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Davey’s Journey, Part 17

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After playing with Marie a little bit Davey goes to the lake for a little hike. While there he meets a girl named Helene, and they have some fun too.

I and Marie laid next to each other for several minutes, listening to the rain. We held each other, and I kissed the little nine-year-old girl on her forehead before returning my mouth to her chest, where I I proceeded to suck on her tiny tits once again. Marie moaned in pleasure as I did this, and commented, “you sure do like sucking on my boobs, don’t you?”

I gave her a small kiss, and replied to her, “yeah. They’re delicious.”

Marie giggled at my comment, and asked, “I don’t know why. There’s no milk coming out of them.”

I knew this, and knew it was ridiculous that a nine-year-old girl would have milk coming out of her tits, but still, I decided to humor her. I placed my sixteen-year-old lips over her right nipple, and sucked on it hard. I then did the same for her other nipple. Once I released her breasts from my mouth I noticed her little nubs were red, and her nipples were very pointy.

I also noticed that the sounds on rain had stopped, so I gave her nipples a small kiss, crawled over to the entrance, and looked out the curtain.

“It’s stopped raining,” I told Marie as I got out of the shelter, grabbing my pants and boxer shorts as I did so.

I put on my jeans and underwear on outside of the shelter while Marie put her clothes while still inside the shelter. A couple of minutes later she came out, now fully clothed. She held her hand out, probably feeling some water drops coming from the trees, and asked, “is it still raining?”

I shook my head, and began gathering my stuff out of my shelter, telling her while I did so, “I doubt it. It’s probably just some water coming off the tree leaves.”

She looked around, and then went and sat on one of my sitting logs before commenting, “it’s going to be really humid today, isn’t it?”

I sighed and nodded my head at this while putting my sheets into my backpack, then turned to her and said, “Probably. And with the way the weather has been this morning, I doubt the pool I go to will be open until the storm has passed us by.” Once I had finished that sentence we could hear to distant roar of thunder.

Marie looked up at the sky and suggested, “maybe the storm is going away?”

I took out my phone, and opened my weather app to see if she was right. She wasn’t, and I told her, “this is just a break in the weather for the moment. It’s going to storm until the evening.”

Marie stood up wit a disappointed look on her face, and told me, “I was going to go swimming at my cousin’s house today.”

I went over to her, gave her a little kiss, and told her, “Atleast you had some fun with me today.”

“Yeah,” she replied with a giggle before asking, “do you think we can have sex again sometime?”

I bent down and gave her navel a kiss, and then lifted her top to give her tits a couple of more good sucks before asking her, “what do you think?”

Marie let out another giggle, and I would have continued to ‘play’ with her, if it wasn’t for another roar of thunder. This one louder and closer than the last one. With this I lowered her top, and told her, “we need to get back to our houses.”

“Right,” she said, wiping my saliva from her breasts, lowering her shirt, and giving me a hug that I returned before saying to me, “see you later, Davey!”

“Bye, Marie,” I told the younger girl as I watched her head through the woods towards where some houses would be bordering the park. As for myself I put in my backpack, and headed back to my own home.

I sat down on the couch in my living room as soon as I got home, taking off my shoes and putting my feet on the coffee table to relax. My mother would have thrown a fit if she saw me do this, but she and my father were at work at the moment, so what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, or me.

I took out my phone to look at the path of the rain. Around my town it would be barreling on through, and wouldn’t let up until the evening, but around the lake where I liked to hike and camp, and where I met that Chinese girl, Amy, it would be clear.

“I need to check with Jenny and Sandy. See what they will be doing today,” I said to myself, “they might get mad if I don’t and deny me sex for a few days… well Jenny might.”

While I did doubt that last part, it was still something I should do. The girls still might be able to hang out with me, despite the weather.

I was about to text Jenny, but she texted me first, saying, “Won’t be going to the pool today. Weather is going to be to bad.”

“Well, that answers one of my questions,” I thought to myself be texting back, “What about coming over to my place?”

I waited a few moments before she texted back, “Mom says I can’t go out. The weather is going to be really ducking bad.”

