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I will have her – Part 1

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I lusted for my hot step-daughter, but I knew she wouldn’t have me. I became a monster and took what I wanted.

“You take care, love. We’ll see you in a few days.” I said, hugging my wife and giving her a loving kiss as she was leaving for her works team building weekend away, my step-daughter, Caitlyn, gave her mum a hug and kiss and we both waved her off.

I closed the door and watched, with a lusting gaze, as Caitlyn skipped down the hallway and headed down to the basement, I took a deep relaxing breath and headed in to the front room, I sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.

A met my wife a five years ago, it was love at first sight and a whirlwind romance, eight short months later we were married and my new wife and step-daughter moved in to my big house, Caitlyn and I bonded instantly and I’ve watched her grow in to a beautiful and talented young woman, she’s fourteen now and she’s quite popular online as an influencer, she reviews makeup and clothing and has an impressive online following.

She’s turned the basement in to a posh studio where she records all her videos, it has carpet, painted walls, a bed, sofa, dressing table, drawers and a wardrobe, it gives her audience the illusion she’s filming in her bedroom.

Over the last few months I’ve been having bad thoughts, it started with a random dream I had about Caitlyn and I having sex, it frightened me at first, it was more of a nightmare, then as time went on I found myself more and more attracted to her, I couldn’t shake the memory of that dream, it felt so real, so intense, so sexual, and I was picturing her naked every time I saw her.

I sat and watched her online videos on the TV, replaying her bikini reviews over and over again, she had a body to die for, seeing her in those skimpy dental-floss bikini’s that left virtually nothing to the imagination got me hot and sweaty, her athletic physique, her luscious curves, her long curly golden blonde hair, her sweet voice, that angelic smile, god she was beautiful.

I knew there was no way in hell she’d ever want to sleep with me, and I tried to resist the urges, the feelings, the inappropriate sexual desires I was having for her, but I couldn’t, I had to have her, this weekend with her mum away created the perfect opportunity, I was going to have her, one way or another.

I turned off the TV, “Caitlyn…” I called as I walked towards the basement, I knocked on the door, “…do you want me to do you some lunch?” I asked.

“Please.” She replied, shouting back to me from the bottom of the basement stairs.

I wasn’t offering to make her lunch because I was a caring step-father who wanted to make sure she ate right, I offered because I had a devious and cunning plan, I quietly made my way upstairs to the bathroom and opened the cabinet, my wife had some calming pills, powerful sedatives, I took the tub and placed it in to my pocket before making me way back down and in to the kitchen.

I took some vegetables out of the fridge and began to prepare a salad, it’s all Caitlyn would eat, had to be healthy food, she liked to keep slim and I liked her that way too, I whistled merrily as I prepared the food as I always did, making it seem like everything was perfectly fine and normal, I crushed up three of the pills and sprinkled them on to the salad before tossing it up.

“Food’s ready.” I called out.

When Caitlyn came up from the basement she was wearing an ivory white bikini with gold trims and a silver see through sarong around her waist, she just made it worse for herself, she ran in and picked up her plate, “Thanks, dad.” She said cheerily, my eyes glued to her ass as she bounced away back down the basement stairs, I continued to whistle while wiping down the work tops, and she didn’t even notice I hadn’t prepared any food for myself.

I waited, impatiently, for over an hour, making sure the pills had enough time to do their work, then I went to the basement, I couldn’t hear anything so I called out, “Caitlyn.”, she didn’t answer so I knocked loud, “Caitlyn, sweetheart.”, no reply, so I made my way down the basement stairs and when I reached the bottom I saw her, fast asleep all slumped over on the leather sofa, her arm was hanging over the side and her salad bowl was on the floor upside down, salad all over the carpet, the pills had worked and knocked her out, just as I planned.

As I walked towards her I checked to make sure her camera and computer equipment wasn’t connected to the internet, I didn’t want this broadcast around the world, and then I cleaned up the salad and picked up the bowl off the floor.

She was slumped over so I lifted her up to sit her straight, then I brushed her hair off her face and gave her a kiss on her forehead, as I moved my head down, feeling her body with my eyes, I smiled knowing I was going to have her, finally, I caressed her thighs with my hands then slid them up the length of her body, around her hips, her waist, her ribs, I teased myself by rubbing her breasts with my thumbs, I cupped my hands on her cheeks and I kissed her tenderly on the lips.

I leaned her forward, allowing her limp body to rest against me, her hair smelt like summer fruits, I untied the strings of her bikini top and removed it before gently leaning her back on the sofa, her supple C-cup breasts were more than perfect, soft, perfectly and symmetrically rounded, firm yet bouncy, I tasted her nipples with the tip of my tongue, then I removed her sarong, folding it up and placing it neatly on the cushion beside her.

Then I pulled on the tiny strings on her hips that were holding her bikini bottoms in place, they unravelled like ribbons, I felt like I was opening a gift, the front of her bikini bottoms dropped away, I lifted her bum and pulled them out from under her, her legs had ever so slightly separated, her pussy was perfection itself, a hint of blonde pubic hair leading down to the smooth curves of her fresh and untouched pussy.

I spread her legs further and buried my face in to her crotch, I licked her pussy like it was ice-cream and I lapped up her virgin juices, savouring every drop, at the same time my hands were raised up and squeezing her breasts, my monstrous urges were finally getting what they wanted.

I stood up and I quickly took my pants down, my cock was growling, throbbing and gagging for her, I stood between her legs and I pulled her forward, I pulled her hair off her face again before pressing my cock to her lips, her mouth slowly dropped open and I slipped my cock in to her mouth, the warmth of her moist tongue pressing against the bottom of my shaft felt heavenly, I held her head with one hand while tightly squeezing her breast with the other, I held a chunk of her hair and pushed and pulled her head forward and back as I abused her little mouth.

Saliva was dripping from her lips and her body gag reflexed as I pushed my cock down her throat, mere moments later I ejaculated, I forced my cock so far down her throat her teeth dug in to my balls, as my cock swelled and bounced against her tonsils, I shot my hot seed straight down her throat, I pulled her head away and leaned her back on the sofa, then I leaned in and kissed her with intensity.

That felt just as good as I’d dreamt it would be, but I wanted more, I wanted all of her, I was going to make the most of this weekend and have my perverted way with her.

Part two coming soon.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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