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A Tale of Two Sisters

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The time I showed myself to my younger sister to see what would happen.

I’m not sure what came over me or what possessed me to even think of such a thing.

I’m Megan, I’m 17 and I was watching my 9 year old sister after school. My parents usually got home late and I had to make sure she was ready for dinner then bed when they got home.

This involves giving her a shower, I just had to help rinse her hair out, she’s just getting used to taking showers on her own.

While I was sitting by the tub waiting for her to be done I noticed how small her body was, her arms, her torso, her clit. Mine was a lot bigger, I mean I am 8 years older than her. Looking at her got me hot, I didn’t really know why but I tried to push the thoughts away.

I finished up her shower and she went to her room to get dressed, I decided I’d have a shower myself so I quickly jumped in leaving the door a crack, just in case my little sister, Jamie, needed anything.

I finished up pretty fast, I wrapped my body in my towel and slipped into my bedroom, I motioned you my face and started to brush my hair. I couldn’t help but squeeze my legs together thinking about Jamie’s body, she was so hairless it made my mind wander.

Jamie opened my door, dressed in her nightie even though it was only about 6. Mom gets home at 8. I licked my lips and smiled at her.

“Good girl, you need anything?” I asked, and she thought for a second before shaking her head and skipping over to my bed where she sat and made herself comfy.

My pussy throbbed. I cursed at myself. Why on earth am I thinking about this? Why do I feel like this? It’s so wrong.

As I though to myself about how I shouldn’t be even feeling like this, I untied my towel and let it drop. My pussy is soaking, Jamie looked up at me and giggled,

“You have big boobs like mommy” I laughed with her, “will I get big boobies?” She asked. I shrugged and licked my lips, I moved closer to her and touched her flat chest.

“I think you will” I sat on my bed naked. I watched as Jamie’s eyes roamed over my body. Her hands reached out and touched my boobs. Her tiny hand cupping my breast like it was a flower, my heart pounded in my chest. I needed more.

“You know what’s fun” I looked at her excitedly. She looked back up wide eyes, her hand moving away from my boob. “If we play mommy and baby.”

She jumped up excited, “Oo please please can I be the baby!” She almost screamed. I nodded my head and licked my lips. I patted the spot on the bed closest to me, Jamie scooted close, I wrapped my arms around her and cradled her like a baby, her head resting above my nipple.

I hummed a song as she cooed like a baby.
“I need to feed my baby” I bit my lip and she playfully grabbed my breast in her small hands, my nipples hard and sensitive. Suddenly, Jamie pulled my nipple into her lips and sucked like her life depended on it. Immediately I moaned too loud, I gripped her head as she continued to suck down my tit.

“Ooooohhh myy-“ I attempted to hold myself back, “baby is so hungr- ahhhh” I moaned . Her eyes were closed and she continued. My nipple was definitely going to be bruised.

I reached one hand down and started to rub myself, it didn’t take much for me to bring myself to an orgasm. Then I had an idea, one that made me feel even dirtier and for some reason I did it.

“Okay wow, baby Jamie I think you’re full” I giggled as I pulled her off my tit, her lips popping as I did.

She fake cried and wiggled in my lap.

“Mm well i suppose baby can have her desert if she is a good girl.” Immediately she stopped and nodded her head acting like a happy baby. I got excited, my already tender pussy, wet and throbbing for pressure.

I layed her head back onto the bed, she was flat on her back, I got into my knees and crawled over her tiny body. Her eyes went wide and she was curious.
“Now desert is eaten the same way you were just doing bud softer, you can even lick it.” She nodded.

I positioned my pussy over her head, I could crush her if I sat down, I lowered myself down and just as I thought I she couldn’t reach me, I left her lips connect with my clit, her tongue swirling around my tiny bud as she sucks it in and out of her mouth.

“Ohhhh yes! Yummy mmmmm” I moaned and clawed at the bed. I moved my hips against her lips coating them in my juices. I hear her heavy breathing and sucking. I lower myself almost completely, I inch up.

“Tongue out” I whine, my hips twitching. She’s a good girl and does as she’s told, her tongue straight out I push down and it slips deep into my pussy. I whine and thrust my hips fast and hard against her face, her nose pressing against my clit in just the right spots. Her tongue deep inside my wet pussy. I moan louder as my legs shake and I’m left jumping my little sister innocent face, leaking juices into her mouth.

I hear her moan as her little hips thrust forward, I smile realizing that we are going to be having so much fun together.

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    I’m waiting for a ship, A ship with sugar, tea and gold. I’ve been waiting for so long…

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    They How to lock you up and never let you out of prison

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    What type of panties do you wear in what size are you in?

    • Sam

      I’ve made my sister cum plenty of times. We also used to tribe before we knew what we were doing. Never felt bad for cumming and going to bed. We shared a room so she had no problem shoving my head back in the blanket to lick her again. Now I love the taste.

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    if you have more fun with your sister can we have more stories

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      Kate let’s link up and I’ll write you a personalized story

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      I agree with you. Her story is very erotic.

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    pls write more

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    -fuck I’m cumming

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    You should keep writing about this story

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    Fucking hot

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    Mm I wish I found my little girls like this, I’d fuck the shit out of them

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    You are a very sweet perverted pervert. I love you and would like to hear more. Don’t feel bad, because a lot of us has done things similar to that even though most will say they have not. I love your story.

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      Phenomenal story