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My cleaning family

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I’m a wealthy 60 year old who corrupts his African cleaner and her family to make there life better and his

I’m a 60 year old male wey well off and live in a residential complex which I built with my money, its a place where we have shops cafes a bar and gym, swimming pool and other areas to stroll around inside and out.
You have to be over 55 to live here and there is about 500 units most of the workers are young an from different countries, my cleaner is from the Philippines and is 19, the cleaner for the corridors is from a little country in Africa she’s 20 as you can see all different and the ones in cafes bars etc were all young, oldest i knew about was 25 youngest 16 and from all over Europe and Africa and South America.
They all work for a low pay and often do things for extra I gave Lucinda a African extra work getting me some shopping from outside and paid her for doing it,She was 21 and lived with her mom and 2 younger sisters she was lovely a perfect body one weekend she brought her younger sister Phibia who was 15 with her she was perfect about 4ft 6 straight black hair little tits and perfect figure definitely turned me on , she explained that on a Sat now her mother and other Sister worked and she had bring her with her but the next few weeks she was doing overtime and struggling to find somewhere for Phibia to go i said bring her here She can stay with me I wasn’t doing anything, she jumped up and gave me a massive kiss saying she could not thank me enough and would give me a specail thank you later.
I was more excited with this young girl going be in my room for 8 hours roll on next sat , meanwhile Lucinda was telling Phibia that she could stay with me She smiled and ran gave me a kiss and cuddle I cuddled her back and had a quick feel of her tits She just smiled .
On Monday Lucinda was working and I bumped into her she smiled at me and said she would come see me on her break to say thank you, I had no idea what she meant bit she told me be in my room at 1.
I went have a coffee with my mate Jim and was telling him he told me wow she’s so nice lucky you getting a snog we laughed and joked on and I left heading back to my room just after 1 I had a knock on the door I opened it Lucinda walked in she had brought 2 coffees and she sat down thanking me and offering me a coffee I said it’s OK she helps me and then she said I have a special thank you and she said would I like a hand job, as if I was going say no, she said sit on the sofa and she kneeled down and reached forward And undone my trousers and reached in bringing my cock out its a nice size its 9 inches soft and looked bigger in her little hands as she massaged it to make it hard.
It would not take long as been about 5 years since a younger women had touched it and that was a nurse checking it.
It was soon hard as she moved her hand up-and-down in rhythm she was not the most experienced but to me I didn’t care after about 5 mins I could feel it building up ready to cum I told her she leant forward and opened her mouth pointing my cock as it was ready to shoot and it did in her mouth stream after stream then she licked the end clean . She let go looked at me and smiled I hope I was OK she said perfect was my answer.
She then said she had go back to work and she would do same tomorrow if I wanted yes yes i said she smiled kissed me and went back to work.
Five days on her break she wanked me swallowing it everytime, on the Friday she said she would drop Phibia off in morning at 7 when she started i said OK and I gave her a key as I might still be asleep .
That was my plan to be in bed for when they came I could not wait I had plans for her big plans .
The next morning I was lying in bed when I heard the door open and a voice calling me one in bedroom still not up they both walked in lucinda in her work clothes and phibia was in a boob tube and short white denim skirt and white trainers just how I liked my teens.
Lucinda said she told Phibia to help me with what I needed and she smiled at me then she gave me a kiss and told phibia to give me one too as she leaned in I felt her tits again She just smiled I hope I got the signal right, Lucinda went to work and said she would come down on her break I said no we could go to the cafe and I would buy dinner OK she said As she left .