I chuckled a little at the auto-correct error, and replied, “I understand.” I then texted Sandy, and told her, “Jenny won’t be going to the pool today, nor is she leaving her house due to the bad weather.”

It took a couple of minutes for her to reply, and when she did shectild me, “I’m in the same boat as she is. Mom told me not to leave the house and go wandering in the woods. To dangerous.”

It thundered again, and I could hear it start to rain once more. I replied back, “That sucks.”

I could almost hear her giggle at my response, and I knew myself, Sandy, and Jenny could have a great time ‘playing’ with each other today. Who knows, maybe I would have ‘explore’ Sandy’s other holes today too, but that would not happen, so with a sigh I put my shoes back on, got a few more things, went into my garage, got into my SUV, and drove to the lake.

While there wasn’t to many vehicles on the road, most of them were driving slow due to the rain, although a few were driving like nutcases. I had considered turning around and go back home due to the rain, especially after seeing a couple of wrecks along the highway, but I continued anyways, and eventually got out of the way of the storm.

It took over an hour to get to the lake, and another thirty minutes to get to where I wanted. Once there I noticed there was a couple of people next to the lake, fishing. There weren’t any other people around as far as I could see, and only one other vehicle in the parking lot besides mine.

“A shame,” I thought to myself as I got my gear and looked out at the landscape, “it’s actually pretty nice out here. Damn storm is probably causing people to stay away.”

I shut and locked my SUV, and began walking down a nearby trail, stopping about thirty minutes in when I came across a bench, and decided to have a drink of water.

After my little break I was about to continue my hike when a young girl with long, blond hair came around the corner and said, “hello. Mind if I sit down?”

“Sure,” I told the pretty girl. She looked to be about Jenny or Kelly’s age, although she was closer to Jenny’s height. She was also closer to Jenny’s bust size too, although she might have been a little bit bigger!

“Thanks,” she said with a smile as she sat down next to me. She looked at me for a moment and said, “I think I’ve seen you before.”

I took a closer look at the girl, who was wearing a purple bikini top and khaki shorts that showed off a lot of leg, and said, “I think I’ve seen you too. Don’t you go to the same pool as I do?”

The girl thought again for another moment before telling me, “yeah! We do. You hang out with Kelly and Jenny, and Sandy too.”

I nodded my head and told her, “Yep. But really only Jenny now, because Kelly is at camp. And Sandy I just started hanging out with and helping her make friends.”

The girl gave me a curious look, and commented, “yeah, I’ve noticed that you and Sandy have been hanging out together at the pool too. Not sure how Jenny would feel about that since she really doesn’t like her.”

“Well, the three of us talked,” I began, recollecting what happened yesterday, “Jenny was pissed at first, but after we talked she realized that Sandy really wanted to be friends with her, she just didn’t know how to make friends. In the end Jenny felt really bad for her, and even gave her a hug.”

Now that last part really surprised the girl, and she asked, “really?”

I nodded my head to confirm what I told her. She then said, “I didn’t even think wanted any friends, really. She’s always being so… nosy.”

“She… thinks that’s how someone makes friends,” I told the girl, not really sure how to explain it.

“Really?” She asked, looking a bit confused.

I nodded my head once again, and explained, “she was taught by her parents from an early age that if she wanted to make friends that she need to get to know people first, and she kinda misinterpreted that.”

The girl nodded her head and commented, “yeah, she did.” The girl then held out her hand and formally introduced herself, “by the way, my name’s Helene.”

I took her hand and gave it a gentle shake, “my name’s Davey. Nice to meet you.” I paused for a moment before asking her, “why are you wearing a bikini top?”

“Nice to meet you too!” Helene replied, shaking my hand before retracting it and telling me, “oh, and me and my mom and dad were suppose to go to the beach here, but it’s closed because of the weather, so my parents went fishing instead. I don’t really like fishing, so they let go hiking here in the woods.”

The explanation made sense, and I could understand her reasoning too, since I didn’t like fishing either. Just as I was about to say something else she asked me, “so, are you Kelly or Jenny’s boyfriend?”

The question surprised me, as I didn’t think it was obvious the three of us were in a relationship of any sort besides being just friends.

I decided not to outright answer her, and instead ask her, “why do think I’m either Jenny’s or Kelly’s boyfriend?”

