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An Unfaithful Wife and How to Cure The Problem

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Mr Faraday’s Finishing School changed Diana Reed’s outlook on life, much to the delight of her husband who watched every minute of her education.

David Reed walked past his wife and dropped the letter on the dinning room table as he strode to the end of the table smiling to himself and sat down facing his wife. ” Who is the letter from ” he said pretending not to know, his wife said nothing just carried on looking at the envelope in front of her.
” WELL” said Reed rather loudly, making his wife jump , “open it and see who it is from.” With trembling hands she slid the knife in front of her along the seal of the envelope and pulled out the sheet of paper , Reed sat smiling at her. ” It’s from the Finishing School ” she replied softly, ” I have been accepted for re- training for a week beginning June 8th 1887 until ,her voice trailed off and she sat looking at the sheet of hand written paper.
David Reed laughed ,”did you hear that Connie” he said looking in the direction of the young maid who was waiting to serve their dinner, “what do you think of that “.
Connie grinned from ear to ear, ” I think that’s marvelous news Sir, don’t you ” she said trying not to laugh, ” I am sure Ma’am will enjoy her time there “, she started to laugh .
” Now, now, now “, Connie said Reed smiling, “you need to remember your station in life” ,and he smiled at the young girl . Reed loved Connie more than his wife, even when he was fucking Mrs Diana Reed it was often Connie he was thinking about, her tight little cunny wraped around his monster cock ,her squealing as he drove into her, and then her clinging onto him , crying out in joy when she climaxed gave him so much more pleasure than when he fucked his wife , who no matter what he did to her ,just laid on her back with her legs open until he finished.
Then she would return to her own bedroom, and he could hear her through the wall washing his seed from her cunt, try to ensure she would not have the son and heir so desperately wanted.
Reed would have married the beautiful young Connie if she had not been from such a poor family,he needed to marry into a wealthy family for the dowery ,so he had married the pretty but very boring Diana Westmorland instead.
It was Connie who had first seen David Reeds useless brother Robert going into Diana’s bedroom one night when David was staying the night at his club in London . Robert a so called artist that had never once sold a painting ,lived in a cottage on the estate supported financially by his elder brother David , Robert was more drunk than sober any time of the day or night when he was awake , the two brothers were exact opposites, Connie assumed that’s what had attracted Diana to Robert ,they say opposites attract.
After three or four weeks of watching Robert creep into the house every Friday evening after everyone had gone to bed, enter Diana’s bedroom, and then creep out again a couple of hours later. Connie felt it was her “duty” to suggest that this Friday night, maybe the love of her life David, should come home unexpectedly, around say 9 o’clock and quietly pay a visit to his wife in her bedroom.
When David enquired why ,she smiled and ran away to the kitchen, but the following Friday night he caught the last train home from London, walked the two miles to the house , and entering around 9.30pm, silently climbed the stairs .
Slowly opening the door he stood in the doorway looking at his naked wife on her hands and knees her face deep in a pillow to stem her cry’s of joy as his brother plowed David’s wife from the rear . They never even heard him as he slowly crept across the room and sat on the chair, waiting for the two lovers to finish their sickening act of disloyalty to him.
It was Diana that first noticed David sitting there in the candle light, she let out a scream and begged David to get Robert off her, because he was attacking her. He sat there and watched his brother roll onto his back laughing, reaching for the bottle of whiskey on the bedside table and taking a swig for courage he brazenly said, “Hi big brother, I didn’t hear you come in, I was just taking your place for the night, seemed your wife was lonely”,and he broke out in drunken laughter.
David Reed stood up and said nothing as left the room, once outside the room he lent his forehead on the wall and wept . A few minutes later he was climbing another flight of stairs heading for the staff quarters. Standing outside of Connie’s door he wiped the remaining trace of tears from his eyes and walked in, to find the woman he loved laying naked on the bed gently rubbing her pussy with her fingers, her eyes closed as she softly hummed a tune. “Hello” she said throately, “are you OK” ?
” I am now” he said smiling as he removed his clothes before climbing onto her bed and falling into her open arms,something he had not done since the day he got married..
It took David several weeks to find out about the “Finishing School” in Greenwich, in the meantime life in his home had been to say the least strained. Conversation with his unfaithful wife had been almost none, and his brother had been told not to visit the big house under any circumstances.
Then one evening he had been talking to one of his friends at his club , he must have had one whisky too many and without thinking mentioned that he was having a problem with his wife. He didn’t elaborate but his friend Reggie Bowman said ,”big problem or little problem”? David laughed and said “Big,Big problems “. They sat in silence for a minute and then Reggie said,” I had a problem with my wife last year old boy, she seemed to forget for a while who her husband was, but after a few days at a Finnish School in Greenwich, she now remembers better than ever, “and he laughed .
” I swear sometimes I might be laying in bed and I just cough, two seconds later she is running into my bedroom pulling off her nightwear and acting like a whore, can’t wait to get into my bed “. If there is ever anything that even resembles a problem in my life I only have to mention maybe we should go to Greenwich, and the woman becomes an angel”.
“Do you need the address” he asked David , he didn’t wait for a reply he just wrote a few words on a paper napkin his drink had been on, handed it to David Reed, rose and laughing said ” time for me to go and visit my whore”. Pointing at the napkin he said “pay them a visit sometime ,you won’t be sorry, and he left.
A letter to a Mr Faraday in Greenwich was followed up two weeks later by a visit to the premises by David, who by the time he left an hour later had already arranged and paid for his unfaithful wife to spend a week with Mr Faraday, his wife and the staff of the Greenwich Finishing School for Young Ladies, and he could not wait to get home and give his wife a choice, spend a week in Greenwich, or leave his home never to return. Her choice was simple,which is why she now sat looking at the letter before her.

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