Phibia sat on my bed and I put on the tv I put kids programs on and she lay back next to me she asked me if it was OK yes I said and she cuddled up to me I smelled her hair lovely clean I looked down her boob tube next to me her legs streched out from her skirt I put my arm around her my hand landing on the side of her boob tube she looked up and smiled and shifted a little allowing my hand to feel her tit and I took full advantage by Circling it round and round by now I realised she didn’t have a bra on as her nipple went hard and she whispered in my ear that’s nice as I was moving my hand onto her stomach so I could go under her boob tube she whispered again could she get under the overs with me Yes I said if you want and she moved under and lay against me I moved my hand to where it was moving her boob tube up as I did I felt her hand on my stomach moving down towards my pj’s bottoms and it slid inside my god I was letting this teen do this why not I’m old and this is so good as I groped her small breasts as I did I felt her hand go onto my cock which was rock hard and she whispered Lucinda said you liked this as she started to stroke me I said I did and she was good as I lifted her boob tube letting both boobs out beautiful but I wanted more as she wanked me I moved my hand to her legs her legs moved open as I went higher and under her skirt I felt her panties as I did she gripped my cock and sighed I didn’t say anything as I moved her panties to one side I could feel her pussy it was small I wanted see it and asked her to let me see she smiled and let go off my cock and pushed the covers down she pulled her boob tube over her head them she pulled her skirt and panties off she was naked beautiful she got back in the bed and straddled my legs as she got hold of my cock and stroked me up and down her little pubes my cock went nearly up to her tits as she wanked me I just lay back she was good I wa steady to shoot and I would be all over her tits and it shot stream after stream covering her tits and rolling down to her stomach she kept pumping I was empty . She said she needed clean I told her lye on the bed and I will clean you up as I bent over licking my cum of her body she quivered as I went down and down and eventually I was nearly at her pussy I opened her legs and let my tongue lick her pussy her hands grabbed my head as her legs gripped my head as she started to orgasm into my mouth.
I lifted of and she just lay there shaking I could just get on her and fuck her but she was only 15 and I only met her and done enough . I told her I was going get a shower then she could too Iwas hard again thinking of her as I got out of the shower she walked in lovely black silky body small tits and a small public Bush.
She came out of the shower wrapped in a towel looked like a goddess I told her get dry and we can go find her sister and have some dinner my treat.
I watched as she put on her little panties then her skirt and bra and blouse, l was mesmerised she got dressed and we headed to find Lucinda as we walked along the corridor towards the cafe Phibia asked if I really liked her and her sister of course I told her you are both amazing She then said other than sex do you and I replied again yes, just then Lucinda came around the corner she was just finishing and i said meet you in the cafe when your done.
She came into the cafe and sat down looking at me she said was Phibia OK did she keep you happy I smiled she knew then she leant forward and whispered to me anytime you know anytime, I’m sure I blushed as I asked what she wanted to eat we ordered food and then she said they had to get the bus home. I said let me drive you both Lucinda said we don’t live in a nice area, that’s OK it doesn’t bother me I want to drive you and we finished our food I paid and we headed down to the private underground garage I have their faces as tgeyvsaw the different cars and I opened the range rover and said hop in one in front one in back and give me the post code and off we set, i drove quite far and we talked about things mostly how I had nice cars and I told them I owned a big building firm and we built the retirement complex wow lucinda said , we reached a estate where there were lots of flats looked about 13 stories high that were we live she said we have a 2 bedroom on floor 9 I pulled up outside and a few lads come over I just looked at them and said if it’s touched your all dead and helped lucinda and phibia out I will come up if it’s OK and off we went up to the 9th floor not nice smelt horrible and looked worse we got to the door she opened it and she asked me in it was cramped and dark as we went intonher lounge her mother was there and her other sister her mother looked young and her sister was the double of Lucinda she introduced me as the man that helps us her mother came over gave me a cuddle and thanked me she actually turned me on as I felt her tits against me I put me arms around her to she must only be a size8 and my finger tips touched her breasts I said sorry she just said it’s OK as she still cuddled me Lucinda said let him go mum and she did. Do you want coffee or tea she asked as I looked at these 4 dark goddesses I could fuck them all right now even the mother was perfect and I had a plan ticking over in my head.
I asked a few questions like were they worked how long they lived here and we’re was the dad, they all worked as cleaners doing 2 jobs they had lived in this flat 2 years since coming over and the dad left, sorry I said the mother looked and said you want to be dad and laughed I smiled that wasn’t far off my idea if I could fuck all of them.I had family they never visit they are all wealthy enough of me they come at Xmas if I’m lucky .