Helene rolled her eyes and told me, “it’s obvious that you’re in a relationship with one of them, if not both. I don’t even hang out with them, and I know Jenny is bisexual, and horny for older boy dick.”

I blinked a couple of times before bursting out in laughter. I decided to go ahead and just admit my relationship with the two girls. Maybe she’ll think I’m kidding if I say it in a humorous way, so I said with a little laugh, “we’re in what you woul call an open relationship.”

Helene blinked a couple of times before asking, “isn’t that where you can have sex with anyone you want, yet you’re still in a relationship with that person?”

I was surprised she knew that, and really didn’t know how to answer her, so I simply told her, “umm, yeah.”

“Have you had a three-way with them?” The blond girl asked with a curious smile.

“You sure do know a lot of sexual stuff for someone who’s… how old are you?” I asked, curious how old she actually was.

Helene giggled, rolled her eyes, and replied, “I’m eleven, and people talk about that stuff all the time at school. Hell, I’ve been hit on by guys for the past couple of years.”

I shrugged my shoulders and responded, “can’t blame anyone. You are awfully cute.”

Helene giggled and said, “so I’ve been told.” She then stood up infront of me, point to her navel, and said, “I’ve even been told I have a cute belly button, but I don’t think it’s that cute.”

I gave her navel a couple of pokes with my index finger before blowing into it, and telling her, “I think it’s cute.”

Helene giggled at my actions, and commented, “for moment I thought you were going to kiss it.”

I wasn’t sure if she was hinting that she wanted me to kiss her navel or not, but I decided to risk it, and placed my mouth onto her little belly hole for a brief moment to see how would react, and all she did was giggle and told me to, “do it again!” So I did, put my mouth over her navel for a little bit longer, even sticking my tongue into it.

I kissed her navel for several seconds before I licked my way up her body, past her bikini top, up her throat, and stuck my tongue into her mouth.

We French kissed for about a minute, with Helene giggling as our tongues were in each other’s mouths. I finally broke our kiss, and Helene began blushing before telling me, “that was my first kiss.”

I kissed her again, and whispered into her ear, “we can do more than that if you want.”

Helene blushed even deeper, and whispered back, “okay.”

I gave her another soft kiss, and lifted her bikini top. I then placed my mouth over her right breast, and gently sucked on it for about half a minute before moving over to her left tit, and doing the same to it.

Helene moaned as I sucked on her unusually large, eleven-year-old tits, and I continued sucking in them for another couple of minutes because honestly, I really enjoyed sucking on them.

I finished her breasts off with a kiss to her nipples before kissing down her body, and back down to her navel. Once down there I licked around her belly button several times before kissing and licking the little hole for a couple of minutes, making the blond girl moan and giggle in pleasure as I did so.

While I was pleasuring her stomach I unzipped and pulled down her shorts and bikini bottoms, revealing a pussy that had the beginnings of hair growth.

After a couple of minutes I removed my mouth from her navel, and helped her get out of her shorts and bikini. I then had her sit back down on the bench, and spread her legs apart. I’m not sure if she knew what I was about to do, as she had a confused look on her face, but I gave her a reassuring smile, and placed my head between her legs.

Helene let out a deep moan of pleasure as I slowly licked her slit several times. After giving her the licks I decided to step up my pace, and place my lips over her lower lips, and began to suck and lick her delicious pussy.

I preformed oral sex on her for several minutes, and didn’t stop until I caused her to come, which was probably the first orgasm someone else had ever given her.

She shook and damn near screamed as she went through the motions of her orgasm, and I couldn’t help myself as I licked up her juices, which gave her even more pleasure.

Once I was done I kissed up her body, stopping briefly at her navel to kiss and lick it, and then her breasts, which I sucked on for another couple of minutes, this time a bit harder, and even gently pulling on her nipples with my teeth.

When I was done pleasing her chest I went to her mouth, and gave her a deep kiss before standing her back up, and having her bend over on the bench, placing her hands on the backrest of the seat, and getting her ready for me to enter her.

I licked up and down her back a couple of times, sending a shiver through her body before asking her, “are you ready?”

