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Carjacked part1

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My wife 41 and myself 45 were traveling home from a business trip and hit Memphis at dusk. She needed a pee stop and I stopped at a convenient store. We went in and she used the ladies room and I got a cup of coffee. When we left the store headed to our car a guy was standing near it holding a map. As we got closer he asked if I knew where a club was, I can’t remember the name he gave. I told him we were from out of town. We were parked out a ways in the parking lot and not as well lit and I was starting to get apprehensive. Before I could even think of a plan if this was a robbery he showed me a pistol and told us to get into our car. He got in the back seat. He told me to drive and for my wife and I not to talk. He gave directions and it seemed like I had driven for an hour. I had no idea where we were, my mind was a blur and my heart pounding. I could hear my wife’s breathing and could tell she was breathing fast and was afraid. We ended up in a place that looked like an abandoned industrial area. Nothing residential at all. He had us stop at a very large brick building that looked like it might have been a warehouse. He guided us to a door and had us enter. Nothing was lit and he used the light from his phone to walk us to the back area where there were offices. I could hear other men and see light from the offices. When he took us in there were six other men in there watching porn on phones and drinking and smoking what I assume was meth. The guy with the gun took me into a smaller office. I glanced back and saw the others taking my wife down a short hall into another room. The guy had me sit in a chair and he sit on a small couch across from me holding the gun. I could hear everything in the other room as the walls were really thin. I could hear her start crying and then it was muffled and I was aware that one of them was forcing her to give him oral sex. Then I heard her completely break down sobbing and I assumed she was being penetrated. I felt utterly helpless and was so afraid that my anus was relaxed. People say puckered up when you’re scared but it actually loses muscle control. Awhile later I heard them making her smoke something and she coughed and started crying again. Meanwhile the guy sitting across from me pointed the gun at me and motioned me to him. I hesitated and he cussed me. I reluctantly got up and walked to him. He told me to sit my ass down so I sit on the couch beside him. He told me my bitch was getting broke on black dick. I could see that he was hard under his sweat pants and he pulled it out. He was huge and before I could grasp where he was headed he put his hand behind my head and slowly pushed me down to his penis. I hesitated and he cocked the pistol with his left hand. I opened my mouth and he pushed my head down. I could barely get my mouth around the tip and he pushed down and gagged me. He then started slowly pumping my mouth while holding my head down and was talking to me like he was teaching me and telling me how good I was doing. I was humiliated and he used me like this while I could hear my wife being used the same way and worse. After awhile, I was still being forced to do this but was focusing on what I could hear in the other office. I could hear them talking lower now but couldn’t hear her. The next few minutes not hearing her seemed like an eternity. Finally I heard her whimper and could tell someone was raping her again. Her sounds were different, not crying. It was apparent they had drugged her and within a few more minutes she was making those tell tell sounds that she makes when she’s really into sex. Suddenly I could hear her having an orgasm and they were laughing. Cheering it on while I helplessly got my mouth fuckedin the other room. My jaws were so sore all I could think of was hoping it would be over soon. Later one of the other men came into the office and took the gun and the guy I had been sucking went back to take his turn with her. Two or three minutes later I heard her moan loudly and knew he had started taking her. I had kept him hard for what seemed forever so he could go back there and rape my wife. The new guy was only interested in guarding me and I just sat there with sore jaws listening to them take her over and over…

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    What a wonderful experience for you both. Please tell us more!

    • Anonymous ID:60bg01dzj

      A lovely experience for us both. It feels so good for a couple to discover their true purpose together. Part2 submitted 💋

  • Reply Love Out Loud ID:bifc0j68ra

    I have a feeling she ain’t gonna be crying in Part 2. Her husband very well might be, but she just gonna want stay black.

  • Reply Tail Taker ID:8ldli0lv9a

    Great story

  • Reply The Wanker ID:1fuvflep49k

    Part 2 ASAP with description of what is happening to the wife.

  • Reply Squirt 66 ID:5spbi1pqk

    More please

  • Reply Hornydom ID:nnn4gwxic

    Can’t wait for part 2