I said I have a idea how would you all like to live at mine rent free and you can work there doing something except Phibia they all laughed thinking I was joking Lucinda said you only have 2 bedrooms I laughed I meant in the staff rooms they never got used they are little flats inside all new and you could live free .What’s the catch the mother said as Phibia jumped on my knee saying you mean it i looked at her yes I do and then said the the mother if you want to I want us to be a family sort of .
What you mean I said I look after you you All look after my needs Lucinda said you mean like the other day, yes but all of you and you will have a great life your mother would not need work and you all take turns
Keeping me happy .
I had no idea what i was doing didn’t even know the mothers name or the sisters phibia while on my knee had her hand in my trousers her mother noticed but didn’t say anything. Well how about a trial then I will get the flat sorted and one of you come home with me tonight and if you like it we can be a family .Mother brought the coffee in and whispered in my ear that she would like to see the place so she would come with me while the others stayed here.
I agreed and drank my coffee and told her get some clothes and we can go I was more excited to get her to mine .
We went out from the flat and into the lift her mother said I’m Lucinda too and I saw what phibia was doing and I bet you want me finish it for you I would not complian I said as she just rubbed through my trousers in the lift we left the building the lads outside said it’s clean as I handed them a 20 thanks mister they shouted as we climbed into the car as I drove off her hand was on my lap and she was undoing my trousers and zip and had my cock in her hand as I was driving it was then she said that she hadn’t had sex for 1 year and that was with the landlord of her flat before this one I looked at her and asked her to open her legs and pull her skirt up let me see she did then she said we will do anything if you look after us I said I keep my word as she wanked my cock it was a good wank as I looked at her panties covered pussy, stupid questions I kept saying how much you get paid, how old are you, will your husband come back.
She answered she was 33 she had lucinda young and her sister Shopia 1 year later the father stayed in Africa, she got 150 a week for one job 100 the other Shopia was getting 300 for 2 jobs and Lucinda the same plus the 100 I gave her a week and phibia does the house work .
I said I will give ypu all 1000 between ypu and pay for your rent and you can eat in the cafe or bar for free on my tab.
She said that a lot what do you want from us I then looked and said I want to have sex with you all every day and I would like phibia to have my baby and if she does I will give her enough money never have to work and if any of you get pregnant I do the same. And I want phibia to live I my flat if you all agree it can start tonight with you. I also would like you to obey me everything g I ask no questions .she looked up smiled and put her mouth on my cock as i drove through the town .I think that was a yes as I drove into the carpark I said to her Lucinda take off ypu panties and bra before we walk upstairs she didn’t even moan as she pulled her panties down and took of her bra under her tshirt .We left the carpark into the lift it was only 3 floors and I headed to the managers office when we entered I said Tom this is Lucinda who is Lucindas mother I need keys for flat 1 staff and from Monday she is going work with you as a supervisor he just nodded gave me the key as I left I turned to him and smiled and said her daughters are shifting in too so could you organise that shifting in package we give the people who shift in and put it in the flat with sheets and all the shit you give out as we walked to the flat it was at the back of the garages on the way I put my hand up her tshirt feeling her tits She turned and kissed me and said are we going be a family properly I said yes but ypu all sleep with me and nobody else if any body does with put me saying it’s over .I showed her the flat 2 bedrooms both massive a new kitchen never used and bath and shower room in the lounge were 2 3 seater leather sofas as we walked past I bent her over I needed feel my cock in her pussy my god it was tight as I forced it in up to my balls and was fucking her over the sofa she was good she bucked so much I lasted about 10 mins and I shot my load into her. She collapsed over the sofa And smiled and said thank you I loved that as she bent down and licked my cock to clean it.
She loved the flat she could not wait to phone the others to tell them about it she even told them we fucked in it .
In my flat I told her I would like her to bathe me and treat me nice she asked where the bathroom was and went put the bath on then she called me she had bubbled in the bath and had a towel around her naked body her tits were perfect no sag and about a c cup.

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    I hope there is more to come in this story , especially when you start having sex with them