She gave me a little nod and a soft, almost worrisome sound moan when I asked her that, so I whispered into her ear, “just telling me to stop if you want me to.”

Helene gave me another nod, reassured I wouldn’t force anymore on her than what she wanted. With that I used one of my hands to line my rock hard cock up with her female entrance, placed my other hand on her side, and slowly entered her, breaking her hymen as I did so.

The girl let out a small squeal of pain when I took her virginity, but didn’t tell me to stop or pull out when I did so, so I continued to slowly push in until I was balls deep.

I waited a few moments to let Helene settle down as she was breathing heavily from me busting her hymen and putting the first cock she has ever had inside of her. Once I was sure she was okay I began thrusting in and out of her, slowly at first, and gradually increasing my speed until I got to a nice rhythm.

We fucked for several minutes, and I only increased my speed when I felt her about come, pounding her harder and faster until she finally orgasmed causing her to shake and her pussy lips to tighten up, which caused my cock to shoot my seed into her. I gave her a few more strokes before pulling out.

“I hope she’s on birth control,” I thought after I was done ejaculating into.

I was about to sit down but first I grabbed a couple of paper towels out of my backpack, cleaned her up, threw them into the bush, put my half hard dick back into my pants, and finally sat down next to Helene.

The blond girl rested for a few seconds before finally standing back up, putting her shorts and bikini bottoms back on, and sitting down next to me, laying her head on my shoulder.

“That was great!” She told me, happy and satisfied after losing her virginity to a guy five years older than her.

“Yeah,” I replied, sounding a little more nervous than I intended to.

“What’s wrong?” Helene asked, wondering why I might be upset after we just got done having sex.

“Umm… after you taking any birth control?” I asked her, hoping she knew what I was implying.

The blond girl blinked a couple of times before bursting out laughing and telling me, “ofcourse I am! My dad insisted I do after I started to develop these.”

Helene held her breasts up just to emphasize that she meant her breasts. I understood exactly what she meant, but she further added, “he told me ‘just incase’. I’m not sure what he meant by that. Maybe he was talking about this?”

“More likely he was worried if some guy raped you that you would get pregnant as a result,” I thought to myself, but did not tell her that, and instead replied, “probably.”

I was going to see about doing some more ‘stuff’ with her when I heard a phone ringing, and it wasn’t mine.

“That’s probably my mom,” Helene said a little bit annoyed while she reached into her pocket, and pulled out a flip phone.

“Hi mom,” she said once she put the phone to her ear. She listened for several seconds before she said, “I thought it wasn’t coming this way?” She listened for a few more seconds before replying, “okay. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Love you. Bye.”

She was about to put her phone away when she asked me, “do you have a phone?”

I nodded my head and gave her my number. And she gave me hers. I then sent a text message to her to confirm we gave each other the right numbers. Once that was done she told me, “my mom said the storm made a turn and is coming this way, so I have to go.”

I stood up, gave her a kiss, followed by two more sucks to her tits and said, “I understand.”

Helene smiled and told me while lowering her bikini top, “I actually live next to woods behind the pool. If you follow the trail behind there and see a tent in the woods my house is right next to it. I like to go out there and camp out sometimes.”

I gave her another kiss, and told her, “I’ll be sure to do that, and don’t be afraid to come say hi next time you see me at the pool.”

Helene gave me a hug, told me ‘bye’, and headed back down the trail to where her parents were. I wait a few minutes before going as well, so that I wouldn’t raise any suspicions from her parents.

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    Not bad read twice. Look like Helen might be a turning point in story mabe learning more about the girls and how he got into this situation. Plus does no one see a 16 hang out with 12 and under girls and aren’t not talking about it in story. Now that’s fiction. Your biggest pest.

    • [email protected] ID:1dgr51p4xq14

      The main reason no one suspects he’s having sexual relationships with these girls is because he is more mature and courteous than most people his age, so most people think he’s just being a nice guy that’s trying to help these kids rather than someone whom is fucking preteen girls. Plus, none of the parents know about him have private interactions with the girls, only the ones in public at the pool.

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    Thought maybe u was done with this, glad to see kept it going, excellent as the other ones, keep it going

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