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Busting a nut in the fruit of my loins

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I sneak out of bed and in to my daughters bedroom every night and remind her who the daddy is. I like fucking her tight holes.

In the middle of the night, when her mother is asleep, with a little help from sleeping tablets, I get out of bed and sneak in to my 14 year old daughters bedroom.

I climb in to her bed naked, then I take off her nightshirt and panties, she’s wide awake but knows not to make any noise, she’s my obedient submissive little bitch.

I grab her hair and pull her head up roughly and force my cock in to her whore mouth and force her to deep throat me for as long as I like.

Then I push her head away and give her a slap, “You filthy little bitch!”, then I force her legs open and push my cock inside her tight pussy and fuck her while grabbing on to and squeezing her firm tits in my hands.

“Who’s your fucking daddy?”

“Oo-Uh Oo-Uh” she moaned.

My daughter likes it rough, well I do, I don’t really care what she likes, she likes what I tell her to like, I lean down and bite down hard on her perky nipples until they bleed, and her tight pussy is like sticking my cock in to heaven itself, “OOooow yeeah – You like your daddy’s cock don’t you? – You dirty little slut – Yeeah.”

After a while I flip her over on to her front and lift her ass up, then I stuff my big fat cock back inside her pussy and fuck her roughly from behind, slapping her ass red raw and holding her head down in to her pillow almost suffocating her, but I know the bitch likes it, “That’s fucking nice – Yeeah – Fuck yeah!”

I like thrusting balls deep in to her, and feeling the tip of my cock almost entering her cervix because I’m thrusting so hard, and sometimes I like to fuck her ass hole and make her cry just so she doesn’t forget who the daddy is.

Then I like to fill her with my sperm, flooding her tight pussy with the seed that made her is a wonderful feeling.

I’m going to breed this bitch, one day she will carry my child in her whore belly.

I made the bitch, she came from my cock, she and all her holes belong to me.

You may read this and think I’m a monster, but every young girl needs a man to take control of them, they need to have their tight holes fucked, their bodies are made to be fucked, and fucked they shall be.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

    raping her ass as she cries is how a daddy should fuck his daughters tight asshole!

  • Reply Noone ID:7pqjfg0fik

    God you have no idea how badly I wish my daddy would fill my holes and teach me to be a proper whore god I need my daddy’s big cock trust me I showed with him it’s bigger then any mans I’ve been with his cock is the only cock my cunt desires his cum filling me mmmmm all daughter should submit there bodys to there daddys

  • Reply Smart guy ID:1cl21ebdj2w3

    Yea you stupid one day your wife gonna found out and then what you gonna do ?

    • hehehe ID:2xm1anq8rc

      give her a slap and tell her to mind her own business.