lube the next day while I had a wank in the same stall as he had been in, only with the door securely locked. It got disposed of after that to hide the evidence in one of the large camp bins